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  1. Samuels, Mattison GAP Penny GAP Jackson, Thompson
  2. I can't remember ever thinking this in my lifetime before but it feels to me like this organization is just coming undone. I feel like their recent trade for a DB and Conner putting on a brave face is like the Steelers trying to convince themselves it's not over. But it looks like it might be.
  3. Kelly out of a job again. Maybe the OC position is still available at Last Chance U.
  4. Was he running in a straight line or cutting? With an ankle, one is much easier than the other. Still, good signs, and the arrow is pointing up. There aren't many guys with higher ceilings than AJ Green when he's right.
  5. You can't judge a player's ability on fantasy points, and especially not over small samples. (Anyone remember the year Jeremy Hill was a consensus first round pick off a season in which he accumulated enough stats to be like RB10?)
  6. Things like game script, playcalling, and the O-line affected the guys who were actually carrying the ball in Miami. Not Williams. He was held down by an inability to beat out other players.
  7. Anybody holding? Feels a bit like a low ceiling guy right now.
  8. The likelihood of a Ron Paul graphic being posted in this thread in the next 72 hours just saw a precipitous spike.
  9. What has "happened" to Kittle (if you can even say such a thing; only five TEs have more catches than he does and he has more than Kelce even - where's Kelce's panic thread?) so far has nothing to do with different QB or even other WRs emerging (I posted about same earlier this week, that was just plain wrong as I hadn't done my research). It has solely to do with the following: Last season, SF's QBs threw the ball 33.25 per game. This season, they've thrown it 26 times per game. They threw it 28% more last season than they have through two games this season. Kittle's numbers are currently the following: 11 catches for 108 yards. If you gross those numbers up by 28%, it becomes 14 catches for 138 yards, a pace of 112 catches and 1,106 yards for a 16-game season, which would be 222 points in PPR independent of TDs. Last season, Kittle went 88-1,377, for 226 PPR points independent of TDs. This is all about game flow.
  10. I'd expect he sits Wednesday and Thursday. Friday the likely only practice day, if any.
  11. A guy who can't get on the field and constantly disappoints his fantasy owners for the same reason would fit right in with the Bucs' lot.
  12. Ekeler is an interesting "sell high" candidate but if you're doing it you have to truly sell high. "Sell high" on Ekeler means top 10 RB value. The likely buyer for Ekeler is going to try to give you the Ol' Softshoe and say "Gordon's coming back, I don't think he can keep it up," etc. The fact of the matter is that right now Ekeler is the clear lead back in a top offense and he has no meaningful competition for his role. Ekeler is getting 70% of the carries, virtually all the passing game work, and the only other guy on the roster right now is basically an UDFA (his draft slot was UDFA until the NFL fluffed the draft up with more picks so guys who played at places that care about academics could get drafted too). So you can't sell him for one of the KC running backs, Alshon, T.Y. Hilton, etc. To sell high you need to get full freight. And if Gordon comes back in a few weeks, so what? Will you be kicking yourself for missing out on trading him for a back-end RB2 or a boom-bust WR2? If you are doing your job properly you may find a player of that caliber off the wire in the interim. Plus you'll enjoy the wins Ekeler's getting you. And if Gordon doesn't come back (or gets traded; although neither is particularly likely you never know), you are in the highest cotton.
  13. I literally had no idea Paul Perkins was still playing football. The rest of your post (I trimmed it for length) was excellent as well and I agree (especially in deep leagues) that as a free add CJA is a clever move. He seems like a back who should be on an NFL roster.
  14. Through two weeks, Kittle's 25% target share is third highest among TEs in the league (Andrews, Ertz). On that kind of volume, he'll be fine. The only thing that has really hurt him so far is that San Francisco has only passed 53 times this season, 3rd fewest in the league. I don't expect that to continue; Steelers are coming to town (and they are desperate for a win - if they lose their season is over) followed by the Browns and then at the Rams. Don't expect the Niners to just be able to get an early lead and run the ball in those games. The Niners have already played two of the worst teams in the league; rougher patches are ahead. If the Niners throw 36 times in a game that's 9 targets per game for Kittle at this rate (essentially the same as last year). There are many players on whom to panic. Kittle is not one of them... yet.