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  1. At no point should a game be determined by the refs. Things happen over 60 minutes. Momentum can change. Adjustments are made by coaches. With all of that said, the refs should not determine a game no matter how good or bad a team plays. It's that simple.
  2. Booger gets the game ball for calling out the BS officiating that I've watched all week......hell all season.
  3. I was just looking at some NextGen stats and i'm kind of seeing this in his weekly route charts. Maybe someone can dig a little bit deeper into this, but this is what I have from my preliminary assessment: Since week 1, Hopkins is average approximately 3 routes per game over 10+ yards. In week 1, he had approximately 8 routes of 10+ yards that he ran. In weeks 13-17 in 2018, he averaged about 7 routes per game over 10+ yards. Look at Fuller's route chart the last two weeks: The only other thing that I can see is that they are not moving him all over the field like they did last year. When they move him on the left, right and slot, he seems to blow-up.
  4. Why go for a FG down 21 in the first place?? You have a veteran QB who can get 5 yards. Awful.
  5. Damn this crowd is pro Steelers like crazy. Must be sad for Chargers organization to have away team's crowd chant defense in your own building.
  6. George Kittle loves wrestling.....We only heard it for the third damn time lol.
  7. This has to be addressed. I've never seen the replay officials so bad.
  8. Yup. Obvious fumble and the replays show it. The refs are horrible beyond belief.
  9. Cleveland should trade OBJ. There's zero rapport with him and Mayfield and they aren't using him right.