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  1. Diggs has been playing to well to sit on thurs i think. Regardless of matchup it seems silly to sit him if you play more than 2 or 3 WRs .. the vikes may go up early but with Theilen out hopefully diggs is part of the reason they do
  2. so wait kelce gets zero points for that catch?!?!?!?!
  3. guys please this isnt about either of you. you'v both given your opinion no need to go at it
  4. but but but DK!!?? lol guys chill many teams can have multiple productive WRs
  5. it might be because he didnt look like that same running back for the lions crazy that people are bashing ajayi this much who really cares ? if he gets picked up by a team he will be picked up in deep leagues we arent all in 8-10 leagues with 6 bench spots
  6. did u not pay attention to WHEN Pollard was getting those carries? It was garbage time.. many things go beyond just the final game stats
  7. Is Wayne Gallman a good handcuff for Austin Ekler??? asking for a friend..... lol
  8. Anyone heard any trade rumors or potential a pick up the Giants might try to pull off to get through the next several weeks or more? They cant seriously think Wayne Gallman is going to get them through this mess. He has shown a few bright spots, but Im just trying to be realistic. Ive seen a few articles suggesting CJA or Ajayi were possible? Anyone heard anything else or have any ideas of the directions the Giants may go with this?
  9. James White is out 😕 Who should I cover him with today? Thanks!
  10. yeah sorry about that 1pt ppr white is who i have in as of now
  11. I have Zeke Damien W out My choices for RB2: James White Carlos Hyde Raheem Moestart Darwin Thompson
  12. Anyone that can keep IDP players (my league allows for kickers and IDP players to be kept indefinitely) and is looking for potential break out players that are young I've recently picked up Darnell Savage - Green Bay Rookie Safety who is starting (1st round pick by the packers) Jayon Brown - 24 year old middle linebacker who starts for TEN ( they suck so he has been balling out on D) Kizer White - also 24 and a starting middle linebacker for the chargers looked promising last year until he got hurt but he is right back in a starting role this year these may not be absolute top of the line but i wanted to mention them i am in a 14 team league and we all player 6 IDP players, only stipulation is two of them must be DBS