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  1. Dez Bryant 2018 Outlook

    Uh no, actually they do. Take Adam thielen for example. Or Chris hogan or a bunch of other guys every year.
  2. Allen Robinson 2018 Outlook

    Dress rehearsal game will be big. If he still doesn’t have a catch then I’ll be concerned. Everything I’ve read points to him being full go for the season opener though
  3. josh gordon was in this episode- showed him in an airport where he looked pissed he was on camera and then training
  4. Allen Robinson 2018 Outlook

    yeah let me jump in on this too. Miami is, imo, the worst team in the league. Might start to consider drake in the 6th, but even then idk. bad team+rb on said team= bad production
  5. Urgent: Dynasty Startup Draft Trade Help WHIR 100%

    wait what. Chose bell and DJ and just pick a wr in the 3rd.
  6. Leonard Fournette 2018 Outlook

    Hmmm, so some guy predicts the jags d will suck do to injuries and so I shouldn’t draft LF? Gonna go ahead and ignore that
  7. Who at pick #7?

    LF or Barkley
  8. Urgent: Dynasty Startup Draft Trade Help WHIR 100%

    This is a startup? So entire player pool available? Yeah I would do that that trade. Grab 2 of the big 4
  9. Born sinna, opposite of a winna 6) yes, absolutely
  10. 11th Pick in PPR - Rank These RB’s

    Cook, Lf, MG, Hunt
  11. Rate my Draft - WHIR

    I actually really like this team. Probably would've chosen a Qb over DW (not high on him this year at his adp), but all around solid and I love the guys you took for a standard league, DA especially could kill it TD wise
  12. Allen Robinson 2018 Outlook

    getting more and more excited about this guy, but i think thats just bc i drafted him