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  1. pick a ranking and auto-draft by it, or chose a person no currently in the league to draft for him?
  2. every team is not necessarily represented, 2 teams are then represented by 1 manager. I should've mentioned his brother is an owner in the league too
  3. one of the players in my league cannot make or attend our live draft this year. In exchange he wants another manager, preferably his brother to draft for him. I as the commish said no, but a lot of people in the league are saying I should allow it. How would yall handle this situation?
  4. 10 Team Standard QB - Brees, Stafford RB - Bell, Zeke, Crowell, Montgomery, Doug Martin, Woodhead Wr - Mike Thomas, Devante Parker, Corey coleman, John brown Te- Jordan Reed K - Matt bryant DST - PITT
  5. its not about spreading it out, like for me there is no way alshon doesnt get 100+ tagerts this year, whereas its likely for pryor but not guaranteed. plus alshon has a more years if excellent play. WHEN he's healthy this is a no brainer, the only reason there is a discussion in my mind is because of injury history
  6. Cooper and DT have slightly higher floors but to me have top 5 wide receiver potential that crabtree and sanders dont have. My goal is to find 2015 hopkins and 2016 evans every year. And I think its gonna be one of cooper, baldwin, DT, or alshon
  7. Im higher on Alshon than Pryor because I feel like alshon has legit no competition from other receiver on the team. People forget that Jordan Reed is the #1 option on WAS and jamison crowder has an already carved out role. Alshon just has a safer floor for me and similar upside.
  8. My thing with coleman is that if Freeman gets hurt, there is a very good chance he could finish as the overall RB1 for the games he plays after the injury. So, he is a very tricky ranking for me, the upside is insane and he isn't just a handcuff like James connor, because he has some stand alone value. If I draft really well in the first few rounds and feel comfortable im willing to gamble on league winner like Derrick Henry and Tevin coleman
  9. 0.5 PPR, PLEASE PROVIDE FEEDBACK 1) Antonio Brown PIT 2) Odell Beckham Jr. NYG 3) Julio Jones ATL 4) AJ Green CIN 5) Jordy Nelson GB 6) Mike Evans TB 7) Michael Thomas NO 8) Amari Cooper OAK 9) Doug Baldwin SEA 10) Alshon Jeffery PHI 11) Keenan Allen LAC 12) Dez Bryant DAL 13) Demaryius Thomas DEN 14) TY Hilton IND 15) Brandin Cooks NE 16) Golden Tate DET 17) Terrell Pryor WAS 18) Deandre Hopkins HOU 19) Willie Snead NO 20) Davante Adams 21) Dante Moncrief IND 22) Michael Crabtree OAK 23) Sammy Watkins LAC 24) Jarvis Landry MIA 25) Jeremy Maclin BAL 26) John Brown ARI 27) Pierre Garcon SF 28) Martavais Bryant PIT 29) Allen Robinson JAC 30) Tyreke Hill KC 31) Larry Fitzgerald ARI 32) Stefon Diggs MIN 33) Emanuel Sanders DEN 34) Cameron Meredith CHI 35) Eric Decker TEN 36) Corey Coleman CLE 37) Kelvin Benjamin CAR
  10. With woodhead i think people forget that he can also run between the tackles, I have him around 75 receptions so its gives him such a safe floor in 0.5ppr. I watched a lot of college football and even without going into the tape people sometimes forget just how hyped leonard fournette was. The Jags preseason game really just showed how much they wanna run the ball. Abdullah is all upside for me, Im not sure who else i would take over him at that point
  11. 0.5 PPR Ranking; PLEASE PROVIDE FEEDBACK 1) Le’veon Bell PIT 2) David Johnson ARI 3) Lesean Mccoy BUF 4) Devonta Freeman ATL 5) Melvin Gordon LAC 6) Leonard Fournette JAC 7) Ezekiel Elliot DAL 8) Demarco Murray TEN 9) Jordan Howard CHI 10) Jay Ajayi MIA 11) Todd Gurley LAR 12) Isaiah Crowell CLE 13) Ty Montgomery GB 14) Danny Woodhead BAL 15) Carlos Hyde SF 16) Lamar Miller HOU 17) Ameer Abdullah DET 18) Marshawn Lynch OAK 19) Dalvin Cook MIN 20) Bilal Powell NYJ 21) Mark Ingram/AP NO 22) Joe Mixon CIN 23) Derrick Henry TEN 24) Tevin Coleman ATL 25) Mike Gillislee NE 26) Jacquizz Rodgers TB 27) CJ Anderson DEN 28) Spencer Ware KC 29) Frank Gore IND 30) Samaje Perine WAS
  12. my problem with evans is dirk koetters offense and the amount he wants to run the ball.
  13. he was picked 8th overall, so they will use him. We had the same problem with zeke last year. Whether how they use him will be effective is the real question. Just from watching a lot of him leading up to the draft the kid is an exceptional runner, and on tape at Stanford was a better between the tackles runner then he gets credit for. I could easily see him finish the year with 700-800 rushing yards and 300-500 receiving yards. My concern with him is solely touchdowns, so in PPR I would be all over him, its just in standard leagues where i just don't trust drafting him, even 0.5ppr I'm weary