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  1. He looks like the only competent player on this team right now. Making plays left and right, guys just aren't hitting the shots or he'd have even more assists in this first quarter. If this guy is available in your league and you have someone to drop you better make that move.
  2. A three, 5 assists and 5 boards in 7 minutes so far? Hmm.
  3. Passed on a couple FAs that got poached because I wanted to see another game from Frank before letting go. Major regret.
  4. Being with a new team and having not played ball for so long I'm really hoping it's a matter of him starting to develop confidence and becoming more assertive. I'm honestly happy with what he's shown so far given his circumstances and I hope he can live up to all the potential people saw in him.
  5. How is this guy not getting any attention? Even without the Fox injury he was looking good, but with Fox out he's probably going to have even more offense run through him, perhaps even get some run at point. I hesitated like a dummy and someone grabbed him in my league and I have a feeling it's going to bite me in the a**. I expect a lot out of this guy while Fox is out and who knows after that.
  6. From the one Magic game I watched this was pretty much my impression. It's a miracle he gets the stats he does with the usage I was seeing. One can only hope this changes as his confidence builds and the team tries to get him more involved. Still optimistic with the potential I feel he has though.
  7. Looking at the Jags as I'm thinking they are still a pretty good defense and their next three look pretty good with @ Ind, @Ten, TB. If Hoyer starts again I really love them this week, not sure I'm super confident if Brissett goes. If you have Baltimore and want to hold them for their playoff schedule I think Jacksonville is a good bridge to that point. Oakland did well against LAC but I have no idea what to make of that. This week they get Cincy at home then play at the Jets. Those are the best options on my wire this week, what are you guys thinking of them?
  8. Gonna hang on for hopes of the peripheral stats, but if he doesn't get some confidence running the offense I can't see Fiz not giving his minutes to one of the other guys when they come back.
  9. Stepped on someone's foot and rolled his ankle. Only got one look at it but it didn't seem horrible.
  10. Well whatever happens going forward, enjoy a look at what he did tonight:
  11. Dude is running the show down the stretch and getting a lot of minutes. Guessing those drop when Winslow is back. What are you guys thinking of his prospects going forward?
  12. I mean he literally missed every shot he took in the second (7/8 first half, 0/7 second half). At least instead of missing all of his shots for an entire game he's choosing to limit his field goal abstinence to a half.
  13. Yeah they're going nuts for this dude on the Knicks subreddit. Their enthusiasm for him is my tiebreaker for picking him up. All aboard this train!
  14. Eh, when Payton and DSJ are back though won't that kill his value?
  15. Seriously, where the hell is this coming from? This stat line is a shock to me. You guys make it sound like it shouldn't necessarily be trusted though? Another 180 incoming.
  16. I think he's bringing me back in. Looking forward to see what he can do with these minutes going forward
  17. This is rough. Getting "promoted" to the starting lineup has been a demotion of sorts as he has far less involvement in the offense. It's been a death knell for his fantasy value. Not sure how much longer I want to roster him if this is what we're gonna have to deal with.
  18. From the tiny bit I saw of him in preseason this was the closest comparison I could think of when it came to running style, vision and decision making. Mad I only got him in two of four leagues while drafting someone like KJ in round three over him in my main one. Please forgive me Mr. Jacobs. Edit: I think what actually made me think of Foster when watching him was how he seemed to effortlessly glide through narrow holes and pick up yards that didn't seem to be there.
  19. Might take awhile to get there but I feel like his ceiling is pretty high. Being very patient with this guy until it's evident he's capped out at a ceiling that isn't fantasy productive.
  20. I mean that's one way to frame it, but if the excuses are valid it's not unreasonable to try to justify why the player has been doing poorly. Nunn is a rookie in a very fluid situation with the lineup constantly changing with guys in and out of the lineup. We've seen what he is capable of, like someone mentioned even briefly playing well with Butler. He's fallen off pretty hard production wise but I still feel like something is there. I think the verdict is still out, but I understand if people are pessimistic.
  21. You wanted to rag on Bam and said, see, he sucks now with Miami at full strength. Clearly they weren't with Justice out but you still took the opportunity to bash him before a half of basketball was even played. Obviously you're entitled to your opinion but it seems like you had an agenda here honestly.
  22. Yeah um get him now. If all you have to sacrifice is the end of your bench spot currently occupied by White you aren't paying too much of a price to secure Collins services now. Someone just dropped White in my 12 man 9 cat league and I wouldn't even entertain dropping Collins for him. Run, don't walk type of situation IMO.
  23. Yep this guy is good. If people aren't taking your trade offers involving him they are sleeping.