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  1. Interested. My email is
  2. Interested:
  3. Starting up a new ESPN free keeper basketball league, scoring NOT cat. It will be 5 keepers each year but only 2 normal ones along with a point limit one and two year limit ones. It's a different set up but should encourage trading more and helping teams rebuild. The total roster will be 18 players. Here is the link if you want to check out the league settings along with scoring: The draft will be set as soon as the league is close to being full. If you are interested then please post here or shoot me an email at with NBL as the subject. If you need more info then let me know.
  4. 2018 MFL Draft

    30.09 Luke Wilson (DET) TE by Green Bay Blizzard
  5. MBS4's Rotoworld Dynasty

    It opens at 8:00 PM CST tonight. Those adds/drops were the waiver claims, which I've been posting and sending emails out about the past day
  6. 2018 MFL Draft

    @Greenbayfan6 Do you mean Justin Simmons? I can't find a Jonathon Simmons in the Yahoo database. I went ahead and added Justin but let me know.
  7. MBS4's Rotoworld Dynasty

    I only got waiver claims for Grey Ghost of Gouda and myself. Is this correct?
  8. 2018 MFL Draft

    29.04 Taywan Taylor (TEN) WR by Green Bay Blizzard
  9. MBS4's Rotoworld Dynasty

    Start sending those waiver claims!
  10. MBS4's Rotoworld Dynasty

    Once this pick is made then you all can start sending me your waiver adds with a drop. Deadline for the waiver priority is tomorrow at 8:00 PM CST. If the pick isn't made then I will push that back. We'll plan on opening the waiver for adds Wednesday at 8:00 PM CST. If there is anyone that needs to be added or any changes needed to be made then just let me know!
  11. MBS4's Rotoworld Dynasty

    4.01 SouthernSteeler - Chase Edmonds 4.02 Carolina Blues - Jake Butt 4.03 Little Giants - Vance McDonald 4.04 CreamySteelers - Equanimeous St. Brown 4.05 Carolina Blues via Unemployed Sofa King - Ryan Grant 4.06 Bradys Forte - Jaylen Samuels 4.07 Pack Attack - Geronimo Allison 4.08 IronCocks - Martinez Velez Scantling 4.09 Shhh Only Tears Now - Spencer Ware 4.10 Grey Ghost of Gouda - Jake Kumerow 4.11 Sexy Sacks Man - Auden Tate4.12 El Iguanodon- @megamoviejohn OTC
  12. MBS4's Rotoworld Dynasty

    Anybody hear anything from SSM?
  13. 2018 MFL Draft

    It looked like that was the email we had in there. However, I went ahead and tried sending it again. Let me know if you don't get anything.
  14. MBS4's Rotoworld Dynasty

    @erver5 OTC Sorry guys, been at a wedding all weekend. I'll have everything updated tonight.