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  1. Drafting tonight. Need owners for 2 leagues

    G, I am in that league already, what about the other one?

    if you still need one .
  3. You still doing this league?
  4. Drafting tonight. Need owners for 2 leagues

    I am in the Roto 5001, do you need one for the other leagues?
  5. ESPN Keepers football league

    Sign me up .
  6. I am up for a draft, just had one rescheduled from tonight.
  7. I am thinking there is not lol
  8. Played since high school, 52 now, played most settings and then a few more. The big thing for me is that it is free.
  9. Looks good to me, use GroupMe all the time
  10. sign me up, looks like I will be the first .
  11. 2018 MFL Draft

    30.06 . Blake Jarwin Dal - TE . River City Rage
  12. I am also available if you have an opening
  13. 2018 MFL Draft

    Arizona Rattlers OTC
  14. 2018 MFL Draft

    29.07 M. Sanu Atl - WR . River City Rage