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  1. Try to figure out what a player's true ceiling is and if they're worth having on your roster at all. Starting RBs who can get you 90 yards on a good day and have no passing game involvement are basically TD dependent guys I don't even want on my team. The Jordan Howards and Adrian Petersons of the world were bench warmers all season who I never wanted to have to rely on in my lineup. Obviously I, like most other Howard drafters, bought into the hype of him being some all purpose back who would be central to the Bears offense, but if you feel in advance that an RB falls into this category you're probably better off looking elsewhere for upside.
  2. This guy almost doesn't even deserve to have his own thread. I'll sign up for O.J. Howard again though depending on the QB/coaching situation.
  3. So because the indication of Gurley playing was incorrect the indication of CJ Anderson leading the way is also incorrect? Strong logic. I'm not saying I know either way, I'm just legitimately asking you why you would rely on John Kelly in the championship game when all signs have pointed to CJ Anderson getting the nod if Gurley were to not play. In no way am I confident CJ Anderson is going to shoulder the load and be a comfortable play, but if I had to pick one every indication has led to him being the choice. Only rolling out CJ in two leagues where I have Gurley, though not feeling great about it.
  4. Why? All indications have been that CJ is ahead of him, no?
  5. I don't want to imagine how CMC fares without Newton. My hope is that Newton will tough it out [if continuing to play does not significantly risk his future shoulder health] just to show his teammates he has some semblance of mental resiliency. I know Newton hasn't exactly been a huge downfield threat, but the whole landscape of the offense changes if you take away Newton's mobility.
  6. Yep. I'm in the championship in two of three money leagues, and this guy is on the roster in both. In my third money league the team who has McCaffrey is in the championship. Coincidence? I think not.
  7. Not sure how to feel about him for next season. It's really hard to evaluate him right now because of how hopeless the team is. OC gone, QB benched for a third string caliber backup, banged up offensive line, team likely tanking. For next game I can't help but feel like his ceiling is extremely low and I'm gonna be banging my head having to possibly start him again in the championship game. For next year though, ugh. I can't see myself taking him in the first three rounds without something drastic happening in Jacksonville. After owning him through this year I wonder if he's really some transcendent talent that is worth chancing on again early. Edit: Even WITH inevitable drastic changes in Jacksonville I don't know if I can stomach drafting him again early.
  8. Was "forced" to start him and didn't feel great about it. Now I feel bad about cringing staring at him in my lineup all week. Thanks to him it's onto the ship.
  9. Setting us up to be duped once again next year. Such a polarizing player.
  10. So WHY was he pulled on 4th and 15? So odd. Unless I somehow missed him being out there.
  11. You guys got me hyped with all the confidence in here!
  12. I had three defenses in one league--Tennessee, Jacksonville, and Chicago, and actually dropped Tennessee because I needed to make a pick-up, for the reasons you stated. The Titans have a decent defense from what I understand, but they aren't getting it done for fantasy, and they didn't get it done in what I figured was a good matchup against the Jets. Personally I wouldn't want to trust the Titans right now if I had better options. I'm on the New Orleans bandwagon right now. They've been on fire and I could see them getting pressure on Winston for many sacks and a few turnovers. I think the Saints hang a bunch of points on the Bucs and Winston will get a couple TDs in being forced to keep up all game, but I think there will be plenty of other defensive plays by the Saints that make up for it and make for a good fantasy day for their defense.
  13. Titans stunk it up all around against Indy, but anybody looking at them for weeks 13-15? If Mariota is out that's no bueno, but this is looking ahead. They've played well the previous two weeks against Dallas and New England, and it seems to correlate with their offense clicking. Week 13: NY Jets Week 14: Jacksonville Week 15: @ NY Giants How about Saints for weeks 13-14? Their defense has been playing better and the offense doing so well seems to be demoralizing opponents and strengthening the D. Aside from the Rams game, the other three of their last four games have been solid with sacks and picks. Week 13: @ Dallas Week 14: @ Tampa Bay
  14. You have to assume Duke is catching passes very often when he is in the game, but I don't see why Chubb cannot be used in the passing game. I don't think he'll get anywhere near Duke's passing game volume, but if the staff plans on making Chubb the guy you'd hope they are keen enough to make him at least a semblance of a threat in the passing game. I don't know how his pass protection or route running is though so this could all be null and void if they don't feel he's capable/ready. Regardless, while Duke is a beast in the passing game, I hope they're able to incorporate Chubb in more ways than as a ground runner if he's gonna be the man there.