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  1. Why unload players from those 4 teams you mentioned? There's only 1 Zion and only 1 team can get him. Besides, why unload good young players from those teams like Porzingis, Carter Jr., Booker, Ayton, etc.?
  2. Thanks for the insight. I think as time goes on he will get better but the lack of rebounds does hurt his fantasy value for sure.
  3. This guy is filled with talent and potential, a lot of fun to watch. However, the lack of rebounds does scare me. Anyone who watches a lot of their games have any insight? He's only playing 25 minutes, so I'm not expecting 10 rebounds a game or anything like that, but at least give me 6 or 7, 4 is pretty low for a young, athletic big like him.
  4. DeAndre Ayton 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    When 19 and 9 feels like a little bit of an underwhelming game, that's when you know you have a stud. Have to remind myself he's only a rookie. Will be a DD stud the next 10 years. Congrats, fellow dynasty owners!
  5. Jimmy Butler 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    You give guys a little fame and money and you see what happens. Like someone mentioned above, Philly could be in trouble with Butler/Embiid's on the court issues and Ben's off the court ones. Definitely not smooth sailing in Philly.
  6. I personally would not have made that trade, assuming this is a redraft. Vuc will put up big numbers ROS, similar to Kawhi. Turner is having a bounceback year but Siakam has burst onto the scene, they sort of cancel each other out. That leaves Bledsoe, which is why I'd personally take the other side, but I don't think it's an awful trade by any means. Kawhi is definitely a stud.
  7. Any drops for Bagley? QUICK WHIR

    If it's anyone, I'd say it's Reggie. I'm just not a big fan of his at all and to me, he is the worst combo of current production/ROS potential on your team, which is why I would say to drop him before a guy like Vonleh or even Sato.
  8. Looking for some opinions on the dynasty outlook of Ben Simmons. With all the potential problems surrounding him (issues with the team and Kendall Jenner) plus the fact he can't shoot at all beyond 8 feet, how high do you value him in dynasty formats? How much longer do you think a guy like LeBron James or Russell Westbrook will be the better fantasy player? WHIR....thanks!
  9. Nelson Cruz 2019 Outlook

    It sure is fun to watch him hit 40 HRs over the course of the season for your team but what others have said above are right, the decline is going to happen soon. It's like sticking your hand in a crocodile's mouth, you might be able to do it once or twice but that thing is going to snap shut and once it does, it's over. Sorry guys, it's the first thing I thought of for a metaphor.
  10. 2019 Trade Deadline

    B/R is a good place to get news from. B/R is not a good place to get anything other than news from. Most of their articles are trash.
  11. Wendell Carter Jr. 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Huge game tonight. He has been inconsistent for sure but so are 99% of all the other rookies to ever play. He has shown he has the ability to be right up there with Ayton and JJJ as one of the best big men not only from this draft class but for the next decade as well. He does so many things well, his game is the most rounded-out of the 3.
  12. Biggest Busts of 2018

    Hasn't that been Sammy Watkins's story his whole career? He's always been a tease that does well when he's on your bench. Just another normal year for him.
  13. 2018-19 Off-Season and Hot Stove Thread

    Anaheim is not quite LA, but I get your point for sure. Hope he turns into something for the Halos but not holding my breath.
  14. Shohei Ohtani 2019 Outlook

    Yeah, I agree with a lot of this. I believe Ausmus will want to put the best players on the field at all times. He doesn't have the commitment to Pujols that Scioscia had. If Pujols isn't producing, bench him and let others get his ABs. I think Ohtani will be the DH most of the time, with Bour playing 1B.
  15. 2018-19 Off-Season and Hot Stove Thread

    I think they keep him this year and if he's awful again (which is likely), they cut him next offseason and eat the last two years of his deal.