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  1. Degrom, Verlander, Hendricks, Carrasco, Archer, Strasburg
  2. I'd go Hendricks. Seems like the best value of the 3.
  3. I like it overall. Paxton and McCullers are really nice upside picks. You have your ace in Thor. Tanaka doesn't have a particularly great K rate but he's a steady option and a good #2. The one thing I 'd pick on is Wainwright personally I'm not sure he's really fantasy relevant anymore- we'll see maybe he proves me wrong but I'd imagine you'll probably find more enticing options on the waiver wire as the season progresses.
  4. Pujols. He's an ancient source of 100 rbi every year.
  5. Finally my kind of thread. I was very disappointed he didn't take home the AL MVP last year but alas life moves on. Didi was a pleasant surprise last year with a career year and was arguably one of the yankees better hitters after they traded Beltran. Although even I have to admit that'll probably be a different story this year with the additions to their lineup. So he hit 20 hrs last year I mean it is yankee stadium so if he were to repeat that I wouldn't necessarily be shocked but I suppose somewhere along the lines of say 12 hr or so is probably a more reasonable expectation. I could see him being a good option for teams looking to entirely punt SS since the sweet swinging Dutchman's ADP is basically free.
  6. Greg Bird! Shaping up to be a great value this year.
  7. Two more - Beltran and Mazara look like good values too
  8. He had a rough month of August last year before being shutdown in Sept. But like you said he showed plus stuff and great K potential. I also like the fact that he pitches in a relatively weak hitting NL east. The few mocks I've done have him going dirt cheap and he's not a bad option to take a chance on late in drafts considering his potential. He's a young sp so you have to anticipate the growing pains and we saw a lot of that last year as he struggled at times to get out of the 5th with a decent pitch count. He's got the stuff he just needs to work on being more efficient and show a more consistent ability to get through the order multiple times. FWIW I did hear that he was working on improving his curveball so that could definitely be something to keep an eye on heading into ST.
  9. Wonder how much the Mets regret not re-signing Murphy, especially watching him go to a division rival no less.
  10. Makes me sad that we are just entering year 4 of 7 for Ellsbury. What a terrible contract. I have to agree NYY pitching staff leaves a lot to be desired. Outside of Tanaka its borderline scary. Hell even Tanaka has legit health concerns. Best case scenario probably looking at 80-83 wins. Most interesting thing this year will be seeing how their younger players progress. I'll definitely be interested in seeing how Frazier develops in the minors this year.
  11. Well at least he mentioned Didi. Otherwise I'd have been very disappointed.
  12. Was just about to post this. For Adam Eaton.. wow
  13. I suppose you could say hes a "young" 37 since he hasn't pitched a whole lot of big league innings. Kidding aside- Hill is such an enigma to me heading into next year its tough to evaluate him since the sample size is limited to basically 130 innings the past two seasons. Prior to that he didn't have any appreciable big league service until 2009. That said his performance the past year + has been outstanding and numbers of his caliber are tough to find even though it at least half feels like I'm chasing a mirage. I've seen that curveball its definitely a legit pitch. It'll be very hard for me to not chase those elite ratios he posted last year even with his questionable durability and minimal track record. I'll be very interested to see what kind of money he gets and where he lands this off season.
  14. Agree with what others have mentioned, you have to think Brook is an obvious trade target. I think some of his value takes a hit with how many blowouts the Nets are going to be involved in this year - It can't be understated just how awful this team is. I don't think its a stretch to say they have the worst roster in the NBA.
  15. In a vacuum he might very well be a talented player. But the words Jet and upside just can't coexist.