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  1. Isaiah Kiner-Falefa -C Texas @turner46 is up @Slatykamora is on deck
  2. Cedric Mullins @shakestreet is up @zstlj is on deck x2
  3. Sorry for the hold up last night. @shakestreet actually sent me two picks last night but your's truly got confused. Anyways- I'll go with Michael Pineda @turner46 is up @Slatykamora is on deck
  4. Trumbo @shakestreet is up @zstlj on deck for 2
  5. Sonny Gray @turner46 is OTC @Slatykamora is on deck
  6. We'll leapfrog a spot for now. Steve Souza @shakestreet is now up @zstlj is on deck for 2
  7. I agree there are some good names still on the board IMO it's worth finishing I think. OK I'll just make a pick for my team then. And we'll fill in the blanks from there.
  8. It's not a big deal at all to me either which way I just got confused because it looked like he didn't make his last pick and I'm up after him. So I wasn't sure what was going on. If you guys just want to skip, wait or if you want I could make a pick for him. Let me know. Whatever works.
  9. I wish I had something more definitive to say but I'm honestly not sure. It was a dice roll on my part. Along with Senzel. I think at this point this is kind of what we are all doing more or less throwing darts at shiny things.
  10. Nick Senzel @GC Tacos you're up ! @turner46 is on deck
  11. Forrest Whitley @shakestreet OTC @zstlj On Deck x2
  12. Ketel Marte - 2B @GC Tacos OTC @turner46 On Deck
  13. Carlos Santana @shakestreet is OTC @zstlj On deck for 2
  14. David Robertson @GC Tacos You're up! @turner46 Is On Deck
  15. Kevin Gausman @shakestreet OTC @zstlj On Deck for 2