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  1. Points league with numerous options like QS, Holds and CYC. 15 minors allowed, and you can keep up to 8 MLB players. Some of the players on the team includes Rhys Hoskins, Whit Merrifield, EE, Josh Donaldson, Rick Porcello and more. Send me an email if your interested, and I’d be happy to walk you through some of the unique settings available. We use leaguesafe and the league has been around for almost 20 years!
  2. It’s a points league with a slow draft, keep up to 8 MLB players and up to 15minors. Team has Hoskins, Merrifield, Donaldson, Porcello, EE and more. i can email more details if interested, it’s a 16 team league with a lot of moving parts, and it’s been around for nearly 20 years and we do use leaguesafe.
  3. Slow draft, keep up to 8, along with up to 15 minors some of the players include Hoskins, Muncy, Merrifield, Donaldson, EE and Porcello. Leave an email address for more information, leaguesafe is used league has been around for almost 20 years
  4. The team does need a little tlc, but a good owner that’s knowledgeable in minors, could do well with it.
  5. The league has been around for over 16 years, we use leaguesafe and the buy in for this team is a discounted $25, for a $50 league. The team has ERosario, SMarte, Royce Lewis, C Stewart, MadBum and K Hendricks. Keep up to 8 MLB and 15 minors, it’s a points league i can email mail more details
  6. Still looking for an owner for Team 2. cost is only $25 for a $50 league, and the high scoring keeps the weekly league entertaining.
  7. Team 1 has been filled, but still looking for an owner for team 2.
  8. We need 2 owners in a very unique points league, with up to 8 keepers and 15 minors First team has J Baez, Arenado, K Bryant, JDM and Moniak 2nd team is only a $25 buy in, and has S Marte, E Rosario, MadBum, KHendricks and Royce Lewis. Please leave an email if interested, and I can send details/invite
  9. What’s funny about the top 100 lists that are coming out at this time, is there’s about 300 different players distributed throughout all of them. Overall I’d say this is one of the better lists from a fantasy perspective, not so much on the specific order, since it’s impossible to have a “perfect list”, but it offers good rankings of high ceiling players.
  10. Good list, definitely interesting. Especially Vidal Brujan, great base stealer that gets the bat on the ball. Still early to tell, he’s only in High A, but his career .387 obp and .813 ops is mighty tempting for dynasty leagues.
  11. Good list, and it serves as a good reminder of players that fantasy owners should keep an eye out for, although personally I’d have ranked Elehuris Montero higher than 144, he’s got the numbers.
  12. Robert had a .324 avg with an .800 ops, wonder if they start him out in AA this year. Itd be interesting to see where he ends up in September if he does tear it up.
  13. Sano was sent to High A last year, a big reason was just to get in shape, which doesn’t say much for Sanos focus. He struck out 115 times in 299 plate appearances and batted .199. He ran over a police officer a couple of months ago, but wasn’t charged, and I believe he could still receive a punishment from MLB. Astudillo doesn’t strike out, and with the addition of Cruz’s power potential, the Twins could be more in the market for table setter like Astudillo, instead of hoping another year of Sano underperforming is their only option.