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  1. Kareem Hunt 2019 Outlook

    What a s@#$ show. From a fantasy perspective hate this...ohh well drive Nick I can't hide my chubbs ADP ?..idk time will tell
  2. Todd Gurley 2019 Outlook

    Def had a hitch in his step late season. Ya just don't sit gurley for CJA ...c'mon man.
  3. Todd Gurley 2019 Outlook

    Lol. He was most certainly hurt. I'm guessing surgery soon despite what mcvay says.
  4. Julian Edelman 2019 Outlook

    Assuming gronk goes....kinda like jewels this yr
  5. Travis Shaw 2019 Outlook

    Underrated. esp with multiple position eligibility
  6. Ezekiel Elliott 2019 Outlook

    Arrow pointing up.
  7. David Johnson 2019 Outlook

    Yea. Not much excitement for 2019 DJ
  8. Wil Myers 2019 Outlook

    Health permitting, a bargain this yr. Sign me up
  9. J.A. Happ 2019 Outlook

    He gonna get lit up this yr. Book it.
  10. T.Y. Hilton 2018 Outlook

    F*** Y'all debating outliers, his eliteness...blah blah blah... ridiculous. We know who ty Hilton is. What I need to know is if he's playing this week coming off of an ultra elite week of production last week.
  11. J.A. Happ 2019 Outlook

    Is this the same ja Happ who has been really bad for the majority of his career? Curious.
  12. Kareem Hunt 2018 Outlook

    Well to say smoking Joe mixon wasn't... Kareem will get another shot...hug some trees, make a public apology, take a class...my rb 1 for cheap
  13. Kareem Hunt 2018 Outlook

    Ok ok... looking forward. Kareem play next yr? Mid Rd winner? Definitely kick the tire next yr
  14. Kareem Hunt 2018 Outlook

    Exactly. That's y I said forward reoorts to attorney for charges. Cops didn't forward anything. In law enforcement we call it long forming an arrest;)
  15. Kareem Hunt 2018 Outlook

    How do u as law enforcement not watch the surveillance & submit a report for an attorney to press charges if victim wants it. Stories aside, the evidence is in the Footing