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  1. Zach ertz to score less than 3.7 in standard or reed and Thompson to combine for less than 2 looks like I’ll miss playoffs
  2. Absolute week killer. Should’ve not spent half my remaining waiver budget on this guy and just played barber. Total Fing joke that Lf comes back just to get suspended. Now I need Zach ertz to score less than 3.7 in a standard league bc rivers went from being picked in the end zone to scoring a td bc joe hadens own teammate kid him out. And of course they went for 2 2x and got it
  3. LF owner that has to win to make playoffs. Blew half my remaining faab on this guy. Should be goaline back and saw ten touches last week even with LF getting a bunch. He’s not a bad back either and jax used a lot of assets to get him (pick but mostly $). No reason not to use him a bunch. Colts d run d isn’t good either. I cant argue with the guy saying jax was stupid. However, I’m not really sure how that factors in here
  4. I’m in the same spot after Andy Reid sabotaged me personally and said watkins would play 2 weeks ago. Then mahomes had 5 turnovers and I lost by 4. He just had to fumble 2x and through a game losing pick. Rant over. Quote me on this so I remember to come back and give you actual advise lol. Going to bed now
  5. Ok but when watt is playing TE the defense isn’t on the field so it makes sense the defense doesn’t get points. A fake punt pass is a special teams play anyways. The special teams unit is on the field. The offense isn’t.
  6. Well considering fournette is suspended... I am. Good matchup though
  7. What kind of 8 man team league are you in where ekler was available?
  8. Officially lost the appeal via the 2 twitter guys
  9. This. I don’t have either of these guys, but the special teams unit was on the field, how would they not get the points for the td?
  10. Did anyone else think he looked slow and hobbled? That’s concerning m, but him playing all but 1 snap in an easy win tells me his health is much improved after a month off
  11. ya has a rb sucked against the giants yet this year?
  12. You must not be watching. Beady is the reason he isn’t scoring tds. Underthow after under throw