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  1. Sounds more like Stephen Drew. Didi is a stud.
  2. Welp so much for figuring he'd survive against a lineup featuring mike aviles tomas telis and the ghost of Ichiro. Wow.
  3. Agreed. In all seriousness its just a matter of time before grandma ellsbury sneezes too hard and is back on the DL anyway. As long as he stays away from just an incredibly bad stretch Frazier should be a regular part of the lineup. As far as Hicks goes he seems to be a long way off from returning from the oblique injury. IMO Frazier has gotten more big hits in the week he's been up than ellsbury has in 2+ years. What a god awful contract that was for the yanks.
  4. Downtown goes Frazier!!!
  5. Who gets to 300 wins first Gsellman Matz or Lugo?
  6. RA Dickey would really help solidify that rotation.
  7. I would take offense to this but clearly you jest. Didi is a magician with the stick.
  8. Of course he produces off the former Red Mike Leake. Nothing to see here.
  9. I'm sure the Orioles bullpen is saying the same thing.
  10. Holy smoak that was a shot
  11. I think it starts tomorrow at Miller Park against slipping Jimmy Nelson.
  12. Poor Mr. Triggs thought he could sneak a fb past the Judge. Oops.
  13. Spotted a 7-2 lead he walked the pitcher to lead off an inning. This guy just has no command and is really bad right now. Luckily the pads are just bad enough of an offense that Harvey was able to squeak through 5 innings.
  14. Really nice start all things considered. Just on a side note I hated the call to intentionally walk Josh Bell to load the bases I think it puts too much pressure on the pitcher and really gives them no room for error. Next batter He ended up plunking Freese to drive in the deciding run. Oh well he looked sharp and I'm very happy to have him ROS.