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  1. This is also one of the worst run franchises in baseball. If you have any faith in the rockies to make a good decision then you haven't been paying attention. He'll probably be sent down.
  2. So no road games and no lefties. Yeah, super rosterable.
  3. This guy is brutal. Bench if you can, but there are better options out there.
  4. Of course Giolito and Chatwood have dominating performances. Of course...
  5. Not sure I want to dump anybody for a guy who might not stay in the rotation. What do you all think?
  6. He’s got 80 pitches through 6. That’s ace like efficiency
  7. That was a pop up . Like Don said, the wind is crazy here in Chicago. But that one by Arenado was no cheapie
  8. Anyone else have a team that collapses every Sunday? I went back over my weeks, I haven't had an adequate Sunday since the 2nd week of July last year.
  9. That is somewhat encouraging but he’s not far away from being not rosterable . He might be finished as a fantasy asset
  10. Carrasco and Richards, how bad could it be if I start them with a huge lead in WHIP and ERA? Both categories are now in play...
  11. Carlos Carrasco you f’n scumbag loser. He’s an ace they said.
  12. Please pull Carrasco out of the game. He’s worse than useless right now. Just cost me the week