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  1. a fifth of the way in and he's on pace for 76 homers...as a catcher.
  2. 8 homers in his last 6 games. think about that for a second. like, what.
  3. >2 months for a bone bruise. f--- the lord.
  4. 12 team, h2h, 9 cat, punting assists. am i crazy?
  5. rebounds are sooo low. he boxes out for others to get boards
  6. used to be my favorite fantasy player - high efficiency, stocks, threes. quiet assassin. now i want to punch him in the mouth too. never touching this guy again. man up bro, its a game and its your job.
  7. bro imagine we had oubre and lord playing like this at the same time!
  8. this guy deserves a lot more love. someone pull up his game log for the last 30 days. unreal. i think hes finally breaking out.
  9. Jah's Kill List: [X] Mirotic [ ] Randle [X] Marqueef [/] AD (only half)
  10. anyone wanna bet he rests against NY too? ugh.