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  1. Keenan Allen 2018 Outlook

    Im sorry I'm not calling names but this comment is something a troll who isn't knowledgeable about football would say. Keenan Allen just a flex guy? That's the funniest thing I've seen in awhile. You sound like like a bandwagon kinda person
  2. Andrew Luck 2018 Outlook

    typical rotoworld users... go insane and think luck is done this man is not done his offense isnt even that good and he is making it work huge day hopefully hilton is ok
  3. only asking because of marvins injury
  4. only asking because of marvins injury
  5. T.Y. Hilton 2018 Outlook

    are you serious? TY has had at least 3 deeper passes the last week or two where a def P.I. penalty was called and we were left with no points. Luck doesnt look good and the brissett sub at the end is concerning, but the week to week panic that ensues on this forum is pathetic. Amateurs base everything off of one week.
  6. Tevin Coleman 2018 Outlook

    If you are looking at past years and how Freeman always got his job back that's fine, but this is a new year. Circumstances aren't great for Freeman. I'm just hoping T Coleman either takes this lead job or he is absolutely traded next year. CSB - I went into this year's draft targeting Coleman to keep him as a K2 for next year. He's had a lot of ups and downs, but we see what he does when he is given volume which tells me he would be a pretty good lead back anywhere.
  7. I feel like that could be a bad idea?
  8. Marvin Jones 2018 Outlook

    if he is your WR3 or 4 there is nothing wrong with that, aside from the fact that its frustrating so you do have a point, but i like Marvin a lot though and if Stafford was a little more accurate last week and this week could have easily been 100 plus yards and 1 plus TDs both games
  9. Andrew Luck 2018 Outlook

    He wasn't great, but wasn't terrible either. I think he has a great chance at progressing and the offense clicking more as the year goes on. He had a near dime pass to TY Hilton that was almost 40 yards and Hilton would have easily caught it if the defender wasnt basically hanging on his back.. they got a big Defensive Pass Interference call on the play though which was nice
  10. Geronimo Allison 2018 Outlook

    If that logic would used every week those teams would lose more often. If he can go he would open things up for Cobb and Allison by doing exactly what u said.
  11. Andrew Luck 2018 Outlook

    Hey mods when you take down one post that "belongs the AC forum" try to stay consistent.. it looks like u like to pick on some while really not caring that others say whatever they want.
  12. Russell Wilson 2018 Outlook

    this is just a general question, with denvers d looking pretty good if you guys had the chance would u roll luck out there even being his first game back? or stick with russ knowing he has prevailed in tough situations before? these are the types of games where wilson looks like a hall of famer or looks like garbage, theres no in between.. like when he plays the rams
  13. Keeper Question/Help - WHIR

    No we lose nothing the draft is just extremely thin most years 😫 the rule is : one keeper from rds 1-3. (Keep 1 year) one keeper from 4-6 (Keep 1 year) one keeper from 7- 15 (can keep 3 years total: year drafted plus 2 more) that's how I got Kamara last year in the 11th but get him this year and next also! best options K1. Hilton. ARob. DT K2. Dion. Collins. Wilson. K3. Kamara.
  14. Keeper Question/Help - WHIR

    Would u keep Lewis over Collins?
  15. Keeper Question/Help - WHIR

    I should have specified ARob and DT were only in the running for K1 with TY. Any thoughts there, is TY the right choice? I love Wilson, but all expert analyst seem to think keeping a QB is stupid.