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  1. This friggin guy
  2. There it goes. About damn time! Thanks Wainwright!
  3. And today was his birthday to boot. Just magical.
  4. Calling it a right biceps strain on the broadcast. Looks to have dodged a bullet hopefully
  5. Failsbury has to be one of the worst contracts in baseball right now. Year 4 of 7 for a total of $153 million for a guy with absolutely zero power who doesn't hit for average has a pop gun for an arm and whose only real asset was speed but he's now old to go along with being brittle.
  6. Hill, McCullers, Gray, Sanchez intrigue me the most. McCullers probably has the highest K upside but comes with considerable risk both injury and a high whip. Hill was superb when he pitched last year but how many innings can you reasonably expect? Who knows. Sanchez is probably the safest of the 4 here at least with the huge innings bump last year. And Gray is another big upside arm if you can stomach the Coors factor.
  7. He's one of those guys for me at least I just really overlook every year, not for lack of production but mostly because I'm usually more intent to chase upside from younger players. This guy has been consistently productive for an amazing amount of time. His numbers really are hall of fame worthy. Only 58 hits short of 3000 career .286 ba and he'll probably finish his career close to 500 hr. But the most amazing thing for me at least is that he has not struck out over 100 times in a season since 2007! That's pretty amazing especially in today's game for a guy who has pretty consistent 30 hr power to K so infrequently.
  8. Degrom, Verlander, Hendricks, Carrasco, Archer, Strasburg
  9. I'd go Hendricks. Seems like the best value of the 3.
  10. I like it overall. Paxton and McCullers are really nice upside picks. You have your ace in Thor. Tanaka doesn't have a particularly great K rate but he's a steady option and a good #2. The one thing I 'd pick on is Wainwright personally I'm not sure he's really fantasy relevant anymore- we'll see maybe he proves me wrong but I'd imagine you'll probably find more enticing options on the waiver wire as the season progresses.
  11. Pujols. He's an ancient source of 100 rbi every year.
  12. Finally my kind of thread. I was very disappointed he didn't take home the AL MVP last year but alas life moves on. Didi was a pleasant surprise last year with a career year and was arguably one of the yankees better hitters after they traded Beltran. Although even I have to admit that'll probably be a different story this year with the additions to their lineup. So he hit 20 hrs last year I mean it is yankee stadium so if he were to repeat that I wouldn't necessarily be shocked but I suppose somewhere along the lines of say 12 hr or so is probably a more reasonable expectation. I could see him being a good option for teams looking to entirely punt SS since the sweet swinging Dutchman's ADP is basically free.
  13. Greg Bird! Shaping up to be a great value this year.
  14. Two more - Beltran and Mazara look like good values too
  15. He had a rough month of August last year before being shutdown in Sept. But like you said he showed plus stuff and great K potential. I also like the fact that he pitches in a relatively weak hitting NL east. The few mocks I've done have him going dirt cheap and he's not a bad option to take a chance on late in drafts considering his potential. He's a young sp so you have to anticipate the growing pains and we saw a lot of that last year as he struggled at times to get out of the 5th with a decent pitch count. He's got the stuff he just needs to work on being more efficient and show a more consistent ability to get through the order multiple times. FWIW I did hear that he was working on improving his curveball so that could definitely be something to keep an eye on heading into ST.