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  1. First come first serve. I opened the league for 18 teams but the first 12 to pay get in. Draft is scheduled for Tonight, Oct. 15 at 6:00 PM ET (Randomized 1 hour before draft) Entry Fee- $100 Leaguesafe - Majority vote 100% Payout- First place ($800), Second place ($300), Third place ($100) League rules can be found here, hosted by ESPN: Format- H2H Each Category ( Standard 8 Categories) Send your info for an invite. Email me at with “Draft Tonight” in the subject or respond to this topic with your email address and I will send u an invite. Once you join the league, I will send you out the leaguesafe invite. You will need to pay on league safe immediately after joining to secure your spot.
  2. You were the last 3 at one point but apparently dudes mustve past out waiting. Im losing hope for tonight and we'll probably have to push it to tomorrow night at 8:30 if that works for u guys
  3. First come first serve, you pay immediately and the spots are yours. We will draft tonight as soon as we get paying players!!
  4. Everybody is waiting for everybody to pay. Its like a stalemate and whos gonna flinch first. We'll get it off tonight.
  5. Got 5 paid up. pay immediately and the spots are yours.
  6. Its first come first serve. Im still taking email addresses from people who will pay immediately.
  7. We're hoping tonight. Just need to get people paid up and we're off and running
  8. I sent out leaguesafe invites to all, check ur spam since it sometimes ends up there.