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  1. Personally I'd strongly advise all of you to never play in a money league with this feller. He forgot about the draft time in another league, showed up late, didn't like his autopicks and then just pulled his money from leaguesafe and bailed on the league. Surely not what you're looking for to commish this league right?
  2. Like I said, I stand corrected. If I were you though I'd try to trade Whiteside as soon as possible for a non-punt FT big; the 77,7% will probably land you around 4/5 points in a 12 teamer. While you're right it doesn't automatically make you finish dead last in the rankings, keeping the combination of the two around will be the difference between finishing bottom half or top 3 in FT. Since you mentioned that Whiteside was an autopick I'd move him for sure; whatever you get in return will most likely earn you 6/7 points in FT alone already. Keeping Drummond around can easily be compensated for by the rest of your team, and he's probably worth it considering his immense impact in FG/REBS and solid PNT/STL/BLK
  3. Yeah I guess it's possible, but it requires such a specific build just to compensate Drummond+Whiteside enough to be slightly below average in FT. Why go through so much trouble to score 4 (maybe 5) out 12 points?
  4. Could you post your entire team? I find it hard to believe a team with Drummond and Whiteside would sit at 78% (which would still only get you a midtable position at FT% at best in roto). I'll stand corrected if it's the case, but normally Drummond or Whiteside alone would already drag you to an FT% below that. I've managed to win the FT% cat in roto once with DJ on my team, but I only played him 70% of the time and had guys like DeRozan, Lou Will and Gallo to compensate for it.
  5. Thanks, when everyone's cash was drying up I made sure I had at least a few bucks left to make sure I got the two guys left on the board that I really wanted (WCJ & Bridges). Redick was to make sure I would have a steady source of threes on the bench in case it's needed during the season and Warren was just a steal at that point. Klay obviously went straight to IR, and I filled his slot with Jerami Grant. Not sure if Looney and White will stay on my roster for long; they were two upside picks at that point for $1 each, but both will require a wait and see approach. Pretty happy with this squad in general.
  6. I totally agree with the overdrafted part; I've only ended up with DeRozan on one of my squads once throughout the years, because he's generally drafted way too early for my liking (or too expensive in auction). But at the right price I'd definitely take him without a doubt, so I wouldn't put him on my DND-list (or else it would include a lot of players whose price is too high for my liking). The others (Wiggins is another solid mention) on that list I wouldn't touch with 10 ft pole. Draymond I'm okay with, although his ridiculously low PPG combined with his pretty bad efficiency don't make him too big of a target of mine. BroLo I actually like in roto; his unique skillset (basically a SG with 2bpg) make him a great fit with more traditional rebounding big men.
  7. As a roto only player myself this is pretty much my DND list as well, minus DeRozan; I'm fine with having DD on my team in roto. I'll add Lonzo and Whiteside to this list
  8. 9 cat roto, 11 team league. After the first couple of picks were sold for $70+ I had to drop a little more on Jokic than I planned on since he's easily my favorite player to own. MayTheForbesBeWithU Budget $200 1. (5) Nikola Jokic (Den - PF,C) $68 2. (22) Devin Booker (Pho - PG,SG) $37 3. (46) LaMarcus Aldridge (SA - PF,C) $20 4. (53) Jayson Tatum (Bos - SF,PF) $16 5. (57) Kyle Lowry (Tor - PG) $17 6. (67) Eric Bledsoe (Mil - PG,SG) $15 7. (75) Thomas Bryant (Was - C) $12 8. (81) Miles Bridges (Cha - SF) $4 9. (94) T.J. Warren (Ind - SF,PF) $2 10. (95) Wendell Carter Jr. (Chi - C) $5 11. (109) Kevon Looney (GS - PF,C) $1 12. (120) JJ Redick (NO - SG) $1 13. (130) Derrick White (SA - PG,SG) $1 14. (139) Klay Thompson (GS - SG,SF) $1 Unused $0
  9. How do y'all feel about streaming WAS against the Dolphins this week?
  10. I'm in a fairly similar position, only at the moment I have SEA against Arizona equipped and I'm wondering whether I should pick up GB against Philly this week. Both options seem like okay plays this week.
  11. I had never really given the $10-20 players a lot of thought, but after reading this I figured I'd have a look at all the $10-20 players drafted in our roto league to see how they have performed. $14: Josh Richardson $15: Jarrett Allen $16: Gordon Hayward $12: Lou Williams $16: Steven Adams $13: Will Barton $10: Lauri Markkanen $20: Hassan Whiteside $19: John Collins $12: Robert Covington $14: Aaron Gordon $11: Paul Millsap $10: Taurean Prince $11: Ricky Rubio $15: Jayson Tatum $10: Joe Ingles $12: Jeff Teague $12: Brook Lopez $10: Dejounte Murray $20: Enes Kanter Apart from a few good value picks the majority of them have either performed on par with cheaper picks or even significantly worse than them. Seems like something to keep in mind for next year.
  12. 1. In auction: don't go with a stars & scrubs strategy. I have always personally disliked this strategy and didn't plan on entering the draft going with this route, but somehow I ended up doing so. While still in fourth place with a small chance of finishing third I haven't really enjoyed this team this year. It is quite pick-up dependent and I'm not the best at playing the waiver wire. This year has really confirmed that a more balanced approach is my preference in auction leagues. 2. In my main league we expanded to 16 teams this year, and I entered the draft targeting a cat we don't use in our roto league: playing time. I drafted a team that was perfectly in line with how I always assemble teams (steady but boring players), and while everyone agreed it was a strong team no one considered it a clear cut favourite due to the lack of sexy upside picks in the earlier rounds. The result: I'm absolutely murdering the entire league with an 11 point lead ahead of the 2nd place and I even have 15 (out of a possible 16) points in the Points-cat, which is always my weakness because I (over)value efficiency and a lot of guys in my league overvalue points. Targeting playing time (and role/usage/proven track record) early really paid off in a deeper league I've come to find out. Others have targeted upside picks too early and with the WW being a wasteland there was barely a possibility to recover from one or two not living up to their potential.
  13. Jalen Brunson, Maxi Kleber, James Johnson & Dion Waiters were are major carousel players in my main league this year.
  14. Every time I start him he stinks it up, and every time I bench him he ball out. I'll give you guys a heads up on whether I'm plugging him into my starting line up next time..