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  1. Greg Olsen 2018 Season Outlook

    But in all seriousness, Olsen could be the biggest beneficiary of our offseason moves. I disagree that he has little competition for target. However, he is simply better than the competition. Curtis Samuel, a second rounder the year prior started to mesh with Cam before his injury, same with Byrd. We also brought in Torrey Smith, who is most likely declining, but is still miles ahead of anyone save funchess that Cam was throwing to in the playoffs last year. With a recent focus on speed, and more talent in general, less attention should be paid to Olsen. Now teams may still identify him as the top threat, but I’m not sure they will be able to double team him every game like 2015
  2. Greg Olsen 2018 Season Outlook

    Well you see, there’s no thread on this guy bc cams trash and can’t throw. Ask anyone on the internet
  3. Sammy Watkins 2018 Season Outlook

    Wow big surprise all this stuff is coming out about Watkins and not Hill.
  4. Anthony Miller 2018 Season Outlook

    This. And I don’t wanna quote that whole letter but yes that’s what I was talking about mr elf
  5. Anthony Miller 2018 Season Outlook

    Big fan of Miller. Anyone read his players tribune article? Wanted my panthers to go DB in the first than grab Miller in he second. That said, I’m not sure he’ll have much of an impact this year. Bears added some nice talent and there’s always the chance that Kevin (dare I say it) white (pukes in mouth) stays healthy (eyes fall out of sockets)
  6. 2018 Biggest Busts

    So you’re saying I got a steal when I drafted him in the fourth?
  7. Carlos Hyde 2018 Season Outlook

    Not really concerned with cubb either. More so that browns d. They should be passing a lot anyways with all these weapons, and if they’re behind DJ is clearly a better receiving back. Goaline work should be Hyde’s though. Could that translate to 7-8 tds? More likely than not I’d say.
  8. Carlos Hyde 2018 Season Outlook

    Sooo at his current adp I’m fine to take this guy on the off chance he’s just that much better than the other rbs
  9. Ronald Jones 2018 Season Outlook

    Ronald jones is the type of player people will scramble for as their rb2 while I, a smart drafter who went rb rb, will be picking Marvin Jones Y’all know every rookie rb doesn’t work out right?
  10. Josh Gordon 2018 Season Outlook

    Well with Odell coming back, I don’t see a best case scenario where Larry fitz finishes wr4. Best case scenario, yes I can see gordon finishing as the wr1. Is that the most likely scenario? No, I personally don’t think so, but it’s possible. Not possible, imo, for fitz to finish 4 or higher
  11. 2018 Biggest Busts

    This thread got funny lol. DT isn’t a bust candidate unless injury hits (knock on wood) not sure if that was said or if people just don’t like him at his adp. If keenum is half as good as he was last year dt will be top 15
  12. Joe Mixon 2018 Season Outlook

    Something tells me everytime I face ajayi next season he’ll get 20 points then average 8 the rest of the season
  13. Josh Gordon 2018 Season Outlook

  14. Tarik Cohen 2018 Season Outlook

    This was supposed to say “already” weird auto correct, can’t edit for some reason
  15. Josh Gordon 2018 Season Outlook

    Fitz just doesn’t have enough left in the tank. You think his ceiling is what?