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  1. I am betting that it's stll Norris' gig to lose when he comes back. I am just not betting he holds it...
  2. Like his stuff upside in a relief role...
  3. He's definitely not going to get more playing time until he starts hitting. There may be some hiccups but I am betting by this time next year he's going to be a top 5 catcher. Not that I am actually holding him right now in anticipation of that but I feel at some point I 'll be wishing I owned him.
  4. Not sure it's the inning thing you mention as it sounds like a familiar yahoo blunder which has happened a few times this year already. I had this discussion previously with regards to Nicasio who didn't get the hold in Yahoo but was credited on other platforms as well as his mlb page. If you checked Nicasio numbers out you would see a 1 hold disparity. Could be the same thing again and would be the third time that I am aware of. Can't recall who the other pitcher was but was in a similar situation. I think this is happening in cases where a pitcher may be awarded the win by the official scorer at the end of the game but is not and Yahoo just doesn't update. Quite annoying...
  5. Ok...kinda like that.
  6. and yet we are all pretty much in agreement. You are going to look bad...
  7. whether or not he actually gets any save opportunities Street is going to get lit up. And he's going to get lit up often. Will it start today?
  8. I have Ramos stashed on the DL but will likely stick with Contreras for another week. I have to admit he's always been a guy I haven't paid much attention to even after last year's terrific season so I am not quite that high on him as others seem to be. I found a Sickels prospect evaluation on him in 2011 to be pretty good and kind of how I thought Ramos' career was going. He basically said he had mixed feelings on the bat and expected some good years and some bad years Interestingly enough Norris was ranked ahead of Ramos here so that's changed over time at least. I am hoping the eye surgery really did make all the difference last year because I would love similar numbers to last year. I don't expect and his low walk rates don't help in my league but Tampa has it going on offensively this year so perhaps Ramos can keep it going.
  9. bro needs more attention for his patience and power. He's been quite a fantasy stud, especially in leagues that include walks. When checking early last week he was one of only four players at the time with 40 plus ribbies, 40 plus walks and double digit home runs. The others were Goldschmidt, Harper, Votto and Judge...
  10. I had mentioned I dropped him for Murphy (and got the Ramos stash in doing so) last week but made the move to pick him up again (for Murphy) yesterday. I think I am just going to have bad luck holding onto the wrong guy the rest of the year. I do think Murphy is going to be the best fantasy asset at some point soon but it may take awhile for him to get steady at bats so it may not be this year.
  11. For the moment - which could extend deep into the season. However at some point that will change. Wolters is doing well with the hitting tools he has but his stick still screams backup. You can't be a long time starter essentially being a singles hitter and especially in coors!! Wolters has earned his time but as soon as the team starts winning with Murphy behind the plate I think you will start to see a gradual shift in playing time. Murphy has caught all these guys with success in the minors for years before so nothing new now. If Murphy doesn't hit very well then I can see the lefty-righty platoon happening all year. If he does what he did last year and in the minors last week he'll eventually see more playing time. It's really in his court as I see it.
  12. Yeah statistically there was a small chance of success either way. And the numbers may favour the stolen base attempt (even though Fisher does not have great sb success numbers in the minors) plus single over any other manner to score from first base. However, I am of the belief that you let the guy with the hot bat decide that for you. Dude was having a great day so...
  13. See you sometime in the future. Likely won't ever be on my squad again as memories are just too fresh and raw (kept over Lamb). However, someone will take a flier on him in the future, maybe next year's draft, and get paid off nicely. Me? I'll probably be trying for the next hot thing and the 5% probability of success that goes with it.
  14. I do disagree that he's not been impressive though. His first two months were outstanding with a k/bb ratio that was through the roof impressive. It's still very good. To say I am not worried about him going forward would not be true. But his ERA and whip had been pretty darn good for a long stretch. He's given up single runs here and there but without looking it up not too many other times did he give up multiple runs. ERA bumping up that much can happen to any reliever at this time of the year...
  15. I am not suggesting there should be a change in closer's role right now either. I have Rosie as a holds guy. I want him as a holds guy...