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  1. I just sent you the invite. @dkm07305 if they don't join by tomorrow night I'll send you the invite if you're still interested.
  2. League Settings: Team: Team is already drafted: LBJ KAT The Greek Freek Let me know if you're interested. You would be the owner as the owner of the team now has already told me that they won't be returning this season.
  3. @Cranium69 you still looking to join the league? The owner for team 1 just left because they are unable to make the draft. The Team that you would be taking over is: If you're interested leave your e-mail and I'll send you the invite when I get a chance.
  4. I'm going to send it to @mikeya2k for now. However, if he is no longer interested I'll send it over to you @Cranium69.
  5. Team 2 is taken, Haven't heard from Team 3, Therefore Team 3 might be available for anyone interested.
  6. I sent you the invite again today, Let me know if you still haven't gotten it and I'll try and figure it out.
  7. League Link: Teams Available: Open Team 1: Open Team 2: Open Team 3: