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  1. #Packers RB snaps at halftime: - Jamaal Williams, 58% - Aaron Jones, 42% but sure, def not a committee
  2. There’s too much risk here so I’m avoiding. He could be on a snap count. He could be less efficient with the carries. He could just not do well. Colts could be behind and throw more. I’m playing brieda over him personally. I wish teams would just let starters get 100% and not have them play though injuries with high reinjury rates (ie calf)
  3. Was it asinine after week 1? I made that post before the game and you are using stats from today’s game to prove your point? How does that make sense?
  4. Yeah I was going tell everyone to play mclaurin over obj week 1 but then didn’t. The Vikings held freeman to basically 0 points week 1 and Jamal Williams is stealing points from jones. I don’t like playing committee rbs vs good defenses
  5. I have absolutely no faith in jones. Zero idea why I started him week 1 vs bears. Stupid “start your studs” guys got in my head. Lost my first week by 3.3 points bc of josh Jacobs 2 stupid a** tds. Anyways, Jones is in a committee backfield and Vikings are another good D that shat on freeman. I’m playing John brown over him as my flex in one league.
  6. Who do the giants have in their secondary? Brown should eat again right?
  7. Lol people are blaming cam for a helmet malfunction? What’s next, the sound cuts off on the broadcast and it’s cams doing? As a panthers fan and cam owner I’m a little concerned for the short term. Seems cam has some sort of mental obstacle in regards to throwing deep. He used to be a great deep ball thrower and after the shoulder injuries his confidence has clearly taken a hit. I expect this problem to disappear as the season progresses. His lack of running was most likely do to the foot injury, nbd. If you lost your week 1 matchup, that’s on you, not cam. I won np, get gud
  8. 😎 also, shoutout to the dude who commented on John brown
  9. Yeah I don’t recall you being a dick, so no worries man! GL to you as well
  10. When you put your money where you mouth was a drafted a top 2 rb at a discount>>> rip all all those tiny pollard truthers
  11. Yeah uh, Trent Richardson was drafted in the first round for a reason. Great argument
  12. Chargers probably want a second or 3rd. A borderline top 10 rb that will refuse to pay unless he’s overpaid isn’t very valuable. If I’m the chargers I trade him for peanuts and move on. Draft is absolutely loaded at rb next year too