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  1. 11 team Points league with 3 keepers...I am already keeping Betts and J.Ramirez. Who should I keep as my 3rd keeper? F.Freeman (1b, 3b) M.Bumgarner (sp) My first 2 picks are #10 and #13 overall
  2. H2h points league and I've already locked up a playoff spot...playoffs are 2 weeks and start March 26th. I also have an empty IR spot. John Wall or Paul Millsap
  3. Ben Roethlisberger 2017 Outlook

    Not looking like Pit is willing to gamble on the pats losing to the jets. Rotoworld: The Steelers are expected to hold Ben Roethlisberger and Le'Veon Bell out for Sunday's finale. The word came from teammate Marcus Gilbert in a Thursday radio interview. The Steelers apparently don't expect the Jets to give the Patriots a game, which would be the only way Pittsburgh could improve from the No. 2 seed. It also means the 0-15 Browns will have a much greater shot at avoiding 0-16. Landry Jones will be under center for Pittsburgh. 35-year-old Roethlisberger will be working on two weeks rest in the Divisional Round.
  4. Vd....Marvin and Wallace
  5. Big play TD bonus scoring with 5 pts every 25 yards M.Goodwin home vs Jax (1st ranked pass d) C.Hogan home vs Buf (6th ranked pass d) M.Wallace home Ind (26th ranked pass d) Opponent is starting Brady!
  6. I would start foles... and if gb beats min you can put juju in that spot as phi won't be playing for anything.
  7. Set My Lineup

    Adams for Cole (of he plays)
  8. Big play TD bonus Alex Smith home vs Mia (17th ranked pass d) o/u 43 Jameis Winston at Car (12th ranked pass d) o/u 46.5 Admin please move to bench coach
  9. 2017 Vent & Rant Thread

    Likely cost be a shot at the championship...unbelievable
  10. Hunt is the play as LAC are good against the pass and average vs run... would think they lean hunt in this game
  11. DT or Jimmy Graham?? WHIR

    I think DT has more upside and even though JG had the goose egg last week he is generally more consistent due to tds. So maybe if you are favored go JG and if not go DT.
  12. I would goo cooks and DT...NE should bounce back this week and Gronk will help open things up for cooks. DT based on matchup as Indy secondary is bad
  13. Ajayi, Mike Davis, or Goodwin? WHIR

    Ajayi and Goodwin. Don't trust any sea RB and Davis is always banged up
  14. Big play TD bonus 5 pt every 25 rush or rec yards Lynch - Sun Night Football home game vs Dal (25 ranked run d) Ajayi - Sun 1pm at NYG (28th ranked run d)