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  1. I lean Bichette and Rodgers. Bichette has a safer/higher floor and Rodgers bat will play well in Colorado. Thanks for helping with mine!
  2. I traded my Ryu and Trammell for his Benintendi. I was looking to sell the oft-injured Ryu at his peak for a long-term solution at OF. In a keep forever, how would you rate the trade? Also, thoughts on my team overall? Been building for 3 years and hoping to really make a push next year and beyond. Sanchez Rhys Lowe Bregman Schoop Biggio Meadows Yelich Choo Riley Winker Benintendi Bench/DL- Fletcher, Rodgers, Tucker, Waters, Pache, C. Seager, Gallo, Bichette P- deGrom, Paxton, Glasnow, Taillon, Matz, Teheran, Stephenson, Gray, Richards, Chirinos, Kelly, Means, Gant, Bundy, Gallen, Lyles, Pearson
  3. There are lots of layers to the draft that I am oblivious to and you helped bring some clarity. Thanks! The MLB draft is not as "point/click" as the NFL process.
  4. What specifically did you have an issue with? (I'm a Braves fan and hope to learn other perspectives, not arguing) I think getting a defensive catcher is a crucial piece of the future success of a very young but talented staff. Looking at the future lineup (not in order) of Freeman, Albies, Swanson, Riley, Acuna, Pache, and Waters, the biggest need (IMO) was behind the dish. With 8 of the top 11 prospects in the system being arms, it is a great pick. Shewmake is an athletic SS with pop that has potential to move around if needed. Philip is another athletic SS that has versatility. A few years of development and seasoning of these 2 will at worst give much needed depth and flexibility. Thoughts?
  5. Way back, when I had read Rhymes of a Lumberjack With the nap mat to match Remember nappin', fool? Duh-ha duh-ha You never thought my privilege would take me this far!
  6. Bill Gates and Donald Trump up in the limousine Hanging college degrees on my wall Every Saturday trading stocks instead of shopping at the malls
  7. The system is in need of a good shock. I think it is a brilliant path to choose given the current draft landscape. I hope that it works out for him... even if I am still a little sour that he didn't sign with the Bulldogs out of HS.
  8. In a "keep everyone" dynasty I proposed: My- Corey Seager, Paxton, T. Trammell for His- Trea Turner At face value, what are your thoughts. For some reason it seems that, historically, I either send way too much or send insulting offers. Where does this one land?
  9. I am thinking about going after Kris Bryant. Is offering Gary Sanchez fair? Or should I add more to it? C- Tom Murphy 1B- Hoskins 2B- Goodrum 3B- Bregman SS- Seager IF- Gallo LF- Renfroe CF- Yelich RF- Choo OF- Kike' UTIL- Winker, Schoop Bench- Austin Meadows, Gary Sanchez, Schwarber, Kyle Tucker, Taylor Trammell, Bo Bichette, Austin Riley, C. Pache, Biggio, B. Rodgers
  10. I am trying to get down to Jackson to watch him play before he gets promoted. May be a few weeks before I can go, though...
  11. Where is he in the lineup? Sorry... I'm at work.