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  1. Interested for sure what’s the draft type? If it’s snake I’m in, love the other settings.
  2. Interested...email with league setting...fluffhead009@yahoo.com
  3. I'm interested, what website platform are you using? espn, nfl ? email is fluffhead009@yahoo.com...thanks
  4. Yea I probably should have snagged a WR instead of the top 3 RB's on my bench, but when each one kept falling to me in the next round I couldn't resist. One of them is bound to go off, should have plenty of trade bait if needed.thx for responding.
  5. hows my PPR team look? 7th hole. 12 man PPR. 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 2 Flex. I killed it with running backs. But I have no WR depth so I paid in that regard. However in a 2 Flex league i love stocking up on RB's, i'll find a depth WR at some point because I love my starting WR's. what you think of my RB strategy? QB Deshaun Watson RB Saquon Barkley RB Leonard Fournette WR Stefon Diggs WR Chris Hogan TE Evan Engram FLEX Royce Freeman FLEX Marquise Goodwin Bench Jamaal Williams Bench Kerryon Johnson Bench Rashaad Penny Bench Mike Williams Bench Geronimo Allison Bench DeVante Parker Bench Corey Clement,
  6. Hey I joined up, but had a few questions. What type of draft is it? Looking for a snake draft not auction personally. Also is there an IR spot for rosters? Have you considered adding a 3rd WR spot or 2nd Flex to the rosters? 10 man leagues there are so many good options, it's ashame to have one rotting on the bench. And finally what are the pay outs? Thanks.
  7. Email me at fluffhead009@yahoo.com thanks!
  8. Interested for sure, send me a email or PM with the league setting details, (draft date buy in,, ect.) thx! fluffhead009@yahoo.com