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  1. Gordon has the game breaking "take it to the house" speed and ability. He's capable of an 80-yard run or catch-and-run. Ekeler is a solid runner but has a ceiling on his yards for any given run or catch because he doesn't have game breaking speed. I see the carries as 60/40 for Ekeler tomorrow. Goal line work is an unknown, but apart from one fumble, Ekeler has done a nice job in the red zone. I think Ekeler will also get the lion's share of third down work and will also line up at receiver a handful of times. I'm starting Ekeler.
  2. You are giving him waaaaay too much credit, and really laboring to try to come up with a spin to make him look good. He wanted attention, he acted like a baby, he got slapped down in truly unprecedented fashion, causing him to lose $30 million guaranteed... and somehow this was the master plan? Or he's just a buffoon. Yeah, I'll go with the simpler solution - he's a buffoon. I hope he turns things around.
  3. Right, if you think he was being genuine, which I don't. He's just trying to save face after looking like a complete buffoon. I hope he can get his head right.
  4. Agreed, except for that little thing about losing $20 million guaranteed.
  5. I think the opposite is far more likely to occur. They'll give the young guys experience and see what they can do if the team is out of contention.
  6. Melvin Gordon's agent, Damarius Bilbo, should be fired by everyone he represents. He totally overplayed his hand here and now his client is going to get far less than $10mm/year -- additionally, his client won't get as much money in 2019 if/when he skips games. Bilbo was already disciplined by the Players Union once for depositing Jarvis Landry's money into his own account. Why do pro athletes continue to hire people like this?!
  7. What will be the split of touches between Pollard and Alfred Morris? I can't see Pollard being used as a bell cow in his first week.
  8. If healthy, Fournette will be a top 5 RB. He's a touchdown machine and the Jags defense this year looks stout. With Foles at QB instead of worst-in-the-league Blake Bortles, the offense will be much improved... as will game flow. Jags are a dark horse to win the AFC South -- probably the favorite if injuries hit Deshaun Watson.
  9. Stafford is a QB capable of 300 yards/game passing yardage, as we've seen in his career WHEN he had weapons (Calvin Johnson). He hasn't had weapons these last few seasons. Golladay + Marvin Jones are below average receivers on a team, and he hasn't had a quality TE in a long time, maybe ever. If he can develop a chemistry with Hockenson, I could see Hockenson blowing up by being the Lions' #1 receiving target. In preseason game 3, the timing between Hockenson and Stafford was really good -- which was encouraging for the chemistry point. With Hockenson's blocking ability, he'll be on the field almost every down. Lion's head coach Matt Patricia knows what a great TE can do for a team, given his years in New England. The opportunity is really big for Hockenson.
  10. I think you need a 20-point game out of your TE, in which case Ian Thomas is the pick. Predicted lines (optimistic case): Brate 4/40/1; Ian Thomas: 7/75/1
  11. Is Tannehill available? I could see Tannehill/Drake being a nice combo with high upside as the Vikings are tough against WRs so Tannehill will be targeting Drake a lot. I'd also consider Josh Allen / Zay Jones as a high upside stack. Obviously very low floors for both alternatives. I'm struggling with my WR3 choice -- Tyler Boyd / Kenny Stills / Robbie Anderson. All have issues (Driskel / Xavier Rhodes / Darnold, respectively)
  12. Ekeler is definitely out, and Gordon is most likely out or severely limited. I don't see a case where Jackson doesn't get almost all the volume. Touches won't be the issue, it's really a question of what does he do with the touches and how many good redzone looks does he get.
  13. Jackson's status definitely elevated with Melvin Gordon's latest prognosis -- game script could be better too with Ware out and Tyreek Hill semi-hurt.
  14. Unfortunately, I'm sensing that the scenario of "Gordon plays and gets normal workload" is almost ruled out. Not liking this -- too much at stake in the fantasy playoffs to start a hobbled Melvin Gordon (if he plays).
  15. Last week: Ian Thomas: 11 Targets, 9 receptions, 77 yards, 1 red zone target (got to the 1 yard line), played 82% of offensive snaps. Those are more receptions and targets and roughly equal snap counts to Zach Ertz over the last month. I'm telling you, this guy's plate is loaded up and he's going to EAT.