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  1. It’s great to find out that Brate is the 2 minute TE! We can’t even get some cheap catches.
  2. Per Rotogrinders Kamara got on the plane to Jacksonville.
  3. It appears that Gordon's routes are downfield and take longer to develop. With this offensive line he seldom gets the opportunity. Then on occasion Gordon gets one of the quick hitter plays. Unless the offensive line gives Brady any more time there will not be many opportunities downfield.
  4. He is what he is at this point with this offensive line and no Develin; a volume play RB2. If all things are right he has the potential to be a RB1 as we saw at the end of last season. ' I am happy to see him have 5 receptions the last 2 weeks though.
  5. Really wanted him to take that last carry to the house.
  6. It looks like winds ranging from 13-14 mph per
  7. Anyone else contemplating sitting him tomorrow? Weather is supposed to be windy (I have seen reports of 19mph up to 30-40 mph winds) and rainy. The total in Vegas has also dropped from 46.5 to 41.0. Could be a Sony Michel game.
  8. With Herndon looking doubtful I have no other choice but to give O.J. one more shot. I am hoping he goes all Marcedes Lewis in London.
  9. If anyone can mess this up it’s Gase. He is great at that.
  10. Seems like the offense was better last week with Darrel getting touches.
  11. Well I stand corrected. This post didn’t age well.
  12. He is on pace essentially for 75/1200/4 which is what he has done the last 4 seasons. The last three games have been fine in Standard or PPR. When all is said in done he will be exactly what you drafted.
  13. Same train of thought here brother. Hopefully it works out.
  14. I am going with Williams in a shootout. Worth the shot.
  15. Same predicament here. If Burkhead is OUT I may be forced to go back to Sony. Sony had a good game vs Buffalo late last season.
  16. Is the source reliable? Is there any consensus in this thread to has Sony or use a Darell Williams/streamer type?
  17. Too bad. Definitely a drop for another handcuff.
  18. Are you guys running him out there this week? I am tempted to use a Justin Jackson or Darel Williams type over him but always get nervous this is "the game" where Bill gives him the ball 30 times.
  19. One of them was an endzone target that he and Brady weren’t on the same page with. In the second half he has an amazing catch to the 2 yard line. Very close to a big day.
  20. I felt a lot better about Samuels as a handcuff when Ben was playing and I figured the offense was going to be similar to last season. Now that I see how little Conner is doing, along with Snell getting some run last week, leads me to think it would be a Samuels/Snell split if Conner went down in and offense that is severely diminished compared to last season. Bottom line, I do not think Samuels should be in the Mattison/Pollard tier of handcuffs any more.
  21. Let’s get some wildcat Kamara like Ronnie Brown!
  22. Was holding through week 2; there is nothing here correct?
  23. The Saints couldn't come up with a better backup situation then this behind a 40 year old QB? Teddy and Tebow Hill is it? Can they get Chase Daniel back?!
  24. What is Teddy's history with throwing to RB? Ideally we could at least keep Kamara's floor with some catches.