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  1. Standard 5x5 H2H dynasty... I was offered Stephen Strasburg for my Eugenio Suarez. I have Bregman in a utility spot that I can move to third base. My pitching blows. I'm basically going with the reliever strategy and tanking wins and Ks to win ERA, WHIP and saves. It seems obvious to take it. What I'm asking is: 1. Is Suarez for real? 2. Should I take this? Thanks in advance.
  2. I guess he thought that he could afford to trade a running back since he has the first pick? I have no idea. And while this trade makes no sense for the last place team, Cook and Green are close enough in value that this isn't vetoable. There isn't any collusion.
  3. Thanks, folks. Yeah, I knew it was an overreaction. Thanks for keeping my head on straight.
  4. Yes, I am probably overreacting. But I am furious with one of my league members. The team that finished in last place last season (and has the first pick this year) traded Dalvin Cook away to the team that finished 13-0 in the regular season for A.J. Green straight up. The last place team is now left with Tevin Coleman, Frank Gore, DeAndre Washington and Jamaal Charles at running back. It is a 12 team PPR dynasty league. Here is my roster (it is decent): QB- Rivers RB- Elliott, Kamara WR- Evans, Cooper, Hogan TE- Gronkowski Flex- Drake K- Lutz DEF- KC BN- Stafford, Miller, Burkhead, Bernard, Dixon, Meredith, Nelson, Fuller, Westbrook, Samuel, Maclin, Walker Here is the roster of the 13-0 team from last year (somehow didn't win): QB- Brees RB- Bell, Freeman WR- Brown, Hopkins, M. Thomas TE- Kelce Flex- D. Cook K- Gostkowski DEF- JAX BN- Garoppolo, Winston, McKinnon, Hyde, Conner, McGuire, Jeffery, M. Williams, Godwin, Hollins, Njoku, H. Henry Yes, I know that anything can happen in fantasy football, exhibit A being that this team lost in the playoffs. But it's looking like it's impossible for me to win, especially since this team is in my division (with four divisions, the best I could get is the #5 seed as the first wild card... which means I face this team in the semis if I win my first round game). Should I blow it up? I'm probably overreacting like I said, but I am so mad.