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  1. I had never really given the $10-20 players a lot of thought, but after reading this I figured I'd have a look at all the $10-20 players drafted in our roto league to see how they have performed. $14: Josh Richardson $15: Jarrett Allen $16: Gordon Hayward $12: Lou Williams $16: Steven Adams $13: Will Barton $10: Lauri Markkanen $20: Hassan Whiteside $19: John Collins $12: Robert Covington $14: Aaron Gordon $11: Paul Millsap $10: Taurean Prince $11: Ricky Rubio $15: Jayson Tatum $10: Joe Ingles $12: Jeff Teague $12: Brook Lopez $10: Dejounte Murray $20: Enes Kanter Apart from a few good value picks the majority of them have either performed on par with cheaper picks or even significantly worse than them. Seems like something to keep in mind for next year.
  2. 1. In auction: don't go with a stars & scrubs strategy. I have always personally disliked this strategy and didn't plan on entering the draft going with this route, but somehow I ended up doing so. While still in fourth place with a small chance of finishing third I haven't really enjoyed this team this year. It is quite pick-up dependent and I'm not the best at playing the waiver wire. This year has really confirmed that a more balanced approach is my preference in auction leagues. 2. In my main league we expanded to 16 teams this year, and I entered the draft targeting a cat we don't use in our roto league: playing time. I drafted a team that was perfectly in line with how I always assemble teams (steady but boring players), and while everyone agreed it was a strong team no one considered it a clear cut favourite due to the lack of sexy upside picks in the earlier rounds. The result: I'm absolutely murdering the entire league with an 11 point lead ahead of the 2nd place and I even have 15 (out of a possible 16) points in the Points-cat, which is always my weakness because I (over)value efficiency and a lot of guys in my league overvalue points. Targeting playing time (and role/usage/proven track record) early really paid off in a deeper league I've come to find out. Others have targeted upside picks too early and with the WW being a wasteland there was barely a possibility to recover from one or two not living up to their potential.
  3. Jalen Brunson, Maxi Kleber, James Johnson & Dion Waiters were are major carousel players in my main league this year.
  4. Every time I start him he stinks it up, and every time I bench him he ball out. I'll give you guys a heads up on whether I'm plugging him into my starting line up next time..
  5. With the way Kennard has been playing lately that's fine with me tbh. He's proving to be a solid source of 3s on good FG% for my 16-teamer.
  6. Horford owners, what would it take for you to move him?
  7. He's shooting .433 from three this year; he's going to have a role going forward.
  8. Like Prince Rakeem mentioned, it really depends on what cats you need. Dunn can hurt you when he's in a slump, but his steals potential is off the charts and impossible to find on the wire. Activating Gallo would compensate for Rose's ppg
  9. How did you end up with 6 first rounders on your squad? In all honesty.. with the squad you have it shouldn't even matter if you go through with this trade or not; you should win your league regardless, anything less would be a disgrace.
  10. Who will contribute more to Detroit's floor spacing ROS, him or Ellington?
  11. Next Giannis Realistically though, could Caboclo be worth a speculative add in deep leagues? Does he have a shot at being in the Grizz' rotation ROS?
  12. It's not really all that useful for the comparison to bring up two specific cats the majority of the people play without, that also happen to be Adams' strengths. In standard 8-cat and 9-cat their value is really close. I guess one could argue in favor of Adams in H2H, but in roto I'd laugh at someone offering me Adams for JJJ. Those rebs don't compensate for his atrocious FT% whatsoever imo.
  13. Crack the rotation to showcase he's healthy perhaps. Lee is definitely talented enough, but he's 33 and therefore far from a perfect match with the baby Knicks. He could however be really useful for a contender off the bench, so a trade seems inevitable (and the best case scenario for all parties involved).
  14. He's never even averaged 1.0 spg throughout a single season, so why would one game make you think that this will suddenly change? Burks should provide the Cavs with some scoring if he manages to stay healthy, but not a whole lot more than that. Something like 14-3-2 with 0.8 3PM, 0.6 SPG, 0.1 BPG is what I would expect of him if he manages to secure a steady 28+ MPG role for the Cavs.
  15. Had to make the add in my 16-teamer, but yeah everyone's gotta prepare for some brutal FG% and pretty bad FT%. His AST:TO ratio isn't bad though, so if you can either compensate for his %s or are punting one or the other he could be worth a speculative add.