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  1. Rafael Devers 2017 Outlook

    Unless he falls off a cliff the rest of the way no one is letting an upside play like this dropping anywhere near that much. If he somehow managed to keep this up the rest of the way then you are talking a top 50 player...
  2. Chis Taylor 2017 Outlook

    In this day and age of fantasy sports there are very few leagues you can sell high on a guy like this. Not guys who have all of a sudden taken a dramatic jump out of nowhere. Years ago you could get away with that but now managers are a little wiser. Taylor needs to pretty much do this all year to bump his value you up for next year. For now you can try and deal him away but probably better just to ride him and move on when/if it's over...
  3. Yeah, I would go for it. Given your keeper situation that deal works for you big time this year without weakening your keeper list for next year.
  4. Arenado/Knebel for Turner/Sale

    if you need a starter you can't get much better than Sale. Agree with the above comment that I wouldn't do it in a keeper. However, in redrafts you don't need to win the deal if it fits your team needs...
  5. Billy Hamilton 2017 Outlook

    How do you contour your team around Hamilton when the league has gone power crazy? Everyone in my lineup is on pace for 25 to almost 60 homers? The other active teams are also stacked. I've said it before if you cannot stay up in the power ranks he shouldn't be owned. Your comment here suggests that you agree with that. However, I am suggesting in active leagues in today's game it's not worth it. In our league it's been pretty straight forward. Everyone who has owned Hamilton for any length of time has not done very well. This year the guy that picked Hamilton off the waiver wire went from 7-0 to 8-4. He's an excellent manager but seems to be sticking with the Hamilton strategy. And even when he struggled badly a few weeks ago he kept him. Instead he added Mallex Smith, inserted him in the lineup and benched Hamilton. And he lost both weeks he owned Smith, dropped him and inserted Hamilton back in. He's losing this week as well. He just can't afford the power loss imo. So when I researched further back in our league history (for this conversation) I noted that Hamilton owners have never finished in the top 5 in our league. Once they made the playoffs (6th place). Share your story...
  6. July Closer Thread 2017

    the fact that he wasn't given an opportunity the whole time Norris was out was fairly convincing to me. Situations could have occurred that might have made things occur differently but Street was certainly not first, second or third in line. And then Bud came back...
  7. Billy Hamilton 2017 Outlook

    I am "bitching" about his lack of power, weak batting average and terrible on base skills and stating he's overrated and not near worth the draft spot he was taken out of. You obviously think he was just for his one category contribution (two this year with runs). Actually, you sound salty enough that I am pretty sure it's been as unpleasant ride for you as it has been for all those other guys you berate for expected more out of Hamilton. Come on bro admit it, you expected Vince Coleman too this year...
  8. Billy Hamilton 2017 Outlook

    Obviously his steals totals are not the problem when speaking of Billy Hamilton...
  9. Trevor Story 2017 Outlook

    Of course it doesnt matter about the Coors factor until he's actually no longer a Rockies. It is what it is but if he struggles bigtime this week I am likely bailing.
  10. Travis Shaw 2017 Outlook

    Sounds ok but I won't "phew" too much based on what players say any longer. Especially when it comes to hand or wrist injuries. They just seem to get it wrong too much. Damn it too. I hate these Monday first game of the week injuries that always seem to happen (but likely selective memory).
  11. Trevor Story 2017 Outlook

    Sickels (rated him a B prospect) was pretty accurate on him before the start of last year. It actually might give some managers a bit of hope given he's been so streaky before. "He also has a reputation as being streaky, though this was less of an issue in 2015 than in past seasons. Story is the type of guy who could hit .280 with 20 homers one year then .220 with eight homers the next but my gut feeling is that he started to figure some things out last year."
  12. Trevor Story 2017 Outlook

    What do you consider a "top prospect" though? I mean this conversation has probably already happened a dozen times but while he wasn't a top 10 guy he was still a good prospect. Also hitting the ball hard is something right? It's what Aaron Judge does so well...
  13. Trevor Story 2017 Outlook

    Really good information and with the league wide power surge this year he's definitely been a big time negative fantasy player. However, I do think he's still going to have at least a stretch or two in which he really gets hot and powers some homers in bunches. Look I saw all the numbers on Eric Hosmer after 6 weeks and there was nothing to suggest in his profile that he was going to turn it around. I dropped him (mainly due to him playing with the Royals) but he certainly turned it around. They are different types of hitters but I just think when a player is going really bad sometimes you can't find those "light at the end of the tunnel" stats that we all search for. But then some guys get going anyways. In any event I think this week (with 7 home games) will tell a lot and I certainly may end up dropping him as well if production remains as is and just live with the fact he might go off for someone else. Problem is he just went off like crazy last year...
  14. Oswaldo Arcia LF ARZ

    Chris Davis II?? Maybe not...
  15. Trevor Story 2017 Outlook

    Well he definitely isn't as good as last year's pace would suggest mainly because very few players get those kind of numbers consistently. However, not sure if his base is much higher than it is now. I think all those homers last year messed with his approach this year. I think he's still a 30 homer, .240-.250 kind of hitter. If he swiped 20 bases and kept his walk totals respectable then that would be very good production. Still waiting for a hot stretch which could start this week with 7 home games. I imagine if a rough week though people will start really freaking out.