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  1. Don’t over rely on post-all star break splits to be an indicator of a potential breakout. While being aware of such splits can lead to high upside picks, it can also lead to overbidding on the Marquese Criss types.
  2. First off, the Klay injury is just horrible news. But also as a Curry owner, I worry what this may mean for Curry. Clearly will need to see how they adjust the roster. That being said, despite a likely spike in usage, every defense will be solely focused on Curry. Does that burden make Curry himself more susceptible to injury? If they are a borderline playoff team in the west does this make Curry more or less likely to be a candidate for “load management” rest days? Durant’s absence clearly meant an increase in Curry’s value. I’m not as convinced Klay’s absence will do the same. Thoughts?
  3. I first think of players returning from injury so Cousins (depending on team) and Porzingis spring to mind immediately.
  4. Extremely clutch late season night for Bruno with 13 points, 17 rebounds and a block.
  5. Very clutch appearance by Mr. Embiid last night given the circumstances.
  6. It’s a logical point of view, but then why the game time decision tonight?
  7. The Memphis rotating auditions left Bruno on the bench last night but he still managed 3 blocks. His per minute production will hopefully keep him relevant through the finish line, and best case he gets his full minutes back.
  8. After not even going on the last road trip, being listed as questionable for a home game makes me wonder if something more sinister than load management is going on. I assume the Sixers will want him back for at least a couple of the remaining 4 games to get his timing/ conditioning back before the playoffs. At least that is what I’ll telling myself. Fingers crossed.
  9. Just not very effective last night on offense which likely effected the minutes. He was due to cool of but the timing isn’t great.
  10. Desperate for front court help, scouring the free agent report, I saw Wood with 23, 9, and 6 blocks including 14 trips to the FT in 32 minutes off the Pelicans bench. That is the kind of box score that can swing leagues this time of year. Does anyone have any insight/thoughts if this could at all be legit while Davis is convalescencing?
  11. Reminds me a bit of Oladipo's transformation when he became Pacer's primary ball handler
  12. What’s happening with Russell tonight? Ten first half minutes.
  13. What do you consider buying low? As an owner, curious what offers you would be considering.
  14. Anyone else experiencing an issue with ESPN. Lost several points in the standings this morning and it appears the late games from last night are not registering.
  15. Ok, agree with the concerns regarding all of the mouths to feed when at full strength so what is a realistic projection going forward: my guess 18/4/4 with a steal, a three and .4 blocks?