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  1. Still looking for members..?
  2. I have been thinking of making it a money league, but it is still illegal to gamble on fantasy sports in Iowa.
  3. It is a free league
  4. I want experience owners who are active in making moves, and like wheeling and dealing! Leave your email if you are interested. ESPN Sign In NFL NBA NCAAF MLB NCAAM More ESPN Fantasy Listen Watch Fantasy Basketball Home Sign Up Now Added/Dropped Player Rater Player News More ESPN » Free Fantasy Basketball » Back from the Future » The Return of Flight 9 Find a Player: Compare Players (0) League My Team Players Standings Scoreboard LM Tools Teams The Return of Flight 9 (49) Team gilliland (GILL) Team Leo (CHAN) King Durantula (KD) Team Wong (WONG) The Future (FUT) Team Blackmon (BLAC) Shaqramento Queens (SHAQ) Team Singh (SING) Team Williams (WILL) My Fantasy Teams Home Settings Members Schedule TranCounter History Email League Trophies Msg Board Chat League Settings SUMMARY BASIC SETTINGS ROSTERS SCORING TEAMS AND DIVISIONS TRANSACTIONS AND KEEPERS SCHEDULE DRAFT BASIC SETTINGS (Edit) League Name Back from the Future Number of Teams 10 Scoring Type Head to Head Points Format League Manager Make League Viewable to Public No ROSTER (Edit) Current Roster Size: 15 Total Starters: 11 Total On Bench: 4 (1 IR) POSITION STARTERS MAXIMUM Point Guard (PG) 1 No Limit Shooting Guard (SG) 1 No Limit Small Forward (SF) 1 No Limit Power Forward (PF) 1 No Limit Center (C) 1 4 Guard (G) 1 N/A Forward (F) 1 N/A Util (UTIL) 4 N/A Bench (BE) 4 N/A Injured Reserve (IR) 1 N/A GAMES PLAYED LIMITS (MAXIMUMS) (Edit) All Players No Limit - Pending finalized NBA schedule SCORING (Edit) Stats Points (PTS) 1 Blocks (BLK) 1.5 Steals (STL) 1.5 Assists (AST) 1 Rebounds (REB) 1 Ejections (EJ) -1 Technical Fouls (TF) -0.5 Turnovers (TO) -1 Disqualifications (DQ) -1 Field Goals Made (FGM) 1 Free Throws Made (FTM) 1 Field Goals Missed (FGMI) -0.5 Free Throws Missed (FTMI) -0.5 Double Doubles (DD) 2.5 Triple Doubles (TD) 5 Quadruple Doubles (QD) 10 TEAM AND DIVISION SETTINGS (Edit) North The Return of Flight 9 Team gilliland Team Leo Team Wong The Future South King Durantula Team Blackmon Shaqramento Queens Team Singh Team Williams PLAYER RULES (Edit) Observe ESPN's Undroppable Players List Yes Player Universe All NBA Players ACQUISITION AND WAIVER RULES (Edit) Lineup Changes Daily - Lock Individually at Scheduled Gametime Player Acquisition System Waivers Season Acquisition Limit No Limit Matchup Acquisition Limit 7 (for 7-day matchups) Waiver Period 1 Day Waiver Order Move to Last After Claim, Never Reset Order TRADE RULES (Edit) Trade Limit No Limit Trade Deadline No Deadline Trade Review Period 2 Days Votes Required to Veto Trade 6 KEEPERS RULES (Edit) Use Keepers for 2018 Season No Use Keepers for 2019 Season No REGULAR SEASON SETUP (Edit) Start of Regular Season Week 1 (Start of Season) Weeks per Matchup 1 Regular Season Matchups 18 (Playoffs start Week 19) - Pending finalized NBA schedule Matchup Tie Breaker None Home Field Advantage None PLAYOFF BRACKET SETUP (Edit) Playoff Teams 6 (3 rounds, 2 Byes) Weeks per Playoff Matchup 2 weeks per round Playoff Seeding Tie Breaker Total Points For Playoff Home Field Advantage Home Team Receives +20 Points DRAFT SETTINGS (Edit) Draft Type Offline Draft Date Not Set Location Note
  5. Bump, still looking.
  6. Still need one replacement owner! Who has what it takes to compete...?
  7. Still looking for active members...I might have to replace an owner for not voting on poll. I want experienced owners.
  8. Still looking for competitive members...I know you are out there. Put down your email if interested.
  9. sent, still looking. Let me know if you join.
  10. Still looking for active/competitive members...send me your email.
  11. I sent, message me when you get in. Thanks
  12. Who can beat me? Send your email!
  13. Jul 285:05 PM Trade Accepted 49er traded Yasiel Puig, LAD to TANN 49er traded Alex Cobb, TB to TANN TANN traded Justin Upton, Det to 49er TANN traded Chris Smith, Oak to 49er
  14. Bump-Still looking for members that would like to have a chance to beat me...Not happening