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  1. I'm picking him late as I think he'll have a much better season. He only had like 4 TDs or something last year but he had a bunch (5-6) that were called back by penalties.
  2. How do we feel about him now as a Texan?
  3. Scoring was all jacked up along with the math and standings. It has been fixed in all my leagues as of now.
  4. In a 12 man money league and someone just dropped AB. I'm 11 of 12 for waivers so I'm not getting him. Should I notify the commish? What should they do?
  5. Last week I benched Michel and he went off. Kickoff looming!
  6. As a Rivers owner I’m worried about a blowout too. I’d go Ryan.
  7. Cobb is out. I’d go Allison and Carson.
  8. Shady or Michel? Packers gave up a ton to AP. Think they might to him too. Michel off to a slow start.
  9. I’m debating between Michel and Shady today. Packers made AP look 10 years younger.
  10. Stay put. Help me out.
  11. I'd pick him up and drop Burkhead. Sony is taking over that backfield. Rex wasn't in the 2nd or 3rd quarter at all last week. Please help me out.
  12. Honestly I'd want to see what he has or has needs for. I'd lean towards a package for AB since you could use some WR help.