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  1. Hey all! I recently joined Pitcher List. I'll be writing up DFS stuff once the season begins. Pitcher List 4.0 launched today with a bunch of great, new content starting with Nick Pollack's top 20 SP for 2019. He'll be continuing that series tomorrow. And there will be plenty of new stuff coming along so definitely come check it out. Also tonight at around 8 PM some of the writers for PL will be doing a mock draft. I'll be participating in that one. You can follow along on Twitter (@ Pitcherlist). So come have a look if you're interested
  2. Really sorry for that wait. Ryan O'Hearn -KC @shakestreet is up @zstlj On deck for the last pick (I think?)
  3. Isaiah Kiner-Falefa -C Texas @turner46 is up @Slatykamora is on deck
  4. Cedric Mullins @shakestreet is up @zstlj is on deck x2
  5. Sorry for the hold up last night. @shakestreet actually sent me two picks last night but your's truly got confused. Anyways- I'll go with Michael Pineda @turner46 is up @Slatykamora is on deck
  6. Sonny Gray @turner46 is OTC @Slatykamora is on deck
  7. We'll leapfrog a spot for now. Steve Souza @shakestreet is now up @zstlj is on deck for 2
  8. I agree there are some good names still on the board IMO it's worth finishing I think. OK I'll just make a pick for my team then. And we'll fill in the blanks from there.
  9. It's not a big deal at all to me either which way I just got confused because it looked like he didn't make his last pick and I'm up after him. So I wasn't sure what was going on. If you guys just want to skip, wait or if you want I could make a pick for him. Let me know. Whatever works.
  10. I wish I had something more definitive to say but I'm honestly not sure. It was a dice roll on my part. Along with Senzel. I think at this point this is kind of what we are all doing more or less throwing darts at shiny things.
  11. Nick Senzel @GC Tacos you're up ! @turner46 is on deck
  12. Forrest Whitley @shakestreet OTC @zstlj On Deck x2
  13. Carlos Santana @shakestreet is OTC @zstlj On deck for 2