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  1. Well if u drafted him who are ur other options? Esp in a 12 Tm lg..
  2. There’s a video of the tootsie?🤗 yea ppl coming outta woodwork for sure
  3. Pretty sure jaylen balled last yr when Conner out and won some ships for folks... but yea. It’s all plodder Bennie snells job who can’t catch a pass to save a life.
  4. 2 months at least I’m guessing All my mike Thomas stock😢😢
  5. Already started rehabbing from my understanding....
  6. Burkholder ruled out a return for Hill this week, which was expected. Next week, however, is still up in the air. Burkholder is adamant that this injury is week-to-week and that any other report is merely speculation. Hill could be back more quickly than previously reported; it all depends on his rehab and how quickly he can pass through the necessary steps to return.
  7. Well... hopefully Arians calling out juice will light a 🔥 nice matchup next week nonetheless 🤠🤠
  8. Cleats. im very disappointed. I thought ud come in and be the voice of reason.-Rest your troubled souls my children, soon the juice will be loose...
  9. This dude about to get straight DROPPED. What a huge disappointment thru 5 nfl quarters.
  10. Democratic debate wayyyyy more entertaining 🤣🤣🤣🤣