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  1. I would take DJ first, then 1 of whatever's left of Chubb/Connor/Kittle. I would not worry about taking 2 RBs. You can never have too many stud RBs, you have your Zeke and Gordon insurance and should one or both come back it will be easy to move someone in a trade and get a nice return.
  2. DJ for me pretty easily. Like him to bounce back in PPR with the new offense this year. I like Chubb but concerned about Hunt coming back after week 8. Could end up a timeshare when you need him the most.
  3. I don't know about fantasy consistency but I'm expecting both Miles Boykin and Hollywood Brown to have big moments this year.
  4. If you stream TEs, you want this guy on your radar. I've got him on my watchlist. Not expecting consistency but high likelihood someone will be streaming him at some point in your league at the least. He has upside as well if he can put it all together.
  5. Kittle and Montgomery would really be my only untouchables. Everyone else would be fair game for me.
  6. Yeah I'm actually starting to agree. You've got a really good team even if Gordon sits out some games. I wouldn't mess with it and lose your WR advantage by trading Adams. Especially not at this stage. You have that ammo in your back pocket if you suddenly have an injury or another owner gets really desperate and will overpay for a top WR later in the year.
  7. Got it. Yeah that sucks, your team would've been loaded with 5. I would go through the other rosters and try to guess who will be kept, then see how many of the top guys are left at each position and who might be available for you at #8. Does it skew heavily toward WR or RB? Hill/Connor/Chubb/Bell are all solid 1st-2nd rd picks, so it's mostly preference. For me personally in my league, that 2nd RB spot is the hardest to fill, so that would make up for any difference in projection between Hill and one of your RBs.
  8. Is there any cost to keep? One thing to keep in mind is how many top tier RBs vs WRs will likely be kept. In my keeper league, top RBs are hoarded like gold, so if you don't have a keeper or a high draft pick, they can be tough to come by. With that in mind, I would keep 2 RBs and Hopkins. Personally, I would do Bell/Connor/Hop, but I can see the argument for Chubb over Bell.
  9. Seems pretty fair actually. If Gordon comes back early and goes right back to being an RB1 you probably lose the trade, but that doesn't look like it will happen and CMC may be the #1 PPR overall. I might not do it but I think it's fair if you really want him and don't want the Gordon headache this year.
  10. Not a bad team at all, but instead of drafting Woods or Lockett (whoever was 4th) I might've taken the first RB there. Really don't like starting Murray every week, I don't think he will just replicate what Ingram has done in the past. I like some of the RBs you took late (Hunt and Brieda) though, but they may not pan out early on. The good news is you should have plenty of ammo for a trade and as long as you work the wire hard you can probably come up with a decent back somewhere along the line, so I would say this strategy was successful.
  11. Personally I would keep DJ and lock up two top-tier running backs. Having 2 stud RBs is a great luxury, you can load up on WRs after that.
  12. I would be hammering the over on that. That's basically a bet on him not missing more than 2-3 games due to injury.