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  1. Wasn't as sharp last night as he had been recently but made enough pitches to wiggle out with a QS.
  2. Is everyone still holding on to Kela to see what happens next week when activated?
  3. An inpatient owner just dropped him in a 16 team league; is it worth making a claim and placing on the DL? What are the odds he is helpful again at some point this season?
  4. Is everyone picking up Bush again now?
  5. Some how a QS was wiggled out of that. I will take it.
  6. I figured he was done after 6. Now he will lose the QS. Unbelievable.
  7. This. He has earned it until he shows otherwise.
  8. I'm going to hold one more weak. His overall numbers are still better then anything on WW right now.
  9. Is Hand going to finally get the job now?
  10. 5.40 ERA with a 5.39 xFip after 66.2 innings. Throw in the low Ks and I think it's time to move on
  11. Is he set up for a 2 start week?
  12. Droppable now right?
  13. With how bad the Royals are I bet they take their time bringing him back. August 1st would be my guess. With an xFip in the mid 4s and only 7 Ks per 9 he isn't worth holding out for.
  14. Same question I have. I know he is starting Monday so wouldn't he be in line for the start on Sunday as well?
  15. Any word on how long Familia is going to be out? Is he even worth a DL stash at this point?