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  1. Chances are he'll go to the WW to find a replacement for Brees / cover for Cam. Why trade away RB/WR/TE when serviceable QB production can be found on the WW. QB is the position that is the easiest to mask weakness.
  2. how does Dak improve the other team? considering its a 1 QB league < 12 teams, it is easier to stream QBs or have 2 guys platoon the position
  3. except I can't send the invite as ESPN is currently in "a**hole" mode
  4. The first guy hasn't joined, you still interested? I've already emailed the invite.
  5. ouch, terrible RBs start White and Gore can I assume the strength of your team is WR or TE, perhaps a trade to improve your RBs
  6. drop Herndon (or Ebron). both of your TE's are in the streaming tier. possibly drop Jackson, but he's one Ekeler injury away from a heavy workload.
  7. first come, first served! Invite sent, let me know if you haven't received it. as I mentioned in the OP, I have my doubts about one of the other owners although he did respond to my email by managing his team last week. I'll let you know if he slides back to inactivity.
  8. active owner needed keep 4 half PPR, FAAB link to team: reply / PM with email if you wish to take over this team. I will keep a waiting list as there is one other owner whose activity levels I am closely monitoring.
  9. if Williams and whoever the other outside WR us fail, then Waller and Renfrow will get more catches. Also more touches for an RB (Jacobs if he can be a 3-down RB, if not then Jalen Richard)
  10. can I assume its pretty much the ESPN default settings (I.e. Inverse waivers 🤮)
  11. that's bush, and as the league is free, use the message board to exchange email, setup a new league, and leave that commish to play with himself!
  12. if you have enough confidence in Jacobs, accept the trade offer
  13. I've got Badgley in one of my leagues! slight preference for Maher over Bryant.
  14. if you draft a Thursday player, he is locked into the roster slot ESPN placed him into, and starting slots are filled before the bench, so any big scoring player will be drafted sooner than they usually are!
  15. very slight preference for Watkins over Larry Fitz, the other guys I wouldn't consider
  16. you need to make the league publically viewable 😉
  17. if you missed on Kelce/Kittle/Ertz/Engram/Howard/Cook, Jordan Reed (and Tyler Eifert) are quality streaming options at TE. but since you drafted Howard, drop Reed and use the roster spot on potential breakout RBs/WRs
  18. drop Jones, keep Hill, the others drop if you need the roster spot. Sanu is the safe option versus Parker or Crowder, but Parker when healthy has posted WR3 numbers or better 44% of the time, so the upside is tempting.
  19. You need to accept the invite if you want in, just the one spot left to fill!