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  1. Correction. If Trubisky’s first read is open he can sometimes complete a ball, if he doesn’t overthrow it, underthrow it, or get sacked because he waited too long.
  2. Seriously, what a ridiculous assumption.
  3. Ouch. Ebron over Doyle? Who would do that? :\
  4. Sorry for only having time to comment while watching games? wait, why am I apologizing to you?
  5. 7 TDs in 8 games going into this game... now 10 TDs in 9 games. Let’s see if he can get another before the day is over?
  6. I didn’t say consistently better. I said consistently money. Dude is averaging 13+ in .5 PPR for the year. I haven’t taken him out of my lineup for weeks now...
  7. Ebron has been consistently money almost all season. People are still having trouble deciding on him vs Doyle?
  8. Certainly matters whether they throw him some screens, flat passes and dump offs on 1st and 2nd downs or not...
  9. Correction: Replying to someone and telling them you won't bother to read their reply is the weakest board move of all time. Kind of like yelling "last word!" during an argument and then running away. Pretty lame. Edit to make this post thread-relevant instead of just conversation-relevant: Hunt is a beast who finds a way to positively impact the box score in every game that he plays in. As long as he keeps doing that he is a top 3 RB and there really isn't much else to discuss.
  10. Impressive game: fact Against defending champs: fact Primetime: fact At Gilette Stadium: fact Since when is sharing facts considered being misleading? He never said the Patriots didn't play like garbage