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  1. i'm interested if you could make it an hour or two later.
  2. i'm interested, so long as i can make the draft! when is it? email is
  3. oh sorry i'm in the uk and got my timings mixed up, i can't make it
  4. i'm keen - although depends when the draft is because if it's soon i'm at work at the moment! When's it likely to be?
  5. crap. sorry mate i'm not sure what else i can do. I've emailed the team owner asking him to remove himself from the league, although to be honest i'm not sure even that will work. it looks like espn lock pretty much everything when it's within an hour of draft time. unless anyone else has any ideas?
  6. yikes i'm not sure what to do now... i'll see if i can find his email and ask him to leave the league, but i'm not even sure if he'll be able to do that? Does anyone here know what i can do to let Rmagz take Team Watt's place?!
  7. yeah i've seen that.... sorry i have no idea what that means haven't seen that before on leaguesafe!
  8. i've just added you as the 2nd owner for the team have you had a new invite? you're replacing someone who hasn't paid... it won't let me delete them because the draft room has opened, but you're in as '2nd owner' and i'll delete them as soon as the draft is done
  9. okay so i'm not getting a response from Ryan.... one place left if anyone is interested, draft in an hour. The draft will go ahead because new league is full, but new player will take over from someone who hasn't paid