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  1. Email me at jacobbenoit1010@yahoo.com for a spot LEAGUE IDENTITY DESCRIPTION SETTING League Name Over The Fence League URL http://overthefence1550089978.baseball.cbssports.com League E-mail Address overthefence1550089978@baseball.cbssports.com Teams 16 ROSTER LIMITS STATUS MIN MAX Active Players 0 23 Reserve Players 0 7 Injured Players 0 2 Minors Players 0 0 Total Players 0 32 POSITION ACTIVE MIN ACTIVE MAX ROSTER TOTAL C 0 1 No Limit 1B 0 1 No Limit 2B 0 1 No Limit 3B 0 1 No Limit SS 0 1 No Limit MI 0 1 No Limit CI 0 1 No Limit OF 0 5 No Limit U 0 2 No Limit P 0 9 No Limit EXTRA ROSTER SETTINGS Illegal rosters score zero points in standings. TRANSACTION SETTINGS DESCRIPTION SETTING Lineup Policy Owners may set lineups and change players' positions from a list of their eligible positions. Lineup Deadline Lineups may be set daily for each player up to 5 minutes prior to the first game of the day for that player. Add/Drop Policy Add/drops are handled by a automated blind bidding auction process (FAAB). FAAB Runs The faab process runs on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. FAAB/Free Agent Options All players always on FAAB FAAB Order Reset The tie break order resets after each weeks' games. FAAB Period Dropped players will not be auctioned for at least 1 day(s). FAAB Budget Each team will have a starting budget of $100. Winning Bids Do Not Save Winning Bids Zero Bids Zero bids are allowed. Trade Policy Trades are subject to a 1-day voting period, where at most 4 objections are allowed. Trades receiving more than 4 objections are sent to the commissioner for approval. Trade Deadline No trades can be made after the trade deadline of 11:59 pm et 8/9/19. Offseason Trades Owners may not make trades during the offseason. PLAYER POLICIES DESCRIPTION SETTING Player Eligibility Players are eligible at their primary position, plus positions they've played 20 games last year or 5 games this year. Pitcher Minimums Pitchers must accumulate at least 1000 innings pitched and can not accumulate more then 2000 innings pitched over the course of the season. If the minimum of 1000 is not reached at the end of the season, the team will be placed in last place in the team ERA and WHIP categories. If the maximum of 2000 is exceeded then the team will stop accruing stats for pitchers after the innings are exceeded. Player Pool AL and NL Players. FEES SETTINGS DESCRIPTION SETTING COMMISH MESSAGE Welcome to your Over The Fence Yearly Redraft (no commitment or keepers) Auction league! ENTRY FEE Your league entry fee is $200 Due By March 1st and will be paid to leaguesafe.com. $150 goes to the CBS fee. $3,050 in payouts! PAYOUTS 1st $1,500, 2nd $850, 3rd $500, 4th $200! AUCTION Everyone will have a $400 budget for the draft. Minimum bids are $1. No max bid. You must draft a full roster with your $400 budget. WAIVERS You have a $100 budget in the FAAB. $0 bids are allowed. TRADES Trades will be voted on by the league. 5 objections void a trade. DRAFT SETTINGS DESCRIPTION SETTING Draft Format Live Auction Draft Draft Order Type Snake Draft Date/Time 3/10/19 06:00 pm ET Salary cap 400 per team. Nomination time limit 20 seconds, limit of 20 seconds between bids. SCORING SYSTEM BATTING NAME SETTINGS HR Home Runs OBP On Base Pct R Runs RBI Runs Batted In SB Stolen Bases PITCHING NAME SETTINGS ERA Earned Run Average K Strikeouts (Pitcher) QS Quality Starts S Saves WHIP Walks + Hits / Inning SCORING POLICIES DESCRIPTION SETTING Scoring System Rotisserie SCORING PERIODS DESCRIPTION SETTING Period Length Weekly scoring periods, starting on Mondays Periods Start Monday Season Starts Wed, Mar 20, 2019 Season Ends Period 27
  2. Home Run Derby Super Pool!

    We have 12 entries so far keep them coming