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  1. Damian Williams: 2014 3.4 ypc (Mia) 2015 3.7 ypc (Mia) 2016 3.3 ypc (Mia) 2017 3.9 ypc (Mia) 2018 5.1 ypc (KC) I posted more in the McCoy thread but the point is I am pulling back on DWill but I'm not totally out....with the exception of a few rare guys (see Saquan Barkley) , RBs are generally a product of their system/team. There is no better system than KC right now. But considering DWill was a JAG prior to his tenure in KC I am concerned that he is easily expendable if something were to negatively happen (injury, fumbles, McCoy shines, Thompson looks good). I still want a few shares because if he does end up being the guy, that team is just too explosive, to avoid taking a chance. I would feel better if I was able to pair DWill and McCoy and see how the situation plays out.
  2. Damian Williams: 2014 3.4 ypc (Mia) 2015 3.7 ypc (Mia) 2016 3.3 ypc (Mia) 2017 3.9 ypc (Mia) 2018 5.1 ypc (KC) D.Williams is the definition of a JAG. It really shows how important the team/system is for a RB in the NFL. Prior to last season McCoy has never had a 3 ypc season. But let's not forget they had a decimated oline and a rookie qb. McCoy has had 3 seasons in which he finished with 5 ypc and was basically a whole yard per carry above the previous year. Yes at 31 he is getting towards the end, but at McCoys current price....with his game breaking skill set paired with an explosive offense and Andy Reids ability to expose mismatches..I'm in
  3. Any news on how he looks to start camp?
  4. C spot is such a wasteland that if you drafted Posey you are almost stuck with him at this point. Coming off a fairly major offseason surgery he obviously lost some lower body rotation and fluidity which has sapped his already limited power. At this point gotta hope he just regains some timing and puts together a decent 2nd half.
  5. Whats everyone doing with Donaldson. A small part of me still believes he has it in him to go on one of his classic hot streaks but as more time passes I have to wonder if the last of his good days were lost due to injury the last 2 years.
  6. I like his stuff but might have to cut bait after this current rough patch and for the fact that he plays for the Marlins. He is much more valuable in leagues that count QS.
  7. High strikeout rate has me scared in points league.... anyone with some good insight?
  8. Points league with nice double double bonus. Kantar just signed with Portland. AD went down with a shoulder injury. When Okafor got the minutes without AD he put up crazy stats. Thoughts?
  9. Big Ben at Baltimore (5th ranked pass D) Stafford at Minnesota (14th ranked pass D)
  10. Boyd vs TB Baldwin vs Det Need 1 for flex
  11. Espn is a mess...I can't even figure out how to look at "daily leaders". Any clue?
  12. Auction Dynasty: Big Play TD bonus league. I would be getting wentz $7 through 2021 & trading Galloday $4 though 2021. I am middle of the pack right now and qb is a position of need: B.Mayfield, Keenum My WR are solid: TY, Tate, Galloday, Baldwin, Locket, Keke, Callaway My thought is if Baker is the real deal then it's not worth giving up a potential stud in Galloday?
  13. Worth a shot if you can pull it off but depends on other teams needs and how they feel about shady. Help http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/721193-start-garcon-or-kcole/
  14. Depends on size of league...if it's a 10 teamer then maybe 40... and if it's a 12+ with thin FA then I would be ok with 60. Help