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  1. Penny could take over the job. Mattison you're hoping Cook gets injured. Hard to say but i'd lean towards Penny.
  2. Can't decide whether to hang onto Marvin Jones, or trade him in for Mecole Hardman. Thoughts?
  3. A QB has an easier time making shorter passes than longer passes? Crazy. I'm a Browns fan too. The stats don't back up that he's an erratic mess. Compare Baker's passing productivity with A-Rod's last year. Baker took more chances (danger plays), and had more money passes. Gunslinger. https://www.playerprofiler.com/nfl/baker-mayfield/#!#past-year https://www.playerprofiler.com/nfl/aaron-rodgers/#!#past-year
  4. Cardinals just hung 17 on them in what was a close game. I can't see how the Browns wouldn't drop more. Probably not a top 10 play but you could do much worse.
  5. If you think that naming those 2 QB's somehow excludes Mayfield from that label, then I you still don't understand what the term means. He's an aggressive QB, who's not afraid to take a lot of shots downfield. You only support my argument by listing A-Rod who's first starting season almost identically matches Mayfield's. Considering it's his 2nd year it makes it even more impressive. However, you picked the hill you're going to die on, and will just continue arguing for argument's sake. Good luck to you too.
  6. I don't think you know what you're talking about. Who else is historically considered a gunslinger? Brett Favre. Check his first 2 starting seasons stats and circle back.
  7. 2nd year QB who played against his old coach, who knows him better than probably any other coach in the league. The going was going to be tough. Baker's a gunslinger, and takes a lot of chances. He'll settle down in the coming weeks. It's not time to panic yet.
  8. When I made that comment I'm completely familiar with his affect on RB's. I think it was mostly Shanny's system benefitting Devonta.
  9. Depending on Alshon and D-Jax injury, Agholor will be a must add.
  10. He's booty without Shanahan and Coleman.
  11. Gruden not letting Jacobs 1 more yard to get me 1 more point. 🤦‍♂️