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  1. I think Street is done in any role...
  2. Note I did say not as hyped which he wasn't. Probably most starting pitchers being promoted are pretty well ranked in their organizations it's just to what degree. Miller and Davis were at least top 25 overall. Miller was especially hot and recall trading away substantial talent to get him. Not that this matters much to what Norris is doing now. He's well deserving of keeping the closers role for as long as he keeps it going.
  3. Good to see but also predictable given Peacock was the starter.
  4. but Norris was never as hyped a starting pitching prospect nor had their top end "stuff" either. Still good but not great. As I recall both Davis and Miller were deemed as at least #2 starters (Miller probably a true ace) while Norris more like a 3/4 kind of guy. He turned out to be more 4/5 than anything. Nevertheless, yeah there's a lot of starters who could do well as a reliever...
  5. If he gets back to where he was 2 years ago he could be top end closer. But then again he's never had a major league save in his life and appears to have quite a ways to go to get to his 2015 dominating self. Thus it really depends on league settings. In my 12 teamer with 2 DL stashes I am just not too worried that someone will be picking him up anytime soon.
  6. not sure how Nate Jones' injury is at the moment but I would say if healthy he has a clearer path to the role. In any event Capps might be the safer drop to pick up later depending on your league settings and managers. FYI I dropped Capps a month ago in my 12 teamer and he's still there. He was owned by another manager originally so I do know he is at least on some people's radar. However, as someone has noted the amount of DL activity eliminates Capps as a viable stash in my opinion. The best I am going to do is keep an eye out for what he does in the minors. If he starts to really dominate there he would probably become a good stash again.
  7. Maybe. Before adding I had looked at his relief numbers prior to this year and they were not good at all. In fact terrible as I recall. But I guess there are a whole slew of possible reasons for that. However, it didnt make me feel too great on this as pretty much every starter turned reliever I studied had great relief number (Brewer's Peralta I am looking at you right now). Anyways can only hope.
  8. Can you imagine if Happ managed this rate all year? I am not hating on Happ as I own him but Schebler has been a stud so far and not near the hysteria.
  9. I dont think thats the only reason. We'll see but I think he's becoming more less an inning at a time guy used for holds situations. I think you get one or the other - short innings in the 7th or 8th to work in tie games or leads or stretched out whenever is required. I mentioned Bradley, Nicasio and Minor going a similar route prior but Betances evolved in this way as well. A few years ago he was the multi inning guy that became too good for the role.
  10. I think the Bedrosian "fireman" situation will be what's initially tried and seems to make a lot of sense. I think they had that in mind last year with him although Street was so bad that he couldn't do his part in closing games out. However, if Norris can keep it up it has to at least appeal to Sciosia to give that a try again. I am just not convinced how long Bud Norris will be effective in a closer's role is all.
  11. I kind of figured the reason was something like this. However, I think these save for later type of scenarios rarely work. But then again what do I know really???
  12. well that's it and apparently drying up once again. He must be feeling some kind of ache or another as I just don't get this kind of low usage. From May 7th (he worked 1.1 innings on May 6th and before that was 5 days earlier) until yesterday, May 21 he's been utilized 3 times for 2.1 innings. That's a span of 13 games which would equate to about 117 Arizona innings. So that's 2.1 innings out of a possible 117 for one of your top arms?? I don't get it even if there are no holds up for grabs for awhile. Keep him fresh by working regularly instead of sitting on their can for games on end. Don't these good pitchers complain if they're not utilized very often???
  13. The one downside to those starters turned effective long relievers is the usage seems to dwindle to typical one inning holds kinds of guys. Initially they are used for multi-inning purposes and dominate so much that they start to look real appealing for their great ratios and K's. However, ultimately they start getting saved for the 7th and 8th innings which is great for holds leagues but not what the original appeal was. Archie Bradley is another prime example of this as well as other guys like Nicasio and Minor to a lesser degree. From a holds perspective it's great as you can use them in the SP slot. Without holds though I don't think any of them are must owns unless speculating for saves.
  14. as a Norris owner I am just kind of waiting for that to happen. However, he's proven himself fairly solid thus far so perhaps he can keep it going. Being good would be something different for him though. Bedrosian still makes sense as the long term closer but who knows what that means any longer? And almost the moment he got the closer's role last year he went down with an injury. This year the same thing so not sure if he can be relied on much any longer. Or he's just had a ton of bad luck...
  15. except since he tossed a couple of innings yesterday I am not sure he gets in there tonight. Hopefully they do go to him again to build on his good outing but I have a feeling they might go to whoever hasn't pitched lately. Could that be Cishek again??