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  1. Dez Bryant 2018 Season Outlook

    I think there’s room for some surprises here. I agree with you, the receiving corps is not stunning, yet I between Zay, Clay, and KBenj, and Shady, there’s enough to keep defenses legit as long as McCarron/JAllen do their part. Still, I don’t feel so pained in being a Jets fan when I take a look at the Bills’ roster. Brings me to my point, though: There is one team that seems to have the worst receiving corps in the league, even worse than the Bills, a team with such limited receivers including lack of TE experience to the point they will struggle to make the playoffs, a team in need of Dez, and their name rhymes with Phallus Sowtoys. Oh the irony.
  2. 2018 Rookie Draft Discussion

    If Terrance Williams is out cruising his Lambo wasted, Gallup’s time in the spotlight will be Day 1.
  3. Pierre Garcon 2018 Season Outlook

    Both PPR worthy, but Crowder even less TD potential than Garçon, 47 games 12 TDs. I’d steer clear in any format less than full-point PPR.
  4. Pierre Garcon 2018 Season Outlook

    Cervical spine fracture of the C5 pedicle, and while he’s cleared to play neck injuries are always risky for athletes, and Garçon’s neck injury probably places him at greater risk than Enunwa’s bulging disk (also neck), though either or neither may or may not worsen or reoccur. I’d suggest both receivers are in similar situations with similar outlooks ranging from shortened seasons to leading their teams and destroying their ADPs.
  5. New Dynasty League Question

    I’m in two CBS leagues, one redraft and one dynasty, and almost annually we have issues. I see CBS is expanding this year by including draft picks, but from my experience it’s their platform that’s problematic, not what is being offered. For example, last year our entire league glitched out three weeks in, and the commish and I needed to add/drop specific players from every team in order to un-glitch the system. I’m glad we found a workaround before Sunday, because some players were locked on rosters or on the bench. Considering that we’re actually paying more money for CBS to host this league (i.e. more than other sites) adds to my inclination to switch from CBS. I wouldn’t mind paying more if the site was the most reliable.
  6. 2018 Best Ball (Draftmasters)

    See it's been set up now, $200. Nevermind. Must return to my Canadian Football League forum. Go Tiger Cats!
  7. 2018 Best Ball (Draftmasters)

    Didn't see my answer, though maybe it’s due to being slightly distracted with the aforementioned stuffening: we’re auction I think, yes? (Or draft?) If auction, what’s the budget?
  8. 2018 Dynasty IDP Rookie Draft

    No, my bad: if you traded for McKinnon, that's a solid PPR start. I thought you traded McKinnon away to get that 3.01 pick, so I saw 3 LBs and a weakened backfield.
  9. Tarik Cohen 2018 Season Outlook

    Or more accurately one of the top 3 offenses.
  10. 2018 Dynasty IDP Rookie Draft

    I like the Edmunds / Vander Esch picks, not a fan of the McKinnon trade, if I’m reading this correctly. Seems like the backfield is hamstrung, in part because there is no lead back without McKinnon, in part because Lewis and Henry may eat into each other’s touches, and if the Titans are anemic even half as much as they were last year it could push a team away from the playoffs. Do you have an ace up your sleeve?
  11. Ronald Jones 2018 Season Outlook

    You know who disagrees with you? The TB front office. I'm guessing they might know a few more things about Barber than you do. I don’t know, odds are 50/50 I reckon.
  12. 2018 Best Ball (Draftmasters)

    When you say "take as many pictures," you mean screen shots of the draft, right? Fiancee is telling me I'm off regarding the wedding by one day, and she would know. So I should be ok for the auction.
  13. 2018 Best Ball (Draftmasters)

    getting married at that time, but I'm pretty sure the synagogue has wifi

    Umm... you did
  15. 2018 Dynasty IDP Rookie Draft

    First IDP off the board. I imagine your league is proportionate regarding IDP players (some league point heavy to offense, and these guys get the majority of the points; I like a balance). Interesting you went Edmunds over Roquan Smith.