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  1. sal cap dynasty

    Is this league free or a pay league????
  2. Still have openings I'm interested for sure. Very committed owner and Commish looking to join an active free dynasty league. Send me some info FantasyFanAddict@gmail.com Twitter @FntsyFxr Dynasty Orphan Guru Always looking to bring a team back to life.....
  3. Pick 1.02......

    Thanks Everyone I'm going 1.02 RB 1.04 WR 1.06 ????? Roster update CARR AJAYI T. COLEMAN T.J. YELDON MCKINNON DEVONTE BOOKER DEVONTE PARKER DOCTSON Travis Benjamin Kelce
  4. Pick 1.02......

    Starting roster: 1 QB 2 RB 3 WR 1 TE 1 RB/WR/TE 1WR/TE K DEF
  5. Super Early Keeper Advice

    Keeping Ajayi and Gordon seems smartest RB is a hard position to Sew Up and that gives you that out of the gate and alot of owners probably think the same. so you should be able to land a WR1 with that first pick and be able to draft best player available player. Seems like it would make draft day less stressful.
  6. Pick 1.02......

    One he has Hopkins but since this I have made a move I now have 1.02-1.04-1.12 Roster Carr Ajayi Derrick Henry T.j yeldon Pryor Kelvin Benjamin Crabtree Crowder Doctson Travis Benjamin Kelce Thoughts????
  7. Pick 1.02......

    I'm in need of a WR that will contribute now. Who do u think I should watch? Any info helps.
  8. I have the 1.02 pick in my rookie draft dynasty/contract league who would you take with the 1.02? And why?
  9. Did u join r u tanveer?? 

    1. BugsB


      If so please email me and let me know asap we r waiting to establish startup and set keepers 

  10. Did  u join