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  1. Kyle Tucker, OF HOU

    Tucker isn't exactly breaking down the door at the moment...
  2. Trevor Story 2018 Outlook

    My error as I divided by official at bats instead of plate appearances. I should stick to the official stat but he's still on a rather grotesque rate wouldn't you say? I've owned him, Gallo and Happ in a league that includes BA and walks and I would have more faith in him if he had the potential to increase his walk rate.
  3. Trevor Story 2018 Outlook

    K-rate is about 42% this year, up from 38% last year. It's significant enough if that held steady. 600 ABs = 250+ strikeouts!!
  4. Trevor Story 2018 Outlook

    Actually I would say his strikeout rate is significantly worse than last year. Because it was already rather high to begin with a 5% increase (or whatever it is exactly) is quite a bit and doesn't bode well for Story's batting average. It's a pace that likely breaks the mlb strikeout record. You combine that with some pretty poor patience and what are you left with? A free swinger that pitchers are going to be able to increasingly exploit. He's just not going to get better with this approach. I think from time to time he tries to make better contact but it doesn't seem to stick too long. Will see...
  5. Trevor Story 2018 Outlook

    Yeah I think when you have a guy striking out at a higher rate than Gallo at the moment you better bring a lot of other statistical juice to the table. 20-20 seems not even worthwhile if you hit .220. Need 30+ homers imo to carry that kind of hole. It'll be interesting to see his year play out...
  6. Mar/April Closer Thread 2018

    I think you are reading way too much into something that doesn't exist there. What manager would be upset by management added a quality experienced arm to his bullpen? Especially as the Cardinals had so many unknowns there going into the season. And "set holland up for failure"?? Come on he just used him as soon as he could in order to show Holland that he was their closer. Know one could have predicted the shoddy first appearance...
  7. Trevor Story 2018 Outlook

    You say those numbers like it's automatic. He didn't do those numbers last year and there's no guarantee he will be better this year. I am not sure he's the kind of hitter that can make adjustments very well so I think this is it with him. Some power but lots of holes to exploit. Luckily for him, for the time being, there are not a lot of other options out there.
  8. Mar/April Closer Thread 2018

    He also imploded after a decent run though. It was what everyone sort of figured but he did hold it together for a lot longer than expected. He's pitched well thus far but it's still Holland's to lose. Meaning Norris' hold on the position will be determined by how well/poor Holland pitches.
  9. Kyle Tucker, OF HOU

    True. I should have been precise...
  10. Kyle Tucker, OF HOU

    Well if you think they are waiting a month why would they not wait a few more weeks and gain an extra year of control when he becomes expensive? Someone posted what that actually would mean in dollar value then. It's significant enough. Plus these dates are well understood by us because teams do this already. In any event I own as well (12 team) but am not counting on him being up early, nor actually being a difference maker right away. Unless he busts out from the start (maybe he will) I am guessing he'll sit against a fair number of lefties this year. In 12 team leagues you really need full time ab's. Maybe I am not quite as high on him as others at least for this year. I think the Shawn Green comp is perfect but it took him awhile to get going himself. On the other hand rookies seem to be busting out like never before. Last year was just crazy imo. It's fun to hold and hope though. Will see what happens...
  11. Kyle Tucker, OF HOU

    Really? You can't imagine the WS champs who are on pace for 100+ wins being patient here???
  12. SP Eligible Relievers 2018

    I added Norris (over Lugo and McHugh) without a lot of confidence. His k/bb ratio is impressive but I doubt it ends well. I think for now he might be a decent source of holds and next in line for saves. In a month's time who knows? Maybe pitching for the Cards will help him keep it going.
  13. Kyle Tucker, OF HOU

    I think for a player at Tucker's level (excellent but not generational a la Correa) it makes too much sense for the Astros not to follow this timeline. I think the comparison between the Astros and Tucker now, and the Astros and Correa then, does not equate. Different player levels, different team situations. When Correa (not early April either btw) arrived the Astros were just beginning to be a good team and he was expected to be a difference maker (in which he was) in a hunt for a playoff position. This after years of being a truly terrible team (distant memory now). However, now the team is truly elite and should be in no rush to add anyone yet. Especially when it makes so much financial sense to wait awhile. It also gives them a longer look at Fisher who is still getting his feet wet himself. I suppose anything could happen but I would be surprised if management saw it any other way at the moment...
  14. SP Eligible Relievers 2018

    3 starts last year. Think it's all that is required with yahoo. But then again Tyler Thornburg has SP eligibility as well in yahoo. He hasn't started a game since 2013...