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  1. Man I know your high on this guy but these claims are really getting out of hand. Starting to think your just HIGH.
  2. LOL because they moved Duke that has been begging for a trade all summer? If you had someone on your team that didn't want to be there wouldn't you trade him to at least get something instead of dealing with the headache all season? IMO the Duke move has absolutely nothing to do with Hunt. Hunt may still be a big part of the offense when he comes back but way to early to tell.
  3. I'm not that concerned with his age. Yes he is pushing 30 but he doesn't have an much millage on his tires as a normal 30yr old RB. As many have stated, he has produced solid numbers the past few years splitting time with Kamara....before that P. Thomas....before that P. Thomas and Sproles… Hell, over his 8yr career he has 5yrs with under 170 rushing attempts. I think he will be fine.
  4. HUGE....if he is still in football shape.
  5. I think he is much more likely to blow up on the sideline at Carr for missing him wide open or over throwing him then it is for him to blow up on the field with WR1 numbers.
  6. @Iron-cockgreat info! Thanks for the breakdown. Gives me more confidence if I decide to draft him and much more confidence as a Jets fan.
  7. IF I remember correctly, even with Moreno he wasn't a workhorse getting 20+ touches a game. I hope your right but I have my concerns with Gase.
  8. This!!! All these opinions about Gase 'running Bell into the ground' and '400 touches'..... When was the last time Gase used a RB correctly? I know Drake, Ajai, etc. are not the same caliber as Bell but Gase hasn't given RB's the kind of touches they need. I I pray Gase does the right thing and feeds Bell all he can eat, being a long time Jet fan, but I am very worried Gase screws the pouch. The only fun part of that would be watching the riots in NY/NJ when Bell only gets 10-15 touches weeks one and two lol
  9. ummm….. 'wow, this is sore' is not the same thing as 'other days it really hurts'. Sore does not = hurt
  10. You think they are going to double team any of these guys rather then load the box for Barkley? Just because I guy is fast doesn't mean they need (or should) be double teamed. I would load the box and see if Eli can actually hit any of those receivers.
  11. The only concern I have for Barkley is without OBJ there defenses will be loading the box making Eli beat them. Despite how bad (average) Eli has been they always had to respect OBJ. Regarding the 'Diva' WR discussion....I'll gladly draft OBJ for my fantasy team...I don't care that they don't win a superbowl lol
  12. I agree that Jackson will get his. I also believe Ekeler will as well. Some of the threads on here have Jackson taking over....I don't see it happening after one good performance. More of a 50/50 split with Ekeler getting some catches is more likely.
  13. He is still sidelined
  14. I have the same option in my 0.5ppr league. Ekeler or Wilson. J.Jackson looked good last week but I am not sold he is taking +50% of the carries from Ekeler. Plus the matchup is soooo nice vs CIN. Wilson looked great also but DEN is a tougher match up and I'm not sure how much work Alf will get.... I'm leaning toward Ekeler but I'm sure ill talk myself into Wilson by Sunday.