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  1. I feel like they got a bunch of solid players but like Brian said not much high impact guys. Hopefully they sign one more player and have a good draft. I was kind of hoping they'd sign a WR like White or Parker, and Eifert at TE. Guys who would come cheap, and who in all honesty would probably fail, but at least have the physical ability to be impact pass catchers. Try to hit a single or double with most of the signings, sure, but also swing for the fences with one or two of them. I hate the RB group. They could've grabbed Ajayi or Crowell and I think they'd have been better off. McCoy is too old with too many miles, and I don't care what people say about Gore, he's 36. One of these years he's going to be terrible and it could happen at any time. But if the O-line is decent then they will probably do ok and I guess they'll upgrade the RB position in 2020. They should be a bit better offensively and this is a team that people always seem to think will finish dead last or close to it and they almost never do. A perennial 7-9 or so team and they will probably be right around .500 again and out of the playoffs.
  2. Bit of a long shot perhaps but I picked up J'Mon Moore near the end of the year. He has talent, he's on Green Bay, and he should have opportunity heading into his second year. Those are pretty much the only reasons. It's not like you can really predict this stuff. If he is motivated then he'll likely be fine. But there is no way for me to know if he is unless I become a buddy of his and I can see how hard he's working, which isn't going to happen.
  3. I would be shocked to see him go to the Bills. McDermott has always preached culture and character as being equal to or more than talent when the team makes player personnel decisions.
  4. If I was close to a championship then Jones would be a good option. But if we are talking dynasty and do I want Jones now (about to turn 30) or do I want the next Jones (presumably someone 23 or 24), well, I want the next Jones. Think JuJu at the start of last season vs. Jones. I think we'd all want JuJu. If we are making the call now, there's a good chance that next year the younger guy goes off while Jones starts to slow down. So you might benefit even right away, not just down the road (like in JuJu's case). But 2-6 years down the road for sure you'll be way ahead. Of course, if the younger guy fizzles out then you are in worse shape. By then Jones might be putting up 800 yards per season. So I think it's a bit of a balancing act. Depends on what youngster you are looking at and what the rest of your team looks like at the time. For me, I'm always looking at the impact each move has on my team over the next 5 years. If and when I'm close I'd consider trading away youth for someone who can put me over the top now. But if I don't feel I'm close then I'm not likely to make such a move. Just my managerial style I guess.
  5. I get that feeling I guess, but what is someone actually going to offer for him? Not enough to make it worth my while. I grabbed him two weeks ago in a dynasty league. I inherited a pretty lousy team that I am working to turn around. So I'm looking for players like him (young and talented, with the potential to be impact players). I have guys banged up and on byes, so he started for me yesterday. Needless to say, I am thrilled with his performance. So looking at him closely, he's still only 25. He's been inconsistent and banged up but he has a 1st round pedigree and the potential to be a WR1 still exists if he can play with some consistency and stay uninjured. It's not really worth my while to trade him because of what he could turn into for me. I mean, I'm thinking you gotta blow me away with an offer. Like, say, Diggs for Parker. But no one is going to do that. So it's simply not worth my while to trade him. Maybe a team in another scenario might be able to make a deal that makes sense, but I think at this point he's a hold and I pray he does this more often than not the rest of the year. Now if only Kevin White can put together a similar kind of game this weekend I may have to break out the champagne (he'll be on my bench though).
  6. Man, some of you guys are delusional. As if Gordon's problems have been bad QBs. No one questions his WR ability, or what he could do with a QB like Brady. If he learns the playbook and is reliable, he will not fail. And that's with either Brady or Hoyer throwing him passes. The question is, will he be reliable? And the "negative Nancys" have been right since 2013. Odds are that Gordon will eff up in the near future. There is plenty of precedent to think this way. If I was all in on Gordon I'd probably keep my mouth shut until he actually does something meaningful this season rather than act like he has already put up 1700/15 in the final 14 games of the 2018 season, like a lot of people in this thread obviously think will happen!
