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  1. Bump, still need help
  2. Help with no mine on the board...
  3. That's tough, I think he will come back around. I was lucky enough to package him in a trade a couple weeks ago when he was hot.
  4. Should I just keep staying patient and hope my record keeps climbing? I know once I get bum back I will be in a lot better shape.
  5. It would only be a half year of kersh, I kept him last year. I would get two cheap keepers out of the deal in sano and grienke. I don't think I will get much better than that, plus adding a good closer. I don't know what to do...
  6. Bump-still need help asap
  7. I think the owners of Bellinger and Judge don't deal or don't really seem that active. It is a very active league with countless amounts of trades-I only have made 8. It is a 12 man league with two owners that don't seem to be as active. I was trying to get a 3 for one type of deal for Kersh, but its seems like it might be impossible to do so. I would be happy to get some cheap keepers back if I continue to lose, but I'm not about to give up yet. It has hurt me quite a bit losing bum for pretty much the whole year.
  8. Thanks for the advice, I really don't like any of the trades myself either. The only thing is the fact of getting cheap keeper, but the fact of the matter is that we can only keep three keepers going into next year. I haven't done very well in this CATS league, as I more of a points guy. If I have to wait for the trade deadline I will, but it seems like up to this point in time I have been low-balled. Any other suggestions...
  9. I would trade Zimmy for Segura in a heart-beat. I just traded for segura and I know it is going to pay big dividends. Help with mine:
  10. I would probably do Edwin and Dickerson if he will accept. Never been to big of Goldy fan and Edwin in starting to heat up finally. Help with mine:
  11. I am not high on Hill as well and I even just picked him up. Maybe you can use his position to stream, but I like a lot of those guys that are out there. Help with mine:
  12. I have been looking to deal Kershaw all year in the ESPN CATS (3 keepers) that you are only able to keep 3 players a year after drafting them. I will not be able to retain Kershaw next year, and unless I turn things around this year I will not make the playoffs. All year I haven't seen an offer that is willing to want to part with Kersh, as it seems that I have been low-balled all year hearing things like I hate pitchers or pitching sucks. I am more of a points guys, but I do understand why they say that in a category league. Two recent deals that I have been offered: My Kersh and Throw in player for Upton and Keuchel or K.Davis and Keuchel The other deal is my Kersh and Will Myers and Neris for Their Greinke, Sano, Colome. Are any of these deals worth accepting? I have a feeling that I might regret doing any of these deals other than the fact of Keuchel, Greinke, Sano are cheap keepers for next year. Let me know what you think.
  13. I just traded starlin, so I have immediate need for 2b/ss. I have decent depth at outfield once I lose Duvall. The only thing I am worried about is the fact of not having a good 3b after the deal, but splatter has been cold all year pretty much until lately.
  14. Id say the hamels side, but thats just my opnion. Not real high on salazar. Hell with mine?