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  1. So... I noticed something

    Mainly trying to bump... also, is this team competitive moving forward? Or should this experiment be just a 1 or 2 week attempt?
  2. So... I noticed something

    12 team, full PPR. I think it can actually be competitive. I am trying to trade for James WHITE, Cole Beezy, and Hogan (depth? theme?) I had Kyle Juice and dropped him.
  3. So... I noticed something

    I drafted fairly well this year (Thielen, Kupp, Kelce) and made a couple of trades that brought in CMC and Brees. I set my lineup 2 weeks ago and noticed a lack of pigmentation and it got me thinking "Can I be successful in fantasy rolling out a roster of scrappy gym rats"? You know the type, deceptively fast. High motor. Gritty. LOLOL So here is the starting lineup this week: Brees C-Mc IVORY Thielen Kupp Kelce Nelson Butker Jets D
  4. What do you need for SNF/MNF?

    Less than 28 for Matt Ryan.
  5. 2018 Vent & Rant Thread

    All I needed was 6 points. "Start Morris..." they said. "Breida is out..." they said. Thanks, Alf. I hope your visit to planet Melmac was worth it.
  6. More upside tonight: Jones or Goodwin? WHIR

    I would say Jones. Thanks for the help with mine.
  7. Trade Goff or Winston? 100% WHIR

    I agree with yanksman above. Goff is a much better QB with a top-notch offense but I think you would be better off dangling his name out there. More people would rather have Goff, so that helps your ability to pull off a trade. I'm not sure how many people are looking to trade something to bring in Winston. Also, Winston's garbage time points count just as much as Goff's. So, value-wise, keep Winston and move Goff+ to improve a the WR spot. Thanks for helping with mine.
  8. What do you need for SNF/MNF?

    I am down 6 points and don't know whether I should start Alf or Juice. So torn.
  9. I have Alf and Juscxhkkhhsdfk... who do I start? I am down 6 points and he is out of players. If it is a close game, I think Alf. If it is out of hand, I lean Juice. What would you do in this sitch?
  10. #2 claim on who?? whir

    I think Smallwood is more talented. Thanks for the feedback on mine.
  11. Trade James White for Cooper Kupp? (Standard/Non-PPR)

    You want Kupp. That offense is clicking, Goff is a grown man, and McVay gets it. Take advantage of this one. Help with mine?
  12. Who wins? Whir

    DJ side for me as well. Help with mine?
  13. Considering two trade offers WHIR

    Definitely move Henry for Lockett. I would stay with Graham. Help?
  14. Rate my team: before and after

    Looking for opinions on my before as well as my current roster. Full point PPR with 1 flex spot. Any and all feedback is appreciated! After the draft, my roster was: Wilson Howard, Collins, Conner, Morris, Ekeler, Jamal Williams Thielen, Kupp, Baldwin, Allison, Tre'Quan, Dede Kelce Cardinals Butker Today my roster is: Brees, Wilson, Flacco McCaffrey, Collins, Morris, Ekeler Thielen, Kupp, Jordy, Geronimo, B Marsh Kelce Jets Butker WHIR!!!
  15. Adam Thielen 2018 Outlook

    "Cool story, bro"-esque... I drafted him in the 2nd and got some crazy looks. Then went Kelce in the 3rd and Kupp in the 4th. Dude is a baller that has worked his tail off for everything. Great hands, crisp routes...