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  1. Ezekiel Elliott 2017 Season Outlook

    Looks kinda chunky, too many tamales. Might have to bench him in my championship game against the impenetrable Seattle run defense.
  2. Robert Woods 2017 Season Outlook

    I’d suggest they’re both good plays today, as Woods was almost ready to roll last week and should receive healthy targets against a middling secondary, and Davis has a good matchup with an offense that wants to use him. I am a little underwhelmed by Goff recently. Anyone see Goff muffing up today away? Falling behind would help Woods, and hopefully (for my matchup) undermine Gurley’s success...
  3. Brandin Cooks 2017 Season Outlook

    Cooks thing. He does produce dud days. Certainly can't afford that this week. Maybe Cooks is so fast and small that Brady can't see him? Happened last year on Brees' most prolific game, Cooks ending up with zero targets. I'm not excited about starting him either, and I'm tempted to bench him (also have Woods, Green, Hopkins). But the upside + the offense / QB + projected game script make sense to keep him on the field and try to get excited.
  4. DeAndre Hopkins 2017 Season Outlook

    But every week some have said that Hopkins can't keep it up, that he's doomed to regress, and every week he beats the odds. True, JAX is his toughest test yet, but Nuke is proving to be made from tougher stuff. Despite playing with three different quarterbacks, Hopkins has maintained a high standard. "That's not easy, but that's how I was raised, to work and come out and don't make any excuses no matter who's throwing you the ball because you see other guys, statistically, when their quarterback goes down, whatever they're doing, their stats go down," Hopkins said. "I can't be that guy because I've had to play with multiple quarterbacks my whole career, so I know how to adjust on the fly."
  5. Robert Woods 2017 Season Outlook

    Ranking shouldn't be a struggle: Baldwin, Tate, Woods, Diggs I'd suggest Goodwin and Woods are neck and neck, Hogan trailing. True he's coming off injury, but also true he was almost ready to play last week. I like Woods this week, in part because Seattle's secondary ain't the Legion of Boom.
  6. Stefon Diggs 2017 Outlook

    Hoping Woods will pick up where he left off. The fact that he was almost ready last week but sat out to boost recovery is a boon: the Rams know what they have in Woods and want him for the post season. I have multiple-flex positions in one league, and I was going to flex Diggs, but now with Rodgers returning I'll flex Jordy . (Also have Thielen on this team.) Diggs is a dart throw at this point, but if Rudolph sits there's at least potential for more targets. Still, I don't like his matchup, especially if he gets William Jackson. There is boom or bust potential, leaning towards the bust. WJackson isn't talked about much, in part, because he shuts down the receiver without garnering IDP points: he hasn't accumulated many tackles (16), and his pass defense points are middling (10 pass defenses). But he's solid and can make for a bad day for any WR. To me, even going back to college, he always has this expression on his face like he's concussed.
  7. Mike Davis 2017 Season Outlook

    I'm still on the fence, but if I had to choose today I'd go with Davis over Lewis and Lynch as well in standard and partial PPR (not over Lewis in full-point PPR), partially due to the matchup, partially due to how Seattle used him and wants to use him, and partially because I like what I've seen in his rushing (and hands). Injury is the only red flag for me, and I'll hold out until Sunday to make the call (based on practice reports / health reports). For me, I have Davis in the flex up against Alf, DHenry, RWoods, and some other guys that are easier to bench.
  8. Stefon Diggs 2017 Outlook

    Ok. I respect your opinion, and I do love Diggs as a player (despite his slump), but I see Thielen as taking it to another level this season, and I just don't see a "significant disparity" in targets, more like a slight disparity favoring Thielen: Week 14: Thielen 13 / Diggs 10 Week 13: Thielen 5 / Diggs 5 Week 12: Thielen 11 / Diggs 7 Week 11: Thielen 9 / Diggs 6
  9. Stefon Diggs 2017 Outlook

    According to the numbers for the second half of the season, Keenum has proved more reliable than any other QB save Russell Wilson. How many owners failed to win their first playoff matchup due to poor QB performance (Brady owners?), and how many playoffs might have been won if a QB scored 9.5 more points? Really not so ridiculous. Also, we call it “fantasy” football, not “fake” football.
  10. Stefon Diggs 2017 Outlook

    Good stats and point. Though, I have Diggs and Thielen in several leagues, I watch the Vikings weekly, and there is no doubt that Thielen is the superior receiver. The 2-3 targets Thielen receives over Diggs each week is part partiality part because Thielen is more likely to make it happen. Diggs’ talent right now is subdued, and he’s in a slump that might last the rest of the season, and arm strength and accuracy of Keenum did Diggs just fine earlier in the season.
  11. Stefon Diggs 2017 Outlook

    Keenum is second only to Russell Wilson in the second half of the season for most stable QB floor (16 or more points). Diggs received double digit targets last week, so the volume is not an issue. And the passes to Thielen are hardly forced: he’s the open WR with the best hands, and he does more after the catch.
  12. Derrick Henry 2017 Outlook

    lotta coach talk, notta lotta Henry talk. Sounds more like post season posts. Only relevant question is, Will the Titans gain a comfortable lead and run the clock out, Henry racking up garbage time points, 100+ / 1TD, OR is this the JimmyG era 49ers, and it’ll be a shootout, Jimmy poking holes in an already holey D, Mariota struggling to keep up, Henry written out of the script?
  13. Alfred Morris 2017 Season Outlook

    I'm thinking the scenario might be more of a 60/40 split, a DMurray/DHenry kind of split, and considering the way the Raiders have been performing that just might be serviceable, even in the playoffs. Flex / RB2. Alf is running well, it's just that so is Rod.
  14. Giovani Bernard 2017 season outlook

    If Mixon sits, Gio is a solid flex. It's a tough matchup, but Gio has capable hands and is a capable back, and with Hill also gone Gio will see rushing attempts and passing targets.
  15. Mike Davis 2017 Season Outlook

    I liked the way he was used as a receiver and he demonstrated decent hands. Two weeks ago vs Philly (4 rec. / 37 yards) is more accurate than last week's 1 rec / -1 yards. McKissic had 5 receptions last week, 1 vs Philly. I'd suggest that Carroll is looking to keep defenses guessing. Last game was more about game script: though he did leave injured, the game necessitated long passes and Davis is not part of that plan, so he sat out. Not clear whether or not Davis would have played if the Seahawks were looking to run down the clock.