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  1. I agree that neither really is at this time unless in extreme need. I had Norris ready to go next week just to get a hold or two from my SP slot and figured he's a quick drop after that. However, if Bedrosian turns out to be injury prone, like Street is, like Bailey is, then who knows what's going to happen this year. I am not sold on Bedrosian's durability so there might be saves spread all over the place this year...
  2. Well one thing for certain is after converting his first save chance Norris will get another opportunity. After pitching two days in a row (albeit limited number of pitches) it may not be today but soon enough. The real question is whether or not this will be a bumpy ride...
  3. Only half?? I get pretty giddy every time he does this. I guess I get giddy knowing I picked him up off the FA list as well. Anyways, besides the obvious Stanton comparisons I am getting a Mark McGwire vibe from Judge.
  4. a couple of thoughts with the Angels bullpen... 1) If any team needs a bullpen by committee it's the Angels. 2) The results could be pretty bad (thinking Reds last year). 3) Bedrosian seems fragile. 4) So Huston Street may be heard from again this year (and that won't be good).
  5. Why did I get that same feeling?
  6. The 2 things I am looking at right now are his no walks allowed (4.1 innings) and k/bb of 9/0. It's an extremely small sample but superb thus far...
  7. Yeah, I read where you said prior that he was sharpening his slider. However, pitchers are always "sharpening" their stuff with results pretty much the same as before. He looks to have made significant progress though. He's on my watch list so cheers for that at least...
  8. Does Peralta have a new pitch or something? His k rates have never been impressive prior...
  9. Because you have to have someone else pitch the 8th normally. Bedrosian is not going to pitch 2 innings in most appearances or he's not going to be a closer. If it happens once in awhile that's great (so long as he converts them). However, fact that Bedrosian had injury issues last year I have to wonder if it's actually a good thing or not?
  10. Pitched Wednesday and Thursday...
  11. Yeah you are right and the fact is he might get better going forward. By better I mean he has to get his walks down to 3 per 9 innings.
  12. However, Rosenthal is a good example of a guy who didn't make it long term which funny enough is the guy I was thinking about when writing this. He's a good comparison and a lot of interest is on him again but if he starts walking guys at that rate again he just won't get the job again. It just doesn't play long term. Maybe Knebel is next in line but really where does that opinion come from? The manager? And if it's not him it's just us speculating based on Knebel holding down the 8th. But I don't think it's automatic with a few factors involved. For instance some managers may prefer to keep a guy in the 8th just to make few changes. I don't know what they are thinking but neither does anyone else. Benoit was first to get saves and Neris was the expected closer out of the gate.
  13. You could be right though Moreland has been playing against some lefties this year and doing alright thus far (did but not going to look it up again here). He won't play against the toughest lefties but I don't really want him too either. If he falls off a cliff I can drop him for someone else. In the meantime am I really missing out on something special with Hosmer? If he hits .270, 70 runs, 80 ribbies, 15 homers kind of thing? Take his name recognition out of the equation and I think I can find that on the wire at almost any time. Our league doesn't use the CI designation so there's plenty of players available. Actually, I did try to trade him and squeeze him into deals but no one was interested and he is currently sitting in our FA pool. If he turns it around, and the Royals start scoring runs then so be it I might have erred on that one. Or maybe I'll pick him up. Regardless, I can't foresee it actually making much of a difference to the fortunes of my squad.
  14. Once you get over the mindset of dropping a guy like that I think so. Do you think there's hope for that pupgun lineup? I like Moreland hitting 5th in Boston better than Hosmer with the Royals. Environment does mean something. Disagree??
  15. Yeah, if he was on a better squad I would have held. However, those players you just mentioned are helping no one out - Dyson as well. I guess Hosmer will get it going somewhat again but I am certainly not counting on those 2 years numbers in this lineup. I think he's looking at 70 runs/80 ribbies max and that is waiver fodder for a 1b. If he gets traded then I might have lost out but Moreland might have found a nice situation for him in Boston. I'll take that upside in that lineup for now. In any event, sometimes you grab a player who performs so badly for you that you just want no part of them ever again. This is the case for me...