  7. I would have taken Sanders, Goodwin, Crabtree, and Sammy ahead of him easily. But yeah, I get the logic in not settling. Again, this is all about risk. It's the same as buying stock. Risk vs. return. How much risk are you willing to take to achieve the possibility of a high return? You're not likely to earn 50% if you aren't willing to assume risk. For me, if I can get 15% with much less risk, I'd probably do that instead, because sitting there with a big a$$ loss really sucks and that's the likely scenario.
  8. That's where the risk comes in. For people like me, the risk would have driven him down to round 10 or even further because I basically think his odds of coming close to a 2013 season are near zero.
  9. People weren't drafting him for 18-335-1 (and whatever that translates to over 16 games), they were drafting him with visions of 87-1646-9 dancing in their minds. Unfortunately, it's not 2013 anymore and a lot has happened since then. The prospect of getting a 1600 yard 10 TD WR caused many to draft him way higher than I would have, but as I said I guess it all comes down to how risk averse you are at that point in the draft. And make no mistake, with Josh the risk is very high.
  10. Those are valid points but I agree with chief79 - maybe in like the 10th round or something. The track record of failure with Josh is just too large for me to place a sizable bet on him. Guess it all depends on how much risk one is willing to take.
  11. Nice quote, but drafting Josh these past few years has accomplished exactly nothing. There are risks and there are calculated risks. At that part of the draft this year, taking this risk was just ill-advised. I looked back at the draft in my redraft league and he was taken near the end of the 4th round. That round I grabbed JuJu. JuJu vs. Josh - I mean what is there to even consider? Josh is a DND for me and he will remain this way until he proves he's back on track. A late round pickup is one thing but then again there were guys like Enunwa available in the late rounds and frankly, Enunwa vs. Josh would be just as easy a choice for me as JuJu vs. Josh. There's a lot of depth at WR and at some point I'm likely to need it.
  12. I am a Bills fan but a realist. I don't think this team makes the playoffs with any of their QBs. But even if things go very bad, it's no biggie for me because my expectations are already low. And next year they will have a ton of cap room that they will surely use to build an offense around Allen. Allen will be ready to start by then. So if they go 2-14 and get a high pick, to me that's always been better than 7-9, going through the season knowing the team isn't good enough, and getting a mid-level pick. Give me the #1-3 pick, good coaches, some talented young players, and lots of cap space any day. Not a terrible situation to be in. The Bills seem to usually be around .500 even when everyone thinks they will be terrible. At this point the Bills feel like the Bears one year ago. I know people think Buffalo is a terrible organization with inept mgmt but I really don't see that. Have to remember this owner and mgmt team are still relatively new and they've made a lot of good moves (trading Watkins, drafting White, accumulating picks to grab Allen and Edmonds, etc). Sure, they are not batting a thousand but who does? There is a blueprint they are following and it's not something they can complete in one season. They are at least one year away from something good but they have a pretty decent shot at getting there.
  13. Yeah, that's why I said the Peterman doubters are likely right. He hasn't proven anything and pre-season means nothing outside of being a tiny bit encouraging. My point is that nothing is 100% and with the season days away let's just wait and see. No one (in a 1 QB league) is starting him or has probably even drafted him. Even me, a guy who is defending him and his chances, I am in four leagues and I own him in exactly zero.
  14. Manuel never looked good, Cardale never played a game, and I don't know who Kyle Allen is. I guess every thread in this place is full of people making predictions who seem to have a crystal ball they are so sure. I wonder what the right:wrong ratio is. The season starts in a few days...let's just wait and see rather than claim that we know exactly what's going to happen. I'm not saying the Peterman doubters are wrong. They are very likely right. But the truth will probably lie somewhere in the middle. i.e. he won't be as bad as everyone expects. He could be Ryan Fitzpatrick 2.0 or something.
  15. It was a bad move in hindsight, but on the Buffalo sports talk shows people were pretty split. There were plenty of logical arguments for making that move (though they had a lot to do with Taylor's ineptitude as a thrower). And it's a management team that has made a lot of good moves so not sure why they miscalculated so badly with this one. Hopefully he's ready now and can be better than just a pre-season QB. Maybe, but so is the guy in your avatar.