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  1. https://clutchpoints.com/bucks-news-giannis-antetokounmpo-back-sooner-rather-later/ "Sooner rather than later" so more or less who knows - tho RW blurb said MRI revealed only minor swelling so maybe they held him out tonight just to be safe against the terribulls
  2. 2018 Auction Strategies / Values etc.

    Did a couple of auction mocks on Yahoo the past couple of weeks - most recently last weekend. I know its a public mock and people tend to leave early so its very, very sketch to say the least and of course specific league settings will cause certain player $values to fluctuate quite a bit - but I'm always curious to see how the more general audience values certain players. Standard roto 12 team $260 budget 23 man roster 1C 3OF 2 Util. As much as I love Sanchez wow the price on him is just incredibly high right now - he went for $34 which is just insane - I passed and ended up punting C and got Gattis for $2. To give an idea on who went for a similar price I grabbed JD for $33 and Votto for $29 which is pretty crazy when you compare that to the price on Sanchez. Just a couple of general things I noticed- there seems to be a few pretty solid options if you want to pay down at 2B. Managed to grab Albies for $2 in two mocks (someone call the cops) Moncada went cheap too no more than 3 or 4. Scooter was at most $2. Chris Taylor went for $6 at most- which imo is still great value- for his bat and the MPE. Kipnis is also another dirt cheap 2B option too. Acuna also went fairly cheap around 5-6 still way too cheap for the upside. DeShields was another cheap $2 guy too. Just another general thing - but I always really prefer to leave a decent amt of $ for the end - in every auction there is always some great value guys you can scoop for 2-3 towards the end. Also I too love to nominate guys who I anticipate the room to value more than I do - good way to burn up other teams salaries.
  3. Michael Conforto 2018 Outlook

    Amen! I'm on board now if he indeed looks like he's on track to come back earlier than anticipated. Hoping and praying we get to see what he can do in close to a full season -can't wait
  4. Greg Bird 2018 Outlook

    I really wouldn't let his poor Spring to date influence you all that much - if you were planning to target him before the spring I'd still do it. Don't get me wrong -tho of course you'd like to seem him to do well. Anyway Yanks will give him plenty of leash. Cash loves the guy- http://www.nj.com/yankees/index.ssf/2018/03/why_yankees_arent_worried_about_greg_birds_ice-col.html The slow spring puts him behind the 8 ball with regards to hitting in a good spot in the order - which is how I felt all along he'll have to earn his way to get there and he totally could it will just take him some time to get there now @taobball brings up some good points - the floor for Bird is definitely a bit scary I'd probably go Bird over Bour but I'll admit its a reach based on Bird's perceived ceiling. You might be on to something with the high hard ones it could be a thing I honestly am not sure- but its funny and disclaimer here total anecdotal fan evidence on my part but the last memory I have from Bird's 2017 was him turning and burning a high hard Giles Fastball down the line in Game 1 of the ALCS. I have a hard time evaluating Bird fairly to be honest because I'm not really sure what the MLB sample size to date tells us for lack of a better word I think its very flimsy and possibly misleading - I'm not sure its very useful thats not to say that you can't glean certain things from it but what to do we have to look at - basically a torrid stretch at the tale end of 2015, missed all of 2016, and imo another flawed, sporadic sample in 2017 where he was playing compromised by another injury before returning at the very end. For me I can't wait to see what he can do in a full year to give us a good solid sample to work with and hopefully we see that this year. I know that doesn't really help out much trying to look directly ahead for 2018 but I think its something worth noting that we could be looking at a least a fair amount of white noise with what we've seen from him- Basically if you're taking Bird you're targeting him for what he could do rather than what he has done in really what has been to date a sort of sketchy and flawed sample- its a high risk/ high reward thing with Bird for sure.
  5. Willie Calhoun 2018 Outlook

    Welp... this really sucks. Even tho I've been excited for him all off season I have to admit this is definitely a decent dent in his redraft value. To echo what Tao said if Texas is indeed planning on Choo in the OF then they are just simply tempting fate they got lucky he survived 149 games last year. I agree with Brock too - Calhoun is probably (hate to admit it) an avoid in redrafts as of now but as is always the case its dependent on your league settings/bench size etc I still think he's not a bad hold if you got a dead spot on the end of your bench and can afford hanging on to him at least for a little while to see how things shake out. Its odd to me Texas knew of his defensive shortcomings when they acquired him in the Darvish deal - so it leads me to believe its a service time issue. He raked in a full season in AAA last year and AA the year prior - so the idea that its that he needs more seasoning seems unlikely to me - and in all honesty how much can his glove improve at this point by playing more in the minors? Anyways heres a tweet I dug up from a Tex beat writer I still don't think much of Robinson he's just not good imo - so to me its seems like a service time thing here for a team that knows its not going to win many games this year- I suspect (hope) he'll be up soon.
  6. Willie Calhoun 2018 Outlook

    Its so funny you mention this. All this talk about Calhoun's height made me think about the little guy who had an AB and they couldn't pitch a strike to because he was so little. For the life of me I couldn't remember his name so thanks for mentioning this lol. Hey hey Don't forget about Wee Willie Keeler !! He was 5'4" Hall of Fame hitter who had one of the best K rates of all-time. And his first name was Willie- I'm seeing big things here
  7. Philadelphia Phillies 2018 Outlook

    I like the Arrieta signing for the Phils- there were some blemishes with Arrieta last year which probably was at least part of the reason why him signing took so long. Still he's a very good sp that will help their rotation tremendously - tho like Tony mentioned the rotation is pretty scary after the top 2. Phils have a solid shot at a .500 season I think. I'm very interested in Altherr but I'm a little hesitant to target him with the crowded OF - has there been any buzz about who has the leg up so far?
  8. Willie Calhoun 2018 Outlook

    Agree. Like that guy in Jurassic Park said "Life, uh, finds a way". So does talent. I think he eventually forces his way into the lineup regularly this year and a good spot too lets say 5th. I still think that pick 250 is just too cheap for the potential here I really think he's going to be relevant in a big way this year (still don't think he's that crazy of a bet for roty- okay maybe crazy but the point is there is good upside here) - not just a deep league guy. I get the hesitancy in weekly leagues with the platoon possibility that some may pass him up but for me its just quite frankly the other possibilities in the Tex lineup suck. I'll gladly roll the dice with him at 250 or so that seems like a very solid bet imo.
  9. Joey Votto 2018 Outlook

    Fuzzy hit the nail on the head. Not much else to say about Votto. But for fun lets take a look at some of the numbers he put up last year- 2017 707 PA .428 woba 165 wRC+ .258 ISO 11.7 k% 19.0% BB 5.9% swg strk o-swing 15% z-contact 88% 134 BB to 83 K Hows that for a k:bb ratio?? Nothing to see here except for quite possibly the best hitter in the game or at the very least the most disciplined. Just awesome.
  10. Aaron Hicks 2018 Outlook

    He'd be a better punt protector than Tim Tebow was thats for sure.
  11. Does Modern Baseball still have it's Mythos?

    Really awesome topic . In a day and age where not just TV coverage but with the proliferation of social media I feel like we (at least I do) kind of take the guys we watch day in and day out for granted just because we've become inundated with bits, blurbs, tweets and constant 24/7 coverage. But I think, like all generations, once these guys are gone Kershaw, Trout etc we'll look back and say we saw some of the best ever. And I think that will extend (maybe not to the same degree or under the same lense so to speak) to the steroid era too- love or hate him no one terrorized the league quite like Bonds did. To me that mythos or legacy component is always magnified (for good or bad) when the subject is gone for some time and we look back upon it and reflect.
  12. Drafting Tips - Name Brand vs. Generic

    Definitely. As far as the 2nd I'm not going rip you for it - I always enjoy hearing bold calls.
  13. Drafting Tips - Name Brand vs. Generic

    Definitely agree with the Cain over Benny in terms of ADP value but I'd be lying if I weren't intrigued by Benny hitting in front of JD for a season- big time ceiling there.
  14. Fantasy Strategy Thread

    As far as H2H 5x5 there are some pitchers that are just such a pain to own imo- like Archer I think is a great example. Its always struggle for me deciding whether to start or sit him. I feel like week to week his performances are so volatile that he either murders you or makes you- whereas in roto at the end of the year his final line is very useful he'll give you great Ks and (knock on wood) he's been really durable so great inning count and worse case his ERA at the end is a tick above 4 so far from bad in totality. But thats what makes those top elite sps so valuable is that they so rarely blow up and kill you and they really help you battle the volatility of weekly h2h matchups.
  15. Tyler Glasnow 2018 Outlook

    http://www.post-gazette.com/sports/pirates/2018/03/02/Pirates-spring-training-tyler-glasnow-adam-frazier-colin-moran-adam-jones/stories/201803020199 2 days ago- 3 IP 6Ks and most importantly no walks! Good to see - its funny tho I was searching for glasnow's thread and came across his from last year and someone posted almost the exact same thing I wrote - so always take ST with a sack of salt of course. Anyways still good to see some positive results