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  1. Uh, ok? I never questioned anybodies intelliegence though. I made a statement saying roto is boring, which it is, to me. You might not think it is, and that's great. There is strategy to roto too of course, I just prefer H2H. My post was never an attack on you or anyone else. I agreed with the previous post, gave my opinion which didn't attack anyone, then made anothet opinion of why I enjoy H2H without attacking anyone, then ended with me saying roto is boring, which to me, it is. I don't get why you would say I questioned your intelligence and attacked you but hey, it's Monday.
  2. Agreed. Even with all the rest and shutdowns going on in the league today, H2H daily is still the best format. Nothing beats the strategy and fun it brings. Roto is boring, I'm sorry.
  3. Yeah, I mean, I get that but he's a rookie so it's not like he has a track record of getting hurt. JJJ was hurt last season as well but there was no concerns with him (his body seems more likely to break down than WCJ's IMO). I love both and I'm not degrading either one. I believe WCJ broke his hand going up against Chandler. Not something you expect to happen again. This core injury is somewhat concerning given where we're at at this point of time but he'll be ready for camp. No concerns for me really. He showed major flashes last year.
  4. Yeah, he's very underrated. Last year's class was so deep and good that people pretty much forgot about him. I love him this season.
  5. @Trench Mob Love the WCJ pick. He's in for a big year after quietly posting a very solid season for the Bulls last year.
  6. No Capela thread yet, however, I would imagine his numbers take a hit with Westbrook chasing down rebounds. Also, Westbrook doesn't set up his teammates to score the way CP3 does, which hurts Capela a bit, considering all he's good for is lobs, putbacks, and dunks on offense.
  7. And sorry, forgot to add, it is absolutely not beneficial for OKC at all to cut CP3 and get nothing in return while eating his salary. That, my friend, makes no sense.
  8. You say it makes no sense, which is fine, but tell me exactly who is going to pay his contract? You think OKC is just gonna buy him out and eat 40 million dollars in dead money the next 3 seasons? No way. They will eat part of his contract and maybe throw something else in with CP3 and get a draft pick out of it before they just cut him loose and eat his salary.
  9. I feel they are more of a contender with CP3 than Westbrook. Westbrook's style of play just doesn't work in the playoffs, and then you put Harden on the team with him, iso-ball to the max. At least with CP3 there was more ball movement. Now for the regular season this will be a fun team to watch and they can get away with hero ball more often. But as soon as the playoffs hit, this is a 1st round exit team in the west.
  10. Chris Paul might not have a choice. He is under contract and will have to play to get on a new team. I don't think there's any chance he finishes the year with OKC, but I believe he'll start the year with them. Unless he is bought out, there will be a very limited market for him as he's older and owed a lot of money. OKC will probably tell him to hang in there and play hard for a few months, catch the eye of a contender, and then flip him for another draft pick or two. Chris Paul throwing a hissy-fit and sitting out games will not get him traded and OKC will most likely not buy him out. He will almost have no choice but to play if he wants be back on a contending team.
  11. Honestly not sure what to think of Westy's value going to HOU. I guess I will say not much changes. He was putting up triple double numbers with PG in town, so why can't he with Harden? Harden will lose a couple rebounds and assists I'll say. I think they focus on taking the ball out of his hands a little and ler him focus on just scoring for himself. Let Russell facilitate. We know he can't shoot so let him bring the ball up and let Harden create chaos on the perimeter to open lanes going to the rim for Russell. As for Capela, he might be the biggest loser. Obviously Westbrook takes away some rebounds from him and I don't think he scores as much with Westbrook. From a real life perspective, I don't like this move at all for Houston. Two very high usage, iso-heavy players in the playoffs doesn't work. I think Houston is just hoping Westbrook changes his game next to Harden and hoping for a miracle as CP3 was getting older and more expensive. To me, this takes Houston off my list of contenders. Will still be good (fun team to watch in the regular season) and make the playoffs, but this won't work in the playoffs. Still have a very thin bench too.
  12. He very well could get bought out. My guess is they hold him for a while then eat part of his salary and move him at the deadline to a contender and get another pick or two back for him.
  13. I mean he could but I don't believe OKC is planning on letting him go anyways.
  14. So what happens here. Is Russ still getting triple-doubles nightly? Harden gonna shoot less? Capela less lobs and less rebounds? Or nothing changes really?
  15. I'm a Lakers fan too but unless CP3 is signing for the minimum he isn't coming. Imagine the possibilities though.