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  1. Need OFers ugraded? WHIR

    Thanks!!! That give me idea. I stick what I have and see from there.
  2. Need OFers ugraded? WHIR

    I am not very impressed with Harper. I do have Jose Martinez from Cardinals and not JD
  3. Need OFers ugraded? WHIR

    I think to trade for Judge send Albies, Suarez, and CMart for Judge and DiDi? is too much?
  4. I got the offer to be accepted so I am not sure if I should upgrade OF. If I give Freeman up for OF, who should I target? I I try to throw bench bats in for trade but no one really want them. 10 teams keeper league - 4 keepers C - Realmuto 1B - Freeman (K) 2B - Rizzo (K) 3B - Jose Ramirez (K) SS - Segura OFs - Hanigar, Yelich, JMart U - Peralta, Suarez Bench - Albies, Healy, Pham, Pollock (DL) SP - Porcello, Lester, Lugo, Stripling, Flaherty, Happ, Loaisiga, Newcomb, Strasburg
  5. I concern him as one of 4 keeper so should I trade him along with bregman for Machado and Stanton? Machado has been hot and cold but he is nice keeper in top 5. which has better side? C - Realmuto 1B - Freeman (K) 2B - Rizzo (K) 3B - Bregman SS - Segura OFs - Benindenti (K), Yelich, JMart U - Peralta, Suarez Bench - Albies, Healy, Pham, Pollock (DL) SP - Porcello, Lester, Lugo, Stripling, Flaherty, Happ, Loaisiga, Newcomb, Strasburg RP - Hand, Treinen
  6. Paxton vs. Kershaw ROS **WHIR**

    I would take Kershaw.
  7. Trade veto??

    Ok thanks
  8. Trade veto??

    I checked transaction as it got my attention — was it good grade or not? Rip off? the commisher/owner made huge trade to get Trout to join Betts Commisher acquire Votto, Rendon, Bogarts, Trout, Covey and round 3 4 9 picks for Goldy, Arenado, T Turner, Harper, Nola, Kershaw and rounds 17, 18, 19
  9. Mega trade - WHIR

    I sneak to make new topic after previous trade. I decided to not take any offers on table. somehow the commisher/owner decided to make huge offer which wasn’t WOW to me. I prolly give up more for him. acquire Goldy, Baez, Arenado, Turner, Two round 10 picks for Freeman, Bregman, Segura, Benny, Albies, Lugo and rounds 2 and 3 picks reject the offer? 10 teams keeper league C - Realmuto 1B - Freeman 2B - Albies 3B - Bregman SS - Segura OF - Benidenti, Yelich, JMart U - Pham, Rizzo Bench - Peralta, SuArez, Pollock (DL)
  10. Betts/Arenado trade WHIR

    He still begs so I offered like you said abt A. A. acquire Arenado and Acuna for Segura and Benny OR B. Acquire arenado, Baez, and Acuna for Benny, Segura and Bregman/albies
  11. Trout or Freeman?

  12. Betts/Arenado trade WHIR

    Yes I do agree with you about that trade as it is so simple. He won’t take it so I keep what I have.
  13. Betts/Arenado trade WHIR

    I agree. I am done with the offers it is best for me to keep what I have due to depth. The reason he not want Albies is because he needs SS to be covered. now other owner might be interested in my players for Machado
  14. Betts/Arenado trade WHIR

    How about this? acquire arenado and Baez for Benny Bregman and Segura?
  15. Betts/Arenado trade WHIR

    This is joke because we supposed to work on offwr He gave me a choice to pick one of player - Arenado or Acuna along with my player He wanted to add a Bregman worh segura. i think it would be best to cancel offers on table