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  1. espn keeper league replacement

    Im sorry i made a grave error and realized i posted the wrong this is the open team i will refund you right now if you dnt want it http://games.espn.com/ffl/clubhouse?leagueId=1575432&teamId=12&seasonId=2017
  2. espn keeper league replacement

    League invite on its way
  3. espn keeper league replacement

    Ok imma send the leqguesafe invite first once paid i send tge league invite
  4. espn keeper league replacement

    Payouts are 150 60 30
  5. espn keeper league replacement

    Payouts are $150 to 1st $60 to 2nd and $30 to 3rd
  6. 6 pt pass tds is the way to go in 1 qb leagues
  7. espn keeper league replacement

    Not yet are you interested in the team
  8. have an in a keeper league $20 on espn held thru leaguesafe is a superflex league with a bit of unique scoring if interested in team message me http://games.espn.com/ffl/clubhouse?leagueId=1575432&teamId=7&seasonId=2017
  9. 10 team free yahoo redraft crazy scoring and position settings join if you want some fun draft tonight 9:45 est https://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/f1/1261696/invitation?key=a18e77f7eb57534d&ikey=2cb214ce77452116
  10. have a 32 team dynasty on MFL im trying to fill if your interested $25 per year superflex double copy
  11. yahoo keeper replacements

    why is yahoo making me work haha to see draft position hit the draft tab then select last year 1. You may keep up to 3 players from your team2. no player may be kept longer then 2 years consecutively3. No first rounders from last years draft may be kept4. Any player kept is plus one from last years draft position ( if Rodgers was taken in the 6th last year he cost a 5th this year)5. Any player that went undrafted will be kept starting at round 10 if multiple round 9 and so forth
  12. yahoo keeper replacements

    just edited the post