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  1. We are looking for one more we have 12 paid looking to start slow draft September 1st
  2. I have 4 openings left to this keeper league
  3. We have 6 openings left. This will be a keeper league with 4 keepers every year!
  4. Slow draft will start once everyone is paid. We will use the CBS free trial period for the slow draft. 1st place gets $600, 2nd gets $400. 1st round eliminated teams get $200 each! Top 4 teams make the playoffs so if you make the playoffs you make money! Email me at jacobbenoit1010@yahoo.com if you want a spot. http://fantasy.espn.com/basketball/league/settings?leagueId=46989983&seasonId=2019
  5. We had 23 in the pool last year. 1st gets 75% of pot 2nd gets 25%. Ties split. Email me at jacobbenoit1010@yahoo.com if you want a spot!
  6. Ilias your clearly not very bright if you don’t know your in the Above The Rim league or your just playing stupid but it has the same roster size as this one. I have 4 leagues with the roster size. If you don’t like settings to a league then don’t join but keep your stupid comments to yourself because you clearly don’t know what your talking about.
  7. Like I told you already guess you can’t comprehend 4 teams make the playoffs 1st round eliminated get $200 each! Your in my other league with this same roster size but I guess you can’t comprehend that either. Its not about who can stream players off waivers to win, the draft is where your league should be won! We have 10 spots left if anyone else wants in.