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  1. I mean, you just threw up some numbers and said he did good, I was just adding a little context to them. He got points in a decent and great matchup not because of high level of involvement but because of touchdowns in said matchups. I didn't imply that they don't count, I'm just saying he had a limited number of touches in plus matchups and made the most of them, something I wouldn't expect in the upcoming games leading up to the bye. Therefore I wouldn't want somebody to look at those numbers and say, "whoa he did well even with DJ playing, he's gotta be a good play going forward." Fact that they're bringing in Ware and Ajayi to tryout makes me a little concerned for DJs health, I think that is more of a reason to be excited about Edmonds now, as well as him having showed up when he got the reins. Edit: Sorry I kind of skipped what you said about how you were simply responding to another post. I went back and saw his comment that led to what you said and I got you now.
  2. Thanks to a touchdown in each game against a decent matchup and maybe the best one possible. The next four matchups are literally close to the worst matchups possible. Without DJ he's clearly worth something, but with DJ back I think you're banking on a prayer playing him in any of these next four.
  3. Between the weather, pass rush and game script there was just no reason to throw. Washington was semi-successful running all game and the coach was willing to live with that rather than throw in the ugly weather with SF's pass rush bearing down all game. Who knows how Callahan will call games going forward, but I would throw this one completely out the window due to weather and SF. Edit: I know O'Connell is calling plays, rather I meant the game script is going to be influenced by what Callahan wants.
  4. Five total RB runs? Nagy is a funny guy. To think the lack of running last year was blamed by many on Howard being a supposed JAG. Didn't watch the game, but I don't see how there can be any justification for the run to pass ratio here.
  5. Hamstring injury now (again). They may actually be the same guy.
  6. Some interesting nuggets from FantasyPros weekly prime on McLaurin:
  7. Not to mention it's not like the ground game was consistently good against even the Dolphins. "They had a season-high 33 rush attempts out of 58 plays. Having a lead all game helped immensely. In truth, plenty of work remains. Miami, after all, entered the game having allowed 175.8 rushing yards per game. And in the Redskins' first three series, they managed 4 yards rushing on three Peterson runs." "The Redskins also couldn't close out the game on the ground: After taking a 17-3 lead late in the third quarter, their backs ran the ball eight more times for 27 yards and managed one first down on the ground. Still, it beat the alternative."
  8. Yep, starting to have no hope for him coming back. Hoping Green Bay gets on the line at this point.
  9. The problem is he has not established anything yet. He's come from being a non factor to heating up two games showing signs of breaking out to running into the brick wall of SFs defense that shut the whole offense down. It has yet to be seen whether he can be a consistent high level contributor as the entire offense including Kupp took a pause this week. If he does nothing against Atlanta this week then there will be good reason to believe he still won't be consistently reliable, but if possible I think he's still a hold and play if you don't have a top option.
  10. If that's how you feel treat him accordingly.
  11. It seems like Watson has a good relationship with Fuller and Hopkins so I doubt this is something that lowers the trust Watson has in Fuller. If anything I think Watson will work with Fuller on the deep ball by getting in extra reps to ensure this happens less. This isn't John Ross 2.0 because Fuller has (albeit limited with the injuries to him or Watson) a proven track record prior to this year. This is more of a hope than a concrete belief, but I'm hoping the usage the last two weeks is more of the norm than the prior weeks this season. He's getting behind defenders repeatedly and the last two games has gotten the looks repeatedly, and it only takes one.
  12. Run up the gut behind a line that gets no movement, then get pulled for J.D. freaking McKissic. His usage, the play calling and blocking were all bad when it came to running plays for KJ. It was impossible to establish any kind of rhythm and we got lucky he was credited with that touchdown, because if it was called short I don't think it was getting overturned either.
  13. I mean, shouldn't we give them a chance with the current roster construction? Darnold in year two with all these new weapons. The defense is pretty decent on paper right? Mosley coming back should be big too. Between all of that and the joke of a schedule I am really high on the Jets through week 14.
  14. Jets schedule going forward is THAT good. They were already a pretty good defense that was playing above their heads from what I understand, with Luke Falk making life difficult for them. Darnold being back obviously reinvigorates the offense and the entire team, and we've already seen evidence of that against Dallas. Mosley who will be like the quarterback of their defense should be back soon. If you can only hold one defense it might be worth just picking up the Jets now and not fighting waivers next week. I imagine the Jets will be up for this game on prime time, and Brady's weapons aren't looking as scary/healthy as they were earlier in the season. While the Jets aren't the greatest play this week they could end up at least not hurting you too much, and its probably worth the risk for probably being able to set and forget them for the next seven weeks into the first week of the fantasy playoffs against the Dolphins.
  15. Jets IMO. As has been noted they have the most ridiculously friendly schedule after NE. CJ Mosley is going to hopefully start practicing this week and return to the lineup soon. Darnold is back to give them a competent offense and keep the defense off the field and keep them in friendlier game script situations. To me the Jets are a HUGE sleeper right now given all the circumstances with dealing with Luke Falk as their QB. If you have them and SF you will be locked and loaded at defense for awhile.