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  1. Barely won by 1.7 Lindsay just got enough to get me the win. That being said, fantasy football is 75% luck 25% skill
  2. Nah. His genetics are just superior to yours. Man is like a superhero
  3. Rams coach Sean McVay might be doing Jared Goff's job for him, but he's not cheating
  4. They do from time to time, but mostly the Rams rush to the line and snap it before the defense gets a chance to do anything
  5. Yep. McVay is allowed to speak to him in the headset up until 15 seconds are left on the play clock, then it goes dead. That’s why you see Goff come out the huddle and rush up to the line the way he does. He’s pretty much a puppet out there. If McVay would have it his way, he’d be up in the box calling plays so he can have the eagle eye view, like he’s did for Kirk in Washington
  6. Actually meant 15 seconds left on play clock
  7. Goff is trash. Folks don’t realize that McVay is actually the QB out there. He spoonfeeds Goff the play and what to do all the way up til 25 seconds left in the game close. He is actually reading the defense and telling Goff exactly what to do. Take McVay away and Goff is nothing. He did the same for Kirk Cousins in Washington. He actually coached from the press box and was in Cousins ear the whole game. Without McVay, Cousins isn’t nearly as effective