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  1. Time to fire up all my lat Murray shares!?!?
  2. If he was ir’d after week 1 wouldn’t 8 weeks be week 9? I get they have a week 10 bye and all that making week 11 likely but anyone have clarity
  3. Why everyone so confident he starts? Friday practice? If I owned both backs I’d lean on starting chase..
  4. no james conna looking at 30 touches this week think about it
  5. yup most studs get a vet day off on wed and “practice on the sidelines “ as a CE owner, not holding my breath
  6. Any new news on the sore back? I’m guessing limited call week and plays..
  7. With a late game this is an effing headache
  8. And. Same injury risk applies to NC. However, KH offers elite RB1 upside, which may be nice down the stretch run
  9. Diggs or thielen get peppered this week assuming gutless Kirk will be out to prove a point. They both eat.
  10. No way he plays this week imo i have a lot of shares...
  11. I mean us ekeler guys all knew this was happening right??
  12. First timer playing fbb. Very nervous about this 10tm h2h pts lg. I seriously don’t know who half these guys are...thoughts for the rook? c- Zach Collins, brook lopez F-LaMarcus Aldridge, Paul George, Draymond green G-ja Morant, Damian Lillard flex-Covington & Blake Griffin bench so far is Gordon Hayward as this is a slow draft is it really that bad??? Lol
  13. Did u really mention Tevin effing Coleman and saquon in same sentence?
  14. On top of it when has Tevin Coleman actually looked good? was a bust in his starting audition last yr.. so yea, the monster 👹 def a solid hold