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  1. Should I bench Evans for Hogan? WHIR

    Evans has a higher floor (as Hogan's is basically nill as we saw last week), although it's not very high and Hogan has more upside in what should be a shootout. Something feels off with Evans lately, he might be playing hurt. I would go Hogan.
  2. D. Lewis or Demaryius?? WHIR

    My bad, thank you
  3. ****DST INPUT/Discussion!!! WHIR!

    I would definitely go Lions or Falcons. Both should be good bets to force a TO. I would imagine that the Bears will play a more conservative game and probably score less than the Bucs, while the Bucs are more likely to turn it over. I'll give the edge to Falcons for their pass rush.
  4. Dak/Rogers and WR Help - WHIR!!!

    If you're swinging for the fences I would go all in on the Rodgers/Jordy stack.
  5. Help with my lineup - WHIR

    Adams is a no doubter. I actually like Crabtree next due to matchup, followed by AJG. Gordon has shown flashes but also has not been involved for long stretches of game. He's risky, but the upside is there. Kicker I'll take Lutz. NO should score a lot.
  6. QB and flex help (semi finals)

    Flacco and Mike Davis for me.
  7. Need a win to get to the championship. Playing the best team in the semis. 0.5 PPR, do I start Dion Lewis or Demaryius Thomas in the FLEX? Lewis has been steady and the game should be high scoring... But I'm leaning Demaryius just because the matchup against the Colts decimated pass defense is so juicy. Last week restored some of my confidence in DT, the game is at home and I think the short week helps him. BUT Siemian is still the QB and DT is prone to a dud. On the other hand, Lewis is still a Pats RB and they always run the risk of not being involved. Especially if this game turns into a really pass happy affair - Dion has not been getting as much receiving volume as Burk and doesn't get the GL touches. What do you think? Drop a link and I'll HIR.
  8. Rod Smith 2017 Season Outlook

    And yet they gave up 8 sacks as a team and a lot of pressures. Neither did a good job in pass pro. Smith looks like the 3rd down back, but I can't say he did much to win more work than that from what I saw.
  9. Darren McFadden 2017 Season Outlook

    Can't drop fast enough
  10. Rod Smith 2017 Season Outlook

    Morris isn't going away. Hang onto Rod Smith if you need a PPR RB3. But barring injury to Morris he won't have the league winning upside that some were hoping.
  11. Rod Smith 2017 Season Outlook

    Point is he has a track record in this league and Smith has none.
  12. Rod Smith 2017 Season Outlook

    Also - Rod Smith has 4 receptions in his entire 3 year career. Dak Prescott has completed more than 4 passes to his running backs in a game once, and that was week 1 this year and they all went to Elliot. They could adapt their passing game with Zeke out but there's no evidence that the "passing" back role will be particularly lucrative in this offense.
  13. Rod Smith 2017 Season Outlook

    Barring an injury, this is going to be a timeshare. What I'm hoping for Rod Smith in the short term is to make it a two man timeshare and secure the bulk of the passing game work. I think that's doable and I think that will make him useful, especially in PPR. Alf is not going away. The Cowboys are going to give him touches. Even if he doesn't produce. People are acting like Alf needs to establish himself quickly or they will turn right to Rod, but it's the other way around. Alf is 28 with 2 Pro Bowls and more career rushing yards than Gale Sayers under his belt. He will have leash and he will get a lot of work. McFadden will get work. Step one is for Smith to make the most of his touches and get DMC phased out or he won't get enough volume to be useful.
  14. Rod Smith 2017 Season Outlook

    The hype train is unreal for a third string RB lol... that said I've got him rostered in both leagues! S'go!!!!!!!