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  1. I prefer the Eifert/Cohen side of that deal and that's before even factoring in absorbing the extra $34 in salary. I would stay put.
  2. Diggs or JJ Nelson

    If Bradford starts, Diggs. No Bradford, Nelson.
  3. Too many eggs one basket? WHIR

    Wentz has been great this year but the matchup isn't great. I might go with Cousins v Oakland, I think that passing offense will get going soon.
  4. Sleeper RB Pickup - Which one? WHIR

    Collins, followed by Clement and then McGuire. Collins looks like he will get his shot soon with West injury. Clement may before the end of the season. I want no part of the Jets offense, especially their 3 headed backfield.
  5. Andrew Luck 2017 Outlook

    That, OR, consider the trade off to putting him on PUP - the Colts (and beat writers/trainers/etc) have already said he will need to practice for several weeks before starting a game. If he's put on PUP he literally cannot practice with the team for the first 6 weeks, which means he's out at minimum until week 8. He may still miss that time anyway, but if he's not on PUP and he's ready to start practicing after week 4, you could get him on the field a few weeks sooner (even if he misses 6 games). The Colts decided the prospect of potentially getting him to practice earlier and thus on the field sooner was worth more than having an open roster spot for an end of the bench special teams guy.
  6. Trevor Siemian 2017 Season Outlook

    Looking at him in a keeper/dynasty light, is he playing his way into being the long term answer in Denver? It always seemed like he was a stopgap until Paxton Lynch developed or they drafted someone else, but his play has been better than many starters over the past two seasons.
  7. Matt Breida 2017 Season Outlook

    I'm keeping him stashed as long as I can. Once the bye weeks start hitting that may be tough, but he's the type of guy that if Hyde were to go down, he would immediately be the #1 WW add. Also, I can see him flirting with standalone flex value as this offense gets going and he gets more game experience.
  8. Rashard Higgins 2017 Season Outlook

    PPR possession type WR
  9. who to flex? whir

    PPR? I'd go Nelson, Cohen, Carson, Djax, Higgins
  10. Drop Kenny G for JJ Nelson?

    I would, yes. Golladay will have some boom weeks when he scores, but weeks where he is totally uninvolved as the 4th passing option on that team. Nelson is a gamebreaker that is at worst the #2 option in the pass game, probably in the entire offense.
  11. Need Help with Trade - 100% WHIR

    I really like what I've seen from Hyde so far in Shannahan's offense, I am considering going after him myself. He's way more involved in the pass game and seeing him put up 100+ against the Seahawks D is encouraging that he won't just be match up dependent. I'm assuming this is for team 1 in your sig. Cooper is a popular breakout candidate and I do think he is one of the best young WR in the league, but that being said we just saw Crabtree again get all the TDs last week.. I think it's a fair deal and I would do it if I were you because of your WR depth on that team and your RB need. It may feel like a slight overpay, but that RB2 spot is always so hard to fill, and with Bell and Hyde you will have 2 legit potential RB1s every week. I would do it.
  12. Green is a stud and while you gave up a lot, I'm almost always a fan of these 4 quarters for a dollar trade. I think you did well. Plenty of season left to work the wire and you can definitely replace the bench guys you gave up.
  13. I still think it's Cousins. He has the weapons and we know they are willing to let him throw a lot. Palmer's age is really showing and he's struggled in cake matchups. Siemian could be a streamer but I don't think they'll ever let him chuck enough to be a weekly starter.
  14. Jacquizz Rodgers + Coleman for Mixon

    Coleman is a great stash if Freeman were to go down but considering your depth at RB, I think it's worth the risk. Mixon should rise to the top at some point and this is the time to get him cheap. Everyone knew going into the season that Marvin Lewis would make him earn it for a few weeks. The offense is struggling now, but I still think he's going to workhorse carries at some point. They also just fired their OC which low key could be great news for Mixon. Maybe this guy will feed the best athletes on the team (which would be AJG, Mixon and Eifert in that order). Coleman only gets that kind of workload if Freeman goes down and Quiz is a drop once Martin is back. I think this is a move worth making. You still have your other 4 RBs that are startable.
  15. Engram Worth #1 WW?

    If it were me I would wait and hold my #1 claim. Even if someone scoops Engram (which is likely, depending on what the Greg Olsen team's roster looks like) I think ASJ, Zach Miller, Brate and Dickson are all fine Jordan Reed insurance/stream-able TE2 options and I seriously doubt they all get claimed. If none of those guys are palatable to you then consider it.