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  1. Pats/Chiefs

    More injuries more problems with Players association due to compensation, more costs for owners etc... it's not that easy.
  2. Pats/Chiefs

    Then play defense. Why reward a team because they have a "offense". Play some D. There are three parts to an NFL game. Offense. Defense and Special Teams.
  3. Pats/Chiefs

    No way the Pats should be in the Super Bowl but they are. No Edelman to start the season, Burkhead hurt for most of season, lose JG, Gronk sucked for much of the season and Brady had one of his worst seasons.... yet.......they are in the big dance. That deserves some respect.
  4. Pats/Chiefs

    Will be a great Super bowl
  5. Pats/Chiefs

    They obviously kept Burkhead healthy all season for this.
  6. Pats/Chiefs

    Who is #87??? I haven't seen him all season.
  7. Pats/Chiefs

    Edelman was open if he ran to the outside.
  8. Pats/Chiefs

    Technically they do....if it's no TD
  9. Pats/Chiefs

    It was tails in the NO/LAR game lol 50/50 lol
  10. Pats/Chiefs

    or someone inexperienced at taking a snap with game on the line fumbles the snap.
  11. Pats/Chiefs

    I fixed that
  12. Pats/Chiefs

    There is only one player on the field who can make something happen for the Chiefs right now....... T...Y....F...R...E...A...K
  13. Pats/Chiefs

    Why are the chiefs calling TO? They will need it.
  14. Pats/Chiefs

    They are leaving Brady too much time.
  15. Pats/Chiefs

    WTF is with all of these flags on both sides....just let them play. This is a big f-- game.