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  1. This guy just hasn’t slowed down, .299/.427/.519 in A, then .338/.430/.475 in high A, while having a career 3/2 BB/K as a catcher. He has to be in a lot of top 100 lists by years end, if this continues.
  2. Since the Diamondbacks like to bench hitters after having a good game, Walker will have to make way for Cron tomorrow against the Mets.
  3. Points league with numerous options like QS, Holds and CYC. 15 minors allowed, and you can keep up to 8 MLB players. Some of the players on the team includes Rhys Hoskins, Whit Merrifield, EE, Josh Donaldson, Rick Porcello and more. Send me an email if your interested, and I’d be happy to walk you through some of the unique settings available. We use leaguesafe and the league has been around for almost 20 years!
  4. It’s a points league with a slow draft, keep up to 8 MLB players and up to 15minors. Team has Hoskins, Merrifield, Donaldson, Porcello, EE and more. i can email more details if interested, it’s a 16 team league with a lot of moving parts, and it’s been around for nearly 20 years and we do use leaguesafe.