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  1. How does he look during warmups? Moving around well?
  2. Benching for Dak. Want to see Cam run a bit and throw some deep balls.
  3. Has been playing week for a few weeks now and had a 3 homer game last night. Worth a pick up while on his current heater.
  4. Riding this Chris Shelton like hot streak before eventually dropping.
  5. Another solid start. Is this for the real deal?
  6. Has a .616 OPS with 7 homers and 86 Ks going all the way back to April 14th 😮. I am battling for a playoff spot and just cannot hold on anymore. He has destroyed you for 3 1/2 months.
  7. He won’t play at all in the preseason and hopefully can still be had for a bargain. With that type of offense he does not need 30 touches per week. I would rather him get 18 touches and stay healthy (like Kamara for example).
  8. Still holding in dynasty to see where he lands but this, along with the injury, do not bode well for sure. A shame as he showed some flashes as a rookie.
  9. Another bad outing. Now what? Has this guy just lost it?
  10. Greene, Melancon, and Martin is a huge upgrade for the Braves. We never have to see Minter in a high leverage spot again.
  11. Is anyone contemplating using him tomorrow vs Boston?
  12. I think so. Too bad. Great pick up.