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  1. IDK what to do about this guy. limited practice last week, then sits at game time, now new practice. WTF?? set back? contract? whats going on?!?!?!
  2. From the Michel thread...Its a good read and might help explain why Michel 'sucks'....also might put a bit of a damper on the Rex hype...
  3. White owner, picked up Burkhead for a one week filler and now I don't want to drop him. short bench and bye's are starting soon. Thoughts about holding White and Burkhead? I cant see playing both of them....White should be the play most weeks unless Michel gets hurt or benched and Burkhead takes over....idk
  4. I know the Bears D is killer but do you guys still think he will produce this week? The CB's are good but not shut down corners. More concern about Keenum not having time to throw?
  5. Agree...I'm giving him one more week. If he cant produce I'll see what Murray can do against Car D the following week
  6. Disagree. Chris Thompson was a legit RB2 two years ago in PPR in the same time share. If he can get back to that form (which looked good week1) he can be an asset. With that being said, Brown does have more upside in any format...but is dependent on Gurley health/usage
  7. lol not sure what street you hanging out on.
  8. just because he catches the ball doesn't mean that a field stretching outside WR is going to impact his catches. But if that was you want to believe... I think TE - RB has a much bigger correlation receiving wise.. oh yea, the best TE in the league no longer plays for NE...whos their TE now??
  9. He's just bitter cause Pollard is gonna put up more fantasy points than Barkley week 1. lol
  10. I disagree. Gordon doesn't impact White at all. Totally different. Gordons return simply makes all other received (except Edelman) undraftable.
  11. So...hypothetically...if he sits week 1-3 and Pollard plays well, Dak steps up and Dal is winning...then what? If I was JJ I would tell him to F*** off and save the money for Dak and Cooper. I get what Zeke is trying to do and if Dallas didn't have other high profile talent to spend on it would of probably worked....but his timing is horrible. Someone is gonna have to walk. Cooper they just gave a 1st rd pick for, Dak (may not be great) but they view him as their future QB and has played well. IDK As someone who passed on Elliot and drafted Pollard I say....ZEKE WHO?!?!?
  12. Maybe...just had a hard time drafting him....He's already on the shelf with an ankle issue, strong up and coming competition....probably the wrong choice but went with my gut.