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  1. When isthedraft
  2. I'll take chicos.
  3. Settings? rest of roster?
  4. It all depends for me, I would love to do an actual practice draft but the league I am trying to get into also drafts tonight.
  5. I'll take team one.
  6. I can't do Yahoo money leagues either, but maybe we can join forces and you can join my league on ESPN. 

    1. BostonTodd


      Still holding out hope of filling my league/s (especially the H2H Points league), but send me a link your your league (along with the payment/payout options) and I will take a look. Thanks!

    2. JerrBear80


      What's your email?

    3. BostonTodd


  7. Just trying to fill my league, having trouble doing so.
  8. I am a highly competitive owner who likes to stay very active with countless moves/trades throughout the year in fantasy sports. I would like a league that has somewhat custom scoring settings and roster set-up. Please get a hold of me if you believe you have the right league for me. I would also like to draft this weekend sometime. Thanks
  9. I'm looking for a fun and active espn head to head points league that's has custom scoring setup, with a two week playoff.