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  1. At least one spot left because some people have not gotten their invites yet.
  2. FanDuel scoring and roster is 22 total spots with 12 starting spots and 10 bench
  3. I already have at least a couple of other people interested. This would be somewhere from 8 to 12 teams depending on the level of interest that this gets. Head to head points and dynasty so you'd be keeping all of your players each offseason and just drafting rookies each offseason. We will set a draft date once the league is filled up. We will also use GroupMe to communicate. Please email me at videogamer26@hotmail.com if interested. Thanks DaveP
  4. Yeah we filled it and drafted last night. Thanks for your interest.
  5. Need 1 more! Draft starts in two hours. Must pay before the draft. Late fee is an extra $10 added on to the $30 but I prefer to have someone who can pay in the next hour or two because draft lobby opens at 8 PM Eastern.
  6. $30 buy in. Still need 3 people to join and pay for draft tonight. League winner wins $360 each year. Link to pay is at the top of the league page after you join. Email me at videogamer26@hotmail.com if interested or message me on here.
  7. Hit me up on here or at videogamer26@hotmail.com if interested.
  8. ESPN Superflex Dynasty

    If anybody has any suggestions in regards to the scoring or settings in general please let me know. I want to get this league drafted Tuesday so we can start in week 3. I am always open to changing things if the majority of the league wants something changed.
  9. ESPN Superflex Dynasty

    8 members still needed
  10. ESPN Superflex Dynasty

  11. ESPN Superflex Dynasty

    Yes it's full point PPR. I don't why it won't let you view the league since I have it set so anyone can view it.
  12. ESPN Superflex Dynasty

    Draft is Tuesday night. $30 entry fee and still looking for 9 more members.