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  1. Owning people on a message board isn't my forte.
  2. I can go back and quote all the other posts you made to paint a fuller picture if you'd like. You werent alone either. There is a lot of takes like: Graham will own the RZ. Adams won't get the TDs Adams is better with the backup QB. He's no good with Rodgers Adams can't repeat his TD dominance His ADP is too high Hes not that talented
  3. I'm usually not this guy, but someone played the hindsight game on me concerning Thielen, so I'm paying it backwards. Im not right often. I nailed this one though. Don't feel bad. Lots of people shared your sentiment. And yes, we're still expecting Julio to be a low TD player, even though lots of ppl thought he would correct a 3 yr trend without any actual stats to back it up.
  4. I didn't cool on Rojo just now. I did cool on him the same time as anyone else who was paying attention in the preseason though. May or August...doesn't matter. I didn't draft him in anything cause he looked like hot garbage. My deepest apologies for not remembering every single opinion I posted months ago. What a crime against humanity that I didn't revisit every single post to update with my takes. ? If you really want to be thorough with your thought policing, maybe you should go comb through the Barber thread. You'll eventually run into me professing my love for the guy, and naming him the RB steal of the draft at his ADP. Have I sufficiently proven myself to you, oh great Joshua?
  5. Royce actually looked really good. Solid YPC, even though he saw a stacked box on 68% of his carries, highest of any RB in week 1. Vance is going to have to get a little more creative to fix this. Royce is going to have to work on pass pro, and get involved in the passing game. You tip your hand too much towards a run D when you have Freeman out there otherwise.
  6. How is it possible that this post has been edited, and this is how it turned out?
  7. 68 catches for 500 yards in the last 2 seasons. Playing for the Browns With Duke hogging most 3rd downs. Not a pass catcher tho...?
  8. Howard really sees the field well. There were 2 stretch runs to the right last night where Howard took negative yardage situations and turned them into 10 yard runs. These werent standard cut backs either. He's literally running away from every blocker because he sees it getting blown up. And now hes actually catching balls. 5 receptions last night is a fantastic sign for those of us with him in PPR.
  9. The usage of all 3 RBs wasn't ideal. Royce not involved on the passing action.
  10. Cherry picking a take from May? Sweet. As it turns out, I totally cooled on Rojo. Don't have him in a single league. Was crazy high on Barber owning the job. Have him on 6 of 9 of my teams.
  11. 8 leagues. Jordan Howard in 6 of them. Josh Gordon in 4 of them.
  12. I have one league where I went zero WR. Im playing Williams over Goodwin in week 1. The KC defense looks horrendous on paper.
  13. Technically, they could rescind the tag and make him a FA right now.
  14. Africa Pt 2 featuring Prince. Previously unreleased track. It starts a little slow, but really picks up once it gets going.
  15. Where you sitting at? Me and a buddy are looking for something similar this afternoon. Would rather play 12 teams, but 10 is ok.
  16. Ive got a couple owners for you. Me and my buddy. philvanommeren@yahoo.com cellison_24@yahoo.com
  17. This listing says 12 team, but the link to the league says 10. which is it? If it's 12, I've got a couple owners for you.
  18. Elite pass rushers are second to only QBs for how important they are. There's only a couple of them in each class, and its hard to find one as good as Mack.
  19. I really liked both LAC WRs until Gates got picked up. Even at age 39, he's still going to steal some targets. I think Alshon is almost slipping into a weird type of sleeper category. I grabbed him in the 7th round a couple days ago. Then he went for $8 in an auction last night. Sure, he's going to miss a couple games, but this discount is out of hand.
  20. What in the hell is up with the QB rankings on ESPN? This is the latest I think Ive ever seen top 10 QBs go in snake drafts. Stafford, Rivers, Ben, Ryan etc etc all going in the 12th round or later. The auction prices are pretty bizarre too. Cam Newton for $7? WTF.