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  1. "For now he's in that fantasy baseball limbo where he has very little trade value but with the BBs and power I'm having a hard time outright dropping him in an OBP league." This hit it on the head for me. Most seasoned fantasy players don't overreact to small sample sizes, especially this early in the season. The options are probably drop him or keep him on your roster and he's shown enough improvement in some metrics to warrant at least riding it out and see what you have. Say he can't learn how to hit the fastball but looks this good for a month or two, at least you will have some potential buyers then.
  2. Ya I'm intrigued. He's looked great this spring with an OBP 0.140 higher than last year. Obviously, small sample size, spring training, etc. but better to see progress like a 22% K rate than continuing to whiff at 2017 rate of nearly 40%. Seems like a reasonable end of draft flier who becomes an easy drop after a month or two. His Statcast data is pretty impressive too: 15th in barrels/PA and 59th in avg. exit velocity of LD/FB.
  3. The projections on this guy are pretty crazy. Both ZIPS and Steamer project him to be nearly as valuable as Khris Davis with just 5 fewer HR's and maybe 10 fewer RBI. He walks a ton and plays great defense. I think the defense will prevent him from going into a full platoon.