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  1. HELP Trying to get Julio

    Bumpity bump
  2. Should I trade Golladay for Bell? (100% WHIR)

    Yea you want Bell. Get him. What is Golladay's overall worth? Nothing compared to Bell even with the uncertainty. This is a lottery ticket acquisition that could pay off... bigly. Thanks for helping with mine.
  3. James White + Yeldon for Aaron jones- WHIR

    Yea you want Jones. Never trust a NE backfield. Also, Williams hasn't done anything in GB to prevent it from being the Jones show going forward. Thanks for help with mine.
  4. HELP Trying to get Julio

    WHIR... A guy is interested in moving Julio because he is healthy at WR with Tyreek and Hopkins. He is interested in 2 trades from me. I think I come out better in both trade scenarios but I want to know which one is the best option for me. I really like Kupp but I trust Howard more than Collins. HELP GUYS! Thanks in advance... 1- My Jordan Howard and Geronimo OR Dede for his Julio 2- My Alex Collins and Kupp for his Julio 12 man PPR Wilson Howard, Collins, Lamar Miller, Ekeler, Alf, Jamal Williams Thielen, Kupp, Baldwin, Westbrook, Marshall, Geronimo Kelce Butker Arizona D
  5. Theilan for my Mixon? .5 ppr

    Yea, I would stay put. I love me some Thielen but I think you are fine with the constructed roster you have. Thanks for the feedback on my post!
  6. WDIS at RB3/Flex

    I have Collins also but without that being a part of the deciding thought process, I like Collins more than Freeman. I feel Freeman has more a timeshare with Linsay and need to wait to see it unfold before I trust that backfield. Thanks for responding to my post!
  7. TRADED!!!

    I accepted an offer of: my Conner for his Lamar Miller. I like the long-term play of Miller with all of the uncertainty in Pitt. That was a no-brainer trade, right?
  8. Conner for Miller???

    A guy just offered me his Lamar Miller for my James Conner. What is the pulse of the land? 12 team PPR Wilson Howard, Collins, Conner, Jamal Williams, Ekeler, Alfred Thielen, Baldwin, Kupp, Geronimo, Dede, Tre'Quan Kelce Cardinals D Butker
  9. How risky is it to draft Bell tonight?

    Just go Brown instead. Come back around and grab CMC in the 2nd or Howard as a worst case scenario. He sputtered a little last year coming into the beginning of the season and the sputtering will be worse this year.
  10. What's Alf Perceived value? If I'm buying WHIR

    I have been on the Alf Train since before McKinnon's injury and I will ride it out. Get Alf. It isn't typical of me to go out on a limb but I see Alf being poised for the type of year that could bring trophies.
  11. Help Decide My Flex - 100% WHIR

    Always start the studs or top players. Obviously, this means Baldwin.
  12. Thoughts on this trade in my league

    Team A wins but no collusion.
  13. Start 1 - Hyde, AP, Carson, Kupp, Stills WHIR

    I lean to Kupp but Stills would be my 2nd option.
  14. Who to drop for Conner! WHIR 110.44%

    I would drop Breida since you have Alf. I like Alf a lot this year.
  15. RATE?? WHIR

    My recap: 12 team PPR. I traded away my 1st rounder and 9th rounder for a guy's 2nd and 3rd rounders. I had the 6th overall pick in the snake and didn't trust a rookie RB and wasn't crazy about the other guys in that range. I felt I could get good value by falling back to the 2nd (hoping one of my guys would fall but CMC went off the board at 18th overall) and picking up that extra pick in the 3rd at the expense of my 9th rounder. It went like this: 2nd Rd (19th) Jordan Howard 2nd Rd (23rd) Adam Thielen 3rd Rd (26th) Doug Baldwin 3rd Rd (30th) Travis Kelce (I ran out of time and got auto-picked... dang) 4th Rd (43rd) Alex Collins 5th Rd (54th) Cooper Kupp 6th Rd (67th) Alfred Morris (This was Friday, before the McKinnon injury. I like him a lot this year) 7th Rd (78th) Russell Wilson (I like pairing my QB with a WR and like him more than Cousins) Also took: Jamaal Williams, Geronimo Allison, Tre'Quan Smith, Dede Westbrook, James Conner, Austin Ekeler, Cardinals, Butker As you can see, I took some lottery tickets near the end. Conner and Ekeler will be huge if an injury happens. I'm not scared of dropping either and playing the waivers.