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  1. Rotoworld Blurb Mistake/Argument Thread

    Yeah that one is pretty odd. I just took a look at the list and uhhhh why is Manny Margot #26? Am I missing something?

    I loved Willie in the off season. I'm still a fan of the talent But the Rangers have shown absolutely no inclination to call him up. Between the two I'd go Sano. I feel there's a better chance we see him before September.
  3. Y. Gurriel for Pham

    Keep Pham. Gurriel won't move the needle in an 8 teamer.
  4. 2018 "Cool Story, Bro!" Thread

    Nice. Hope you kick a** in that entry you earned. Just curious but what is the top prize for that thing?
  5. 2018 "Cool Story, Bro!" Thread

    Grats! Now be honest How many times did you have to stack the Padres since they hit a homer like once every 3 weeks?
  6. Jacob deGrom 2018 Outlook

    Trying to think about it from a Met fan's perspective and I totally get how they don't want to take the Yankee's 2nd best prospect for the Mets best player right now. I can see how it kind of leaves a bad taste in their mouth but really Andujar is not like some crumb-bum 2nd tier prospect like Colin Moran or something (no offense to Colin Moran I'm sure he's a nice guy.) Very few prospects are spotless and those few that are are most of the time untouchable like Torres appears to be right now. The thing of it is though is while Torres is probably the more polished player right now. Who is to stay that in 2+ years Andujar couldn't end up being the better player. I'm not a prospect guy so mostly I defer to FG lists etc when I'm interested in futures and glancing at the pre-season rankings they had Torres at 12 and Andujar at 14. Both with Future values of 60. The really impressive thing to me with Andujar is that despite the poor plate approach he still has a k rate of 17%. You can't teach those sort of bat to ball skills and also he has a cannon arm at 3rd another tool you can't teach. What you can develop with time, which the Mets should have the next year plus, is to become better defensively and to be more selective at the plate. I mean not for nothing he leads rookies in doubles with 27. The idea that there is nothing here to indicate that Andujar can't be a very good player potentially is just not fair imo. Also the idea that the Yankees don't value Andujar a lot too is odd to me especially considering they balked at including him in a deal for Cole before the season began. With DeGrom at peak value right now the Mets would be silly to just simply ignore an offer that started with Andujar, is he as MLB ready of a product as Torres? No. But he does have a lot of future value. To me its really not that hard at all to see a potentially very good player here in Andujar.
  7. 7/16 - 2018 HOME RUN DERBY

    timeout Bryce needs to fix his hair.
  8. 7/16 - 2018 HOME RUN DERBY

    Time for waiver wire legend Max Muncy to stake his claim.
  9. 7/16 - 2018 HOME RUN DERBY

    Teixeira commenting on derby strategies.
  10. 7/16 - 2018 HOME RUN DERBY

    I don't think Aguilar knows there is a time limit.
  11. Greg Bird 2018 Outlook

    Unless I'm wrong I see him at 55% pull for the year which would lead the league if he qualified.
  12. Greg Bird 2018 Outlook

    He's an extreme pull Flyball guy so I'm not sure you can't expect much in the way of BA honestly maybe .230 ? The plate discipline is solid his walk rate has gone up lately 16% the last month which is pretty good and his o-swing is solid too so in OBP leagues he's not bad.
  13. CarGo for me because Coors is such an advantage. Though Piscotty has been pretty damn good lately
  14. Judge /kluber blockbuster!!!! WHIR

    I'd rather have the Judge side. Kluber's K rate has fallen off substantially this year compared to last. He was at 34% last year this year its 25%.
  15. Eduardo Rodriguez 2018 Outlook

    Was just gonna post that. Not good dammit.