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  1. Well, to be fair OBJ is better than every player on that list not named Randy Moss.
  2. I remember that talk, but still don't think that offense is nearly as impressive as this one
  3. No doubt! He has all the tools, do we think the ADP will reflect that though? I definitely want him on my team as a Browns homer.
  4. With everything around him, I still don't think there's enough on field tape to back that up come time to draft. Maybe the 4th like Watson after his rookie year, but even that was uncomfortable for some even with Watsons insane pace that he was on . Would take some serious cajones to draft him that early, even though I definitely see him finishing above Ryan.
  5. Think he's going to go in the Rivers/Roethlisberger/Stafford/etc. range...which will be a steal.
  6. 🤦‍♂️ Not even close, the Browns have much better skill position players, as well as finishing better last year than the Giants. How could it possibly be subtraction by addition with OBJ and Hunt? 😂
  7. Lez go!!!! OBJ/Landry/Chubb/Hunt/Duke/Njoku. Best skill position team in the NFL. Lol @ the Patriots baby looking for attention in here.
  8. I read that, and it doesn't matter. Your point was booboo, and you can't prove there's a correlation. All players have increased their social media usage. This has nothing to do with his increase in social media. It's who AB is. It's who T.O was. It's who Chad Johnson was. It's not who Larry Fitzgerald is. Which is why the others are in AB's corner, and a player like Fitz isn't. .
  9. Lol, social media has been alive and well since 2010, the year AB has been drafted. Not like he was drafted in 94.
  10. Absolutely if they decide not to work anything out with Funchess.
  11. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2823151-rams-rb-todd-gurley-reportedly-has-arthritis-in-injured-knee Yep, 100% DND for me. Not taking the risk.
  12. DND next year unless we find out wtf is going on?
  13. Freddy Kitchens today saying "nick chubb is our RB." Hunt just an insurance policy and trade bait