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  1. I think people gotta chill out a little bit here. Yes, he's had injuries but he's not even in his 2nd season yet. Last year, he tore the ligaments in his thumb down in the post, not exactly some chronic soft tissue injury. Wouldn't bank on it happening again. Now he's had these two injuries that, from a distance, don't look good, however, they are not really all that serious. He'll have his moments throughout the season where he goes to the locker room, but it's wayyy too early to say he'll be on AD's previous level of that. Or that he could be the next Oden. C'mon now.
  2. He's just getting out the little ticky-tack injuries before the season begins and he helps us win our leagues!
  3. Definitely not the start we wanted but I still think he could be in for a BIG year if given the minutes, which he should be given considering the players around him.
  4. Would probably be a great combo together. I actually think they are very similar fantasy players. I personally like my big men to rebound better (a reason I've traded away JJJ and Turner in some leagues), but JJJ and KP would be stock gods together from the 4/5, and that's hard to find.
  5. They don't want him getting to far away from the basket either. He is so advanced down low, you're doing yourself a diservice when you have him take threes. If he shoots one or two 3s per game, it wouldn't really bother me too much. He has a nice jumper, I think he would knock them down at a decent clip.
  6. If he plays 25 minutes (he won't), he'll average close to a double double with probably 1.5 blocks per game. I would say that's pretty valuable in most leagues. But again, I don't see him playing 25 minutes this year.
  7. Ayton is a two stock per game guy right now (1 steal + block), and so is Collins (1 3PM, + .5 block/steal). So they are equal in that regard. Ayton is a better scorer and rebounder. It amazes me how 16/10, as a rookie in an offense that ran no plays for him, gets no respect in real life or in fantasy. He's already one of the most polished bigs in the league offensively and he's a great rebounder as well. Both will have good %s and ~2 TOs. They are not far apart but I'd rather have the 2nd year guy who is in a real offense now with, especially, a real point guard. Lots and lots of room for Ayton to improve, especially on defense where we could see an uptick in steals and blocks.
  8. 😂😂😂😂 The NBA are clowns for even proposing this. You're gonna tell me that late in games when free throw shooting is critical that if you make you get both or of you miss you get none. That is such a laughable, absolute BS rule proposal by the league. Seriously, it's awful. Baseball has a problem with the length of their game, not the NBA. Don't fix what isn't broken and try to get to cute on something that has literally a HUGE impact on games. You'd also have players like Steph who would probably shoot 99% from the line which isn't really real. Just an awful proposal that I hope gets massive backlash.
  9. Don't think he gets PF eligibility. Unless I'm mistaking, he only plays center anyways. I'm thinking 20/11 maybe 12 with very solid %'s. Double double machine. Might be top 5 in the league DD machine, which is saying something when you have Drummond, Gobert, Westbrook, Capela, KAT, etc. etc. Probably a steal + block too. Not sure how much he shoots the 3 ball. Hopefully his defense has improved over the summer. He made significant strides over the course of the season last year. One of my favorite players this season, hoping to land him in my leagues.
  10. It just kinda had that feel that Jax was gonna win. Minshew has a lot of confidence right now and Tennessee can't block a stationary chair right now. I thought it would've been closer but the Jags' defense was suffocating tonight.
  11. Jags for me too. The Titans are so up and down and all over the place.
  12. The Clippers will be fine once they get to the playoffs but they could struggle early on. No PG, Kawhi coming off a long season and still being on his load management schedule, in a stacked West. Anyone predicting them to finish top 2-3 regular season is crazy.
  13. This is KAT's thread, and I don't want to hijack it, but really? If AD and Bron are healthy this is a top 4-5 team in the West. Everyone has their own opinion but putting the Lakers in as just barely making it is pretty crazy to me. I'm serious, I cannot wait for this "joke" of a team to start playing so this forum will open their eyes.
  14. I don't really like Baltimore this week as much as some have suggested above. Arizona looked awful in the first half but Kyler impressed me in the 2nd half. Showed resiliency, toughness, and talent. Baltimore looked great, I get it, but they played the Dolphins who will probably go 1-15 this season. I wouldn't overlook all the question marks/flaws we had/saw with Baltimore since they beat a FCS level team. Pats vs Miami feels like a trap game too. I think NE wins but Miami has a history of beating them in Miami. I hate to do it, but I'm thinking about burning KC vs Oak this weekend. It's a divisional road game, which violates the 2 unwritten rules, but that just feels a lot safer than NE or Baltimore to me.
  15. Great post. Like many others here, I am staying away from Westbrook as well. He will start to lose his athleticism soon I would imagine, and like Zing said, he never really developed any skills to offset that. His numbers will go down this season on a new team with Harden as well. Just not my cup of tea. Not fantasy related, but I don't like the pairing of Harden/Westbrook at all in real life. It could be fun to watch during the regular season but it will be very tough for Houston to win in the playoffs with these two trying to coexist. Two ball stopping, iso-heavy players playing hero ball. Yuck. At least Harden makes his shots, Westbrook taking 3s is awful. Bails the defense out every time when he settles for a shot instead of driving to the rim and creating from there.