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  1. send me your email
  2. I have a free league, that I have been trying to find members for awhle.
  3. My Bum/Gonzo for Harper/Cueto? I don't know if I am making the right decision or not...I'm trying to upgrade my bats, but other owner will not make deal unless gonzo is involved...
  4. When isthedraft
  5. I'll take chicos.
  6. Settings? rest of roster?
  7. It all depends for me, I would love to do an actual practice draft but the league I am trying to get into also drafts tonight.
  8. I'll take team one.
  9. I can't do Yahoo money leagues either, but maybe we can join forces and you can join my league on ESPN. 

    1. BostonTodd


      Still holding out hope of filling my league/s (especially the H2H Points league), but send me a link your your league (along with the payment/payout options) and I will take a look. Thanks!

    2. JerrBear80


      What's your email?

    3. BostonTodd


  10. Just trying to fill my league, having trouble doing so.
  11. ????
  12. Bump
  13. I am a highly competitive owner who likes to stay very active with countless moves/trades throughout the year in fantasy sports. I would like a league that has somewhat custom scoring settings and roster set-up. Please get a hold of me if you believe you have the right league for me. I would also like to draft this weekend sometime. Thanks