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  1. Instead of getting bummed every year that I get knocked out of the playoffs, I think I'm gonna just start to appreciate getting eliminated before Christmas kicks into full swing...its just too much man...trying to manage multiple rosters... not being able actually sit down and watch every game like I do in the months leading up to the playoffs, all the traveling, the sharing of houses and tvs with ppl who don't watch ff...I just haven't been able to ever really strike that balance and my teams end up becoming more of a source of stress than anything else...I'll take the win - whenever it comes, absolutely but..gotta find a silver lining and learn how to be happy regardless of how the chips fall in this crazy a** game that we participate in
  2. Didn't get to watch the was overtaken by a house full of ppl who could care less about FF...saw the 1 pt he got for me and assumed he was yet another injury just a s---y game at a s---y time...didn't think he had a 1 pt game in him...
  3. Would love to own Foles next year if they would just name him the stater..even with the garunteed picks baked in to his risk, he's so much fun to watch every week..could probably get him at a good value too
  4. Most confusing situation ever...why not just make LF the healthy scratch?
  5. A big thank you sir..with Connor ruled out (also return yds league) I was in a pickle..think I'll go McKenzie too over Sproles now.
  6. Don't know if I'd call him a bust either but Im staying away for the first time next year. Maybe more on a personal note but he just hasn't returned investment value for my team for two years straight now. I just think there will be too many more appealing options around him on the draft board next year to roll the dice a third time.
  7. To think I scoffed somewhere around week 6 when someone offered me Trubisky for him. My, how the turn tables. Eff this guy and the horse he rode in on.
  8. Are we out of the woods yet on the adjustment front? Bout to win by 1 pt.
  9. He's the worst...Only one to rival Pederson and Tomlin..although I don't blame Tomlin
  10. Going against him as well...I'm giving credit where it's due though to the saints..about time a defense realized this and started keying in on him
  11. Would love to back and pick up the Atl D..if ONLY to hold and defend myself from getting eliminated by a one week rental, bottom of the league defense.