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  1. Godwin and Evans looking like 1A and 1B. I would take it.
  2. The Charknado is getting ready to take the league by storm as he frolicks in Minshew's Secret Garden.
  3. I would hardly say it's a huge trap if he's not used. I think expectations are pretty reasonable here. Reid will do what it takes to win, regardless of whoever is in there.
  4. I am. Need a lottery ticket this week with one of my teams and I'm going for it.
  5. I'd rather have the quick back versus the bruiser back in this system. But if what Andy said is holding true about needing to learn his assignments better he has work to do.
  6. In the very small sample size, he does look to be frolicking in Minshew's Secret Garden though!
  7. I've been playing fantasy football for almost 20 years, and I've never once been in a league that can happen. How does that not give you an advantage? Let's use DJ as an example. He's on your bench for Thursday night but obviously plays. Breaks his leg and he's going to be out for the season. You're now essentially able to add an extra player to your roster for the week while everyone else that doesn't have guys on Thursday night can't. You then have the luxury of picking up an extra player that someone else may have grabbed because your guy already played this week? How is this honestly outrageous? It gives advantage to the owners who have their guys playing on Thursday, get injured and they can then drop them in the same week and pick up someone else to play? Another instance: You have DJ Chark and he gets injured on Thursday. Your starter that you decided to put in, has an injury on Friday and won't play this week. Instead of having to use bench depth or dropping the player that's in your starting lineup, you're then able to drop the guy who has already played and sub him into your starting lineup? Please explain how the latter 's "honestly outrageous"???
  8. If your guy plays on Thursday night, you shouldn't be able to drop him on Sunday. He's locked for the week. If he's not, you have some bogus settings in that league.
  9. Ek has durability concerns so I'm happy to keep JJ. I think he gets a lot more looks as the season goes on.
  10. He has over an 8 yard average per carry. JJ needs more looks.
  11. I'm looking to start him as I have no other options. Watched a little bit of that game and can't tell if the O-line was that bad when I was watching, if Mixon isn't as good as people say he is or a bit of both.
  12. Melvin just lost all of his leverage.
  13. Whose to say he even wants to play football anymore? I get what his agent is saying but he wants to get paid.
  14. We don't even know what the guaranteed number is. Who cares what the average salary is per year. Without guaranteed money he can be cut and not receive a dime.