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  1. He started going off this time last season. Here's hoping...
  2. Sweet. Invites are sent. Thanks to you and your buddies for joining. Should be a fun season.
  3. Welcome aboard, MM! Thanks for joining. I've switched it back to 10 teams for the moment, so if/when you join, DeafAaron, I'd be glad to add the two additional spots for your friends.
  4. What's up, that'd be awesome. I'll change to 12 for now. Invite sent. Give your buddies this link to join:
  5. Still a few spots left. Get 'em while you can before the draft on August 25th.
  6. Still a few spots left. Get 'em while they last before the draft on August 25th.
  7. Only 3 spots open. If you've been thinking about joining, now's the time. League Rules Summary: ----------------------- League ID: coachsauers2k18 Password: salttablet - or - Direct Link to Join: