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  1. Yeah all rankings are making Woods look like a no brainer between these two, even after the Coleman Trade. Maybe if he had performed better last year... it is nice seeing him with Shanahan again, but Woods overall is probably to reliable to pass up. Keenan Allen Robert Woods Alvin Kamara is hopefully going to give me a great start for the year
  2. 3 keepers total keeper 1 is Keenan Allen keeper 3 is Alvin Kamara (This will be my third and final year with AK41 ) was a steal tho his rookie year my best choices for K2 are: Robert Woods or Tevin Coleman Who would u go with?
  3. Rivers (Wilson tonight) K Allen T Hilton Woods McCaffery (savior) Kamara ( helped start 4-0) James White (helped for a stretch) Baldwin TColeman Marvin Jones D Westbrook S Ware John brown Justin Tucker
  4. u and me both hopefully no more tds and they continue to shut him down yardage-wise why in fantasy is it always turnover, penalties and second chances that our opponents get the points that hurt the most?
  5. i understand the instinct to start him. its hard to put someone on the bench who has won u games and that u are confident in, but just hope mr rivers gets pissed and saves u at least a little in the second half ravens are playing for their playoff lives pretty much so it wont be easy, but he has overcome long odds before i just hope its not too crazy bc hes on my bench
  6. plenty of time to turn it around, but lets hope wilson was the right call when its all said and done.. my gut was telling me play rivers. But, even though wilson doesnt do more than what he needs to when trying to win, something tells me sunday night under the lights, he will have to do a little more than normal. Wilson has had a very safe floor most weeks so that was ultimately what made my final decision ( that and the fact that im hoping KC can put up 28 or more)
  7. i know this is Ast coach material but i dont think im rolling him either, i dont want to play wilson but everyone i have asked has said to do so over rivers
  8. we have two flex spots Wilson Allen Hilton Woods McCaffery Kamara Baldwin T Coleman or James White? only other options would be D Westbrook or K Dixon or Ware if playing so Im thinking White or Coleman for sure just not sure which one bc white has bombed and pats have not used him as much and obv coleman went off last week and has CAR defense this week thanks in advance
  9. i agree with ywallet, its too big of a risk to leave gurley in knowing that he may sit. Jeffery and Foles showed good chemistry and foles showed that he is willing to lean on jeffery at times so i think that risk is worth it. As u said yourself, Gurleys floor is zero and that is just to low for a championship game
  10. rules are rules i think people have probably had bad experiences not getting responses on the ast coach forum so they hope for quick answers or acknowledgment to their statements here, but yeah, def too much CSB going on in a lot of threads around here. Kind of hard for the mods to keep up
  11. after watching alshon and foles together last week and the way it looked like foles was leaning on him i would take a chance on alshon
  12. Michel and then either Adams or roll the dice on Ballage! good luck!
  13. thanks! I should have mentioned its 1 pt PPR I would definately take as many responses as i can get just to see if there is a general consensus im leaning russ but a little scared about it
  14. Pretty nervous about this choice as I've rolled with Rivers for weeks now, but everyone is rightfully worried about BAL defense and I have to admit I am too. Is it worth it rolling this dice on Rivers or should I hope that Wilson will be throwing a lot trying to beat KC? Thanks